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I'm here to help you change your life through Life Coaching, NLP, IFS and EMDR.


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My Methodology

Welcome to this page.

After almost twenty years of working in a broad range of holistic methods, my focus today is primarily Life Coaching, NLP, EMDR and IFS. This is because I find them to be the most profound and effective methods to create deep and meaningful change. 

Life Coaching for Life Changes™

Life Coaching is a process of directed enquiry, deep listening and powerful questioning that helps you gain clarity on what you want.

Life Coaching focuses on the present and the future. It is a discipline based on a set of powerful principles and tools to create a vision and future and plan of action to make it happen.

We can work on a single goal, a specific area of life, or design a whole new future that is uniquely yours.

Together we create an authentic and meaningful life that is uniquely yours.

NLP for Transformation

NLP is a methodology that helps you get to know your inner world, understand yourself better and resolve unconscious conflicts and triggers.

NLP is an approach that works directly on the unconscious mind to removes your inner blocks and obstacles to achieving your goals and aspirations. 

NLP is different from CBT.

CBT tries to work from the outside in by forcing a change in thinking and behaviour. But you can't think your way out of anxiety or triggers. 

NLP is often used in business but it has it's roots firmly in the powerfully transformative therapies of Satir and Perls. It's process oriented. Instead of concerning itself with the content of the past, it focuses on how the past affects us in the here and now. It provides powerful tools to make deep and lasting changes fast.

EMDR with IFS & Radical Self-Compassion™

EMDR is a well-established treatment originally developed in the US for PTSD and trauma mainly in the work with war veterans and survivors of natural catastrophes.

It has since been found highly effective on a wide range of symptoms.

These include (amongst other); unworthiness, low self-esteem, workaholism, imposter syndrome, loneliness, anxiety, destructive habits (food, drugs, alcohol), stress, exhaustion, and lack of joie de vivre.

EMDR uses bilateral stimulation coupled with therapeutic protocols to face the ghosts of the past. EMDR helps to heal the the hidden pain at our very core.  

This fosters a relationship based on empathy, self-understanding and self-confidence.


"No matter your past or where you are, with the right support you can create a life that makes you proud."


Nina Madden

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My Approach


The past does not define you.

No matter how complex your upbringing, or the experiences you've had, you can create a life that makes you happy today.

You’re not broken, and you don’t need fixing.

Irrational behaviours, anxiety, hurt, sadness and depression are all expressions of hidden pain. Our work together heals the hidden pain from the inside out.

You’re not a victim of the past and you are not stuck to repeat it. You can change your life and create a life that makes you happy. Healing fully is possible.

Willpower, shaming or berating yourself will not work.

My approach is very different from traditional psychotherapy. Talking about the issues again and again does not work. 

My approach is also very different from CBT.

CBT tries to work from the outside in, to force a change in thinking. But you can't think yourself out of pain, anxiety or sadness. 

Addictions, depression, exhaustion, workaholism, stress are all symptoms of underlying causes that need attention. 

With NLP, EMDR & IFS we have powerful processes and rigorous therapeutic protocols that heal the underlying causes.

The result is the problematic and irrational behaviours spontaneously resolve themselves. The therapy brings you to a place of of self-compassion, self-understanding and self-acceptance.

This fosters a radical new relationship with self, based on empathy and self-love.

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