Welcome to your fully ICF accredited, boutiqeu-style  training in Life Coaching & NLP Mastery

I'm delighted you're here and ready to transform your career with a fully accredited boutique training in Life Coaching and NLP.Nina Madden


ICF Accredited Diploma in Professional Life Coaching with NLP Mastery, including exciting modules on Metaphors, Archetypes, story-telling and Hero’s Journey

The Courage Coaching Academy by Nina Madden is a fully accredited ICF coach education provider that offers boutique style professional training in Life Coaching and NLP.

This is an in-depth professional training to become a qualified Life Coach and NLP Master Practitioner that goes beyond NLP and Life Coaching to include powerful modules on Story-telling, Metaphors, Archetypes and Hero’s Journey.

This training is for people who are serious about their careers as Life Coaches and NLP Masters, where quality and depth are important and who want to have a profound transformative impact on their client’s lives.


Are you ready to transform your life with personal 1:1 Life Coaching, NLP and EMDR Therapy?

I'm happy you are here and ready to start working with you to transform your life and your self with Life Coaching, NLP or EMDR. Read more below.

Nina Madden


Personal 1:1 Life Coaching, NLP & EMDR Therapy


Life Coaching for Life Changes ™

Life Coaching helps you change your life. This is a process of directed enquiry, deep listening and powerful questioning that helps you dig deep, gain clarity and create an authentic and meaningful future that is uniquely yours. We can work on a single goal, a specific area of life, or design a whole new future for you. Through Life Coaching I help you become the person you want to be.

NLP for Therapeutic Transformation™ 

NLP is often used in business to make more money. But my approach to NLP is firmly rooted in the transformative therapies of Satir, Perls and Erickson. NLP is a specific approach that helps you resolve unconscious triggers and inner conflicts standing in your way of achieving a full life.

NLP is very different from psychotherapy. Psychotherapy is content-oriented. It focuses on the events of the past. NLP is processed oriented. It studies your triggers, emotions and patterns in the here and now. NLP focuses on your inner reality right now, and offers powerful techniques and tools to overcome obstacles to achieving your goals and aspirations.

EMDR with Radical Self-Compassion™ 

EMDR is not for the faint-hearted. Originally developed as a treatment for trauma and PTSD it has since been recognised for a broad range of symptoms including (amongst many other) anxiety, imposter syndrome, irritability, frustration, self-hate and more.

It's effective on a wide range of issues including self-esteem, imposter, depression, anxiety, and uses techniques and tools that work directly on the unconscious mind. 

Through EMDR we confront the ghosts of the past an heal at the deepest level of your identity. 

Take Me to 1:1 Coaching NLP & EMDR

You deserve a successful career as a Life Coach & NLP Master Practitioner.


Nina knows that what you need to succeed as a Life Coach and NLP Master in today's landscape is a passion for personal development and world-class training in professional Life Coaching and NLP Mastery at NLP Master Practitioner level.

Nina Madden


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