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From owning two successful businesses in Asia, hitchhiking Africa at 17 and motorbiking through the Rift Valley, I’ve always had a pioneering spirit and love for adventure and exploring the world.

My interest in the bigger questions about life, "who I am and what I am doing here" goes way back.

Art, literature and culture were always really important to me growing up. Stories had a profound impact. I was an avid reader from an early age. 

From an academic standpoint, I wanted to study the philosophical and psychological sciences and I read two Masters' Degrees.

One in Critical Theory from City University of London and a second in Contemporary Art from Sotheby’s Institute. My academic focus was on the articulation of trauma in 20th-century poetry and art.

During my career in the art world I considered re-training as a psychotherapist but something didn't sit right. When I came across Life Coaching and NLP I immediately recognised their transformative potential. 

I loved the thinking and philosophy behind it. I knew these disciplines would enable you to live an authentic life.


"No matter your past or where you are, with the right support you can create a life that makes you proud." 

 Nina Madden


My Background

Twenty years in private practice as Life Coach & NLP Master Coach

I’ve had a thriving private Life Coaching and Therapy practice (Life Changes) in London for almost twenty years. I have thousands of clinical hours under my belt. 

I am an accredited ICF Coach at PCC level. I'm an NLP Master Practitioner, Reiki healer, I've trained in EFT, Havening, and accredited NLP trainer. 

Domestic Violence Worker with Refuge

Alongside private practice, I am also qualified domestic violence worker and worked for several years with Refuge. I’ve helped countless women flee abuse and violence.

EMDR qualified therapist 

I trained in EMDR and am a qualified EMDR therapist. My EMDR work is attachment informed and IFS informed.

Experienced Executive Coach 

I have extensive experience working with high-achievers dealing with high-pressure working and home environments. 

Accredited trainer of NLP Hypnosis and Life Coaching

I'm an accredited trainer of NLP, Hypnosis, and Life Coaching, and I’m trained in the Nancy Kline method in Time to Think™ facilitation. I have a deep passion for creating inspiring and transformative learning environments.

Creator of the Courage Coaching Academy  

I'm also the creator of The Courage Coaching Academy a boutique coaching schools that provides in-depth ICF and ABNLP accredited training in Life Coaching and NLP.


"We can't change the past, but we can change how it affects us in the present."
Nina Madden

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My Methodology



After almost twenty years of studying a broad range of holistic methods, my focus today is primarily Life Coaching, NLP, EMDR and IFS.

Life Coaching focuses on the present and the future. It is a discipline based on a set of powerful principles, tools and techniques that help you create the life that is in alignment with what's important to you and who you really are, and that ultimately will make you happy.

NLP is a methodology and approach that works on the unconscious mind to removes your inner blocks and obstacles to achieving your goals and aspirations. 

NLP is very different from CBT in that it works with the unconscious mind.

EMDR is a well-established treatment originally developed in the US for PTSD and trauma. It has since been found highly effective on a wide range of symptoms. 

These include (amongst other); a sense of unworthiness, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, imposter syndrome, loneliness, anxiety, destructive habits (food, drugs, alcohol), sadness, stress, exhaustion, despair and lacking in joie de vivre or enthusiasm for life.

EMDR together with IFS works with the core wounds in the heart and heals them from the inside out.

EMDR is powerful and effective. It goes deep and works fast.

My Approach


The past does not define you. No matter how complex your upbringing, or the experiences you've had, you can create a life today that makes you happy today.

You’re not broken, and you don’t need fixing. Irrational behaviours, anxiety, hurt, sadness and depression are all expressions of hidden pain. Our work together functions to heal that pain from the inside out.

You’re not a victim of the past and healing fully is possible. 

Symptoms, such as anxiety, addictions, etc, are hurt parts begging you to heal the core wounds within your psyche. 

Will power, shaming yourself, berating yourself, or CBT will not work. CBT tries to work from the outside in, to force a change in thinking. But you can't think yourself out of pain, anxiety or sadness. 

With EMDR & IFS we heal the hidden pain giving rise to these symptoms in the first place. 

The result is the problematic behaviours, self-sabotage, fear, lack of joy spontaneously resolve themselves.

You get to a place of self-compassion, self-understanding and self-acceptance. 

This fosters a radical new relationship with self, based on empathy and self-love.