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Be Bold and Achieve Your Dreams With Coaching and NLP & EMDR Therapy. 

Nina Madden

Nina Madden - NLP Master Coach, Life Coach and NLP & EMDR Therapist  


Practical help to change your life fast. 

Dealing with Issues, Facing the Past: Compassionate intelligent NLP Therapy, EMDR and Coaching:

  • You have hit a stage where outwardly you're successful, yet something is off on the inside.
  • No matter how hard you work it's hard to keep the feelings of unworthiness at bay. 
  • You get hijacked by emotions, burst into rage, feel guilty or suffer anxiety.
  • You are ready to heal the core wounds that are holding you back from living a full and happy life.

I have fifteen years experience with thousands of hours working in private practice, helping high-functioning clients resolve deep-seated issues, often after many rounds of unhelpful coaching or therapy. 

I use a unique blend of NLP Therapy and EMDR to address issues such as; high-functioning addiction, trauma, negative behaviour patterns, anger, despair, low self-esteem, anxiety, depression and more. 

Clarity & Uplevelling the Future: NLP Master Coaching & Life Coaching: 

  • You're stuck and don't know how to move forward or even what you want.
  • You've come out of a bad relationship or big life crisis and face creating your future anew.
  • You're a solo business owner overwhelmed by the demands of your business.
  • You're a creative, artist, producer or writer and your career has become stuck. You need guidance, inspiration and direction to bring the passion, joy back.

I've worked with singers, writers, BAFTA award winning actors, producers and theatre writers to radically up-level their careers and get back in the game. 

Book a discovery call to discuss your specific situation and we can design bespoke programme around your needs.

Prices: £200 per Session

Minimum six session commitment required. 

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Beautiful safe space to express ourselves

I can be quite introverted, but Nina created this beautiful space where we felt safe to express our thoughts and feelings freely and as such we grew together, celebrated each other and had formed deep friendships by the end of the course.

I wasn’t sure what to expect as all of the sessions were on Zoom, but I needn’t of worried as Nina has such mastery at making every individual of the group feel seen, heard and valued.



Ray Riley

NLP & Life Coaching Programme Graduate

A life-time self-improvement toolkit

I was intrigued by Nina’s boutique-type training offering, as I would polish my Coaching skills, I was using as an executive and as a consultant, in the business world. At a time where there was plenty of uncertainty (Covid) and I felt overwhelmed, I got: A lifetime self-improvement toolkit, an upgraded mindset, some significant shadow work integration (ongoing), purposeful steps in work related evolution and life itself.

The course is brilliantly designed. Nina connects the dots as you learn & practice in tandem. In the process you add a definite layer of experiential sophistication from a skilful field Teacher. 


Spyros Gousetis

NLP & Life Coaching Programme Graduate

The most wonderful learning experience

Had the most wonderful learning experience with Nina Madden. Totally loved how she delivered the course, her way of teaching through all her own knowledge and experiences, interactive learning, fun, and how she managed to bring a group of amazing people together, create a safe space for sharing, learning and supporting and empowering each and everyone of us to grow and flourish and become incredible coaches ourselves. Would highly recommend Nina.


Frankie Baxe

NLP & Life Coaching Programme Graduate