Boutique training courses in Life Coaching and NLP for courageous humans.

I am delighted you are here and excited to help you add value to the world by becoming an  accredited Life Coach and NLP Master.

Nina Madden
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The Courage Coaching Academy is an ICF accredited Coach and NLP Education Provider that offers high-quality boutique training in Life Coaching and NLP. 

The Diploma in Life Coaching with NLP Mastery qualifies you as a Professional Life Coach and NLP Master Practitioner.

This unique programme combines ICF accredited training in Life Coaching and NLP at Master level, with exciting modules on Metaphors, Archetypes, Story-telling and Hero's Journey.

You'll be taught by me, Nina Madden. I've been a healer and Life Coach for 20 years. I am an ICF accredited Life Coach (PCC), NLP Master Practitioner, Time-Line Therapy Master and EMDR Therapist.

I train in small groups of max nine participants, and only three times per year. The training is boutique, hands-on, structured and fully accredited. 

After the training, you will be supported by three months ICF accredited mentoring. 

With this professional and fully accredited training you will be well prepared for your new career.

You'll be ready to start working as you'll have all the skills, knowledge, and credentials you need to succeed in your new career.

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Diploma in Life Coaching with NLP Mastery










I take accreditation very  seriously. My training is accredited by the ICF (International Coach Federation). I'm an endorsed training institute by the ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management) and I'm a member of ANLP and ABNLP. 

Ready to transform your life and career? Be bold and achieve your dreams with  Coaching, NLP & EMDR Training.

Nina Madden - Master Coach, Life Coach, NLP & EMDR Therapist 


Coaching & Therapy with NLP, EMDR & IFS

I am an NLP Master Coach, ICF accredited Life Coach (PCC) and EMDR Therapist.

I have been helping my clients overcome challenges and change their lives for the better for the past fifteen years.

Being an intelligent high-achiever it can be hard to find a therapist that doesn't make you feel patronised or judged. 

My experience covers anxiety, stress, lack of self-worth, imposter syndrome, depression, fatigue and anger issues. I also have a track record with hidden addictions.

Whether you wish to heal the past, change certain negative behaviours or you're looking to create a new future, I am here to help.

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Beautiful safe space to express ourselves

 Nina created this beautiful space where we felt safe to express our thoughts and feelings freely and as such we grew together, celebrated each other and had formed deep friendships by the end of the course.


Ray Riley

NLP & Life Coaching Programme Graduate

I've been a Coach and NLP Master Practitioner for 20+ years

 I came to Nina because Courage Coaching Academy is approved by IFC and I wanted to become part of that. (my old coaching certification was not recognised and I wanted to refresh my NLP) If you're looking for a coach and they are Courage Coaching Academy trained you are with someone who knows what they are doing!

 Vivienne Burke 

NLP & Life Coaching Programme Graduate

A life-time self-improvement toolkit

At a time where there was plenty of uncertainty (Covid) and I felt overwhelmed, I got: A lifetime self-improvement toolkit, an upgraded mindset, some significant shadow work integration(ongoing), purposeful steps in work related evolution and life itself. 


Spyros Gousetis

NLP & Life Coaching Programme Graduate