Best investment I've ever made in myself

Taking Nina’s Professional Life Coaching with NLP Training Programme was the best investment I’ve ever made in myself. I wasn’t sure what to expect as all of the sessions were on Zoom, but I needn’t of worried as Nina has such mastery at making every individual of the group feel seen, heard and valued.

I can be quite introverted, but Nina created this beautiful space where we felt safe to express our thoughts and feelings freely and as such we grew together, celebrated each other and had formed deep friendships by the end of the course.

The incredible tools and lessons provided not only give me confidence to start coaching straight away but have also shifted how I see myself and interact with others around me for the better. Many of my friends can see that there’s something different about me, like I’ve been away on holiday as I’m refreshed and happier!

I believe investing from the right energy is essential. It’s not about, ‘this person can change my life forever’…it’s about, ‘I am ready to change my life forever’. You hold the power. You are in control of your results. You are deciding to have more. And you are choosing it. I felt this energy when I explored this course and I now feel more empowered than ever.

The words ‘life-changing’ and ‘transformative’ are a true reflection of this beautiful experience and I’d happily recommend Nina and her program to anyone that feels the pull! Rey Riley NLP & Life Coaching Programme Graduate.

Rey Riley

NLP & Life Coaching Programme Graduate

Nina is a brilliant leader, compassionate with a wonderful musical voice

Nina is a brilliant leader, compassionate with a wonderful musical voice I am just so glad I made the decision to join your coaching and NLP course, I wasn’t sure how it would work over zoom but I needn’t have worried as the format was brilliant.

An amazing group of women from all walks of life were part of my group, some big characters as well which can make for some having more air time than others – and this is where I was so very grateful for how you formatted and ran the course, with rules that made everyone feel incredibly comfortable and able to speak if they wished.

Your knowledge of coaching and NLP and how you presented it was very easy to understand and kept me interested, I felt I learned a huge amount not only about the subjects but about myself as well – and have implemented many of the different techniques into my own life and my teaching.

I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to coach and learn about NLP, but also to anyone feeling a little lost and wanting to find themselves – Nina is a brilliant leader, compassionate with a wonderful musical voice that keeps you interested and focussed – I’ve done coaching courses in the past and this is up there with the best 🙂

Bonny Snowdon

NLP & Life Coaching Programme Graduate

5-week transforming experience

It was back in April of 2020 where Covid emerged in our lives with a lock down and life seemed to suspend itself.
I decided that I needed to do something enjoyable, refreshing and life altering, something I never seemed to have the time before. Well, it ended up by wonderfully refreshing and upgrading my skillset, redefining my life’s purpose and embarking into a new professional territory.
I did not know Nina. I was intrigued by Nina’s boutique-type training offering, as I would polish my Coaching skills, I was using as an executive and as a consultant, in the business world. Moreover, I’d enter the world of NLP, something I really resonated with for so many years. Nina herself is action-focused, very direct, no-nonsense, Coach and Trainer. She knows how to approach the subject matters in a simple BUT not simplistic manner making sure you glide with her along the approx. 5-week transforming experience. Exactly what I wanted and needed.
I wanted life impact, and I invested because I wanted to ensure I’d see change.
The course is brilliantly designed. Nina connects the dots as you learn & practice in tandem. In the process you add a definite layer of experiential sophistication from a skilful field Teacher. One should not underestimate the importance of the pre-reading material (text and videos) required to go through before the Training begins. Moreover, I found extremely worthy the reading list Nina shared on both Coaching and NLP and you can go through post the Training course. The knowledge from those books will act as a strong multiplier effect for practitioners in the field.
At a time where there was plenty of uncertainty and felt overwhelmed, I got: A lifetime self-improvement toolkit, an upgraded mindset, some significant shadow work integration(ongoing), purposeful steps in work related evolution and life itself. Finally, I worked closely, through this process, with some special individuals, beautiful souls! We have, since then, created a group, working frequently on zoom improving ourselves through our experiences as we improve the lives of others. Thank you, Nina!

Spyros Gousetis

NLP & Life Coaching Programme Graduate

Instrumental in Determining My Life Direction

Hi Nina! How are you?! You came to my apartment in Maida Vale and helped me through a very difficult transition.
As a direct result of our first session I left my boyfriend who wanted to marry me, and who I was living with for years. Then in another session I realized I was meant to be a Matchmaker in LA as my next career move. Everyone thought I was crazy!
I have been meaning to thank you for quite a while now but didn’t know the optimal way or time to do it (as the perfectionist that I still am!). But I guess there’s no better time than right now. You had a HUGE impact on my life and I want to thank you for the guidance you gave me during a very difficult and confusing time.
My sessions with you were pivotal and instrumental in determining my life direction. You helped me tap into my soul, as cheesy as that may sound! I ended up coming to LA, finding an opportunity as a Matchmaker with a company that took off, and I was highly successful managing 15 Matchmakers around the country after we raised funding and partnered with It turned out to be an incredible experience both professionally and personally. I just left that role after 2 years because I got burned out, but I cherish every moment.
Again, thank you for your guidance and for helping to reshape the way I was viewing the world. You were right that it’s all about the stories we tell ourselves and meanings we extract from those stories, that shape who we are and how we are affected by the world that surrounds us. Since I left the company I have also met the love of my life and we are getting married. I am so happy and cannot thank you enough for those sessions back in London. THANK YOU!

Vanessa Ringel

NLP & Life Coaching Private Client

courage (n.)

  1. 1300, corage, "heart (as the seat of emotions)," also meaning "spirit, temperament, state or frame of mind," from Old French corage "heart, innermost feelings; temper"


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Taught in Such a Fun Way

I found Nina through google after searching for the right person to do my course with for months and I am so glad I did. The life coaching and NLP course was taught in such a fun way and it really allowed me to immerse myself into the program right from the beginning. The tools and membership area allow you to have so much knowledge and information to hand but the sessions were where the magic happened. Thank you Nina you are incredible at what you do but also made this course and the sessions super fun and exciting. Thank you!

Zoe Czerek

NLP & Life Coaching Programme Graduate

You won't be disappointed

I have just completed the @NinaMadden life coach, NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner course. Nina is a very capable and professional instructor in this field and her experience showed from start to finish.
The course is excellently structured and delivered. In these unsure Covid times Nina has pivoted excellently into the online arena and her control of the sessions were seamless. The service she offers post course is also reassuring and a bonus in itself.
This is more than a course, it is the beginning of a new and exciting journey. If you, like I was, are in any doubt whether to do this course…. go for it. You won’t be disappointed.

Seamus McManus

NLP & Life Coaching Programme Graduate

Community of Awesome Friends

Dear Nina, words cannot express my gratitude for all the energy that you have given to this amazing teaching. I have had an amazing time and built a community of awesome friends! Forever in gratitude.

Patricia Trautman

NLP & Life Coaching Programme Graduate

You are my star motivator!

Dear Nina, Our star motivation, angel, NLP Master Practitioner. Feeling blessed to be part of your magnificent journey – group family. Cannot thank you enough. Please never stop giving your gift. Thank you.

Vicky Vouvou

NLP & Life Coaching Programme Graduate

Gentle, Positive and Powerful Guidance

Hi Nina, thank you so much for the session today – it was a kind of breakthrough experience for me, and if you are open to it, I would love to have another session with you this week.
While I came to the session with the aim of getting help with the addiction to smoking, the experience for me was way bigger – it was a stunning connection with my “sub” or unconscious mind which not only fell perfectly into place with the consciousness work I have been doing lately but also provided a significant shift that would have taken me a lot longer to make on my own. It seemed you knew intuitively what I needed and where I needed to go. I really appreciated and responded so well to your gentle, positive and very powerful guidance. I came away feeling fully empowered and so easily joyful. I feel like I am seeing the world around me from a new viewpoint. Without effort, my awareness is consistently centred comfortably back in the mid-brain behind the eyes, and I am experiencing a glow from the inside out, which is very cheerful!
As I mentioned, I have been recently working at letting go of the idea and its associated habits, that my life is difficult, a struggle and quite desperate (Thus I have been regarding myself as person who needs comfort – something ‘just for me’). I have been using EFT, visualisations, affirmations, self-reflective writing to help make a shift to a better idea… I feel that what happened in our session today is that there was a key, powerful alignment with my sub-conscious mind – that big and satisfying jolt… Thank you!
I will be going through to Cape Town on Friday just waiting for times to be confirmed. It would be great to give you a lift to and fro so that you can explore the city.

Beth Pederson, Cape Town, South Africa

NLP & Life Coaching Private Client

The Most Incredible Coach and Trainer

I trained with Nina at the end of 2021, after doing a lot of research into other training providers. My only concern was it being via zoom, not in person but I need not have worried, it took nothing away from my learning experience. She is the most incredible coach and trainer, her course was extremely comprehensive and thorough and the way it is organised meant we still got to lots of practical exercises during the course, despite it being online. Nina has a brilliant teaching style, I couldn’t fault her and she is a truly lovely person as well! The other ladies on the course have become real friends too, I am so glad I chose to train with her and she has given me the tools, knowledge and confidence to hopefully excel in my new career. The support she offers is also incredible.

Caroline Cooper

NLP & Life Coaching Programme Graduate

Succeed in the coaching world

I really enjoyed the experience of working with Nina, she’s very professional yet kind and caring and I felt she wanted to give me the best chance to succeed in the coaching world. She covered enough to get me started straight away and I would definitely recommend her course to anyone interested.

Butterfly Life Coaching

NLP & Life Coaching Programme Graduate

Truly I Am Amazed and Excited

I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed our session last Tuesday – more importantly, I was surprised at a real change over the last week – my interaction with other people has changed quite significantly, especially in the professional contexts but also in all my social interactions (I have been out every night last week in a whole raft of social contexts) – I am amazed that talking with you for an hour and answering your interrogating questions is having such a big impact. Truly i am amazed and excited!!

George Puttner - Director, London

Private NLP & Life Coaching Client

Great Step Towards Change

It was magic. Thank you. I feel so much more relaxed with my relationship. When control stuff comes up I am letting it go. Yesterday helped me see clearly just how much I like to be in the drivers seat and how that no longer serves me. Awareness is the first step towards change. It’s precious.

Charlie Green

NLP & Life Coaching Private Client

Insightful Coach who Empowers

Hi Nina! Thank u thank u.. I find it rather hard to express in words quite how I feel about my entire experience but let me sum it up in just that one moment with u in the room with Reena… You are such a powerful, insightful coach who in turn empowers and enables clients to become that too… That’s magic!
I am literally still bursting with excitement at the prospect of getting started. Also, yesterday Hero’s Journey unlocked many other heroes journeys I’ve walked and I am going to acknowledge it, learn from it, as I embark on this next call to adventure!

Chrystella Prathap

NLP & Life Coaching Programme Graduate

Truly Amazing Experience Experience

Dear Nina, Wow! What a truly amazing experience I’ve had learning from you and all your wisdom. I cannot thank you enough for everything you have given us all. Please never stop giving your gift!

Dane Crossby

NLP & Life Coaching Programme Graduate

Felt Extremely Powerful

I followed my instinct in calling Nina for a NLP session, and it was a fantastic experience. She has a very warm caring approach and gently yet very effectively helped me track down issues that were holding me back. Her holistic approach in combining NLP with time line regression was really impactful. I walked away feeling extremely powerful! Thank you Nina

Laxmi Hariharan – New York Times Best Selling Author, London

Private NLP & Life Coaching Client

Love, Wisdom and Amazing Teaching

Dear Nina, thank you so much for all your love, wisdom and amazing teaching. Much love always!

Sarah Rees

NLP & Life Coaching Programme Graduate

Amazing Knowledge

Darling Nina, thank you so much for sharing your amazing knowledge. You are an inspiration and I am forever grateful. Can’t wait to be on this journey with you.

Lucy Ennis

NLP & Life Coaching Programme Graduate

Unforgettable Life Experience

Thank you Nina, for an unforgettable life experience. I am so grateful! This course has changed my life forever and I I am really looking forward to the next few weeks when I start working with my practice clients. Looking forward to reconnecting with you in the near future. Have a fantastic time in Thailand and see you in the new year!

Ana Carvalho

NLP & Life Coaching Programme Graduate

The Most Wonderful Learning Experience

Had the most wonderful learning experience with Nina Madden. Totally loved how she delivered the course, her way of teaching through all her own knowledge and experiences, interactive learning, fun, and how she managed to bring a group of amazing people together, create a safe space for sharing, learning and supporting and empowering each and everyone of us to grow and flourish and become incredible coaches ourselves. Would highly recommend Nina if you are looking into becoming a Life and NLP coach.

Frankie Baxe

NLP & Life Coaching Programme Graduate

A Big Weight Removed

I had reached a very stuck place in my life and really didn’t know how to instigate movement. I feel very lucky to have found Nina. I felt a shift straight away.
I could never have imagined that Nina’s treatment would be so powerful and successful. She has removed so much pain and given a much better understanding of myself. I have been able to finally put certain experiences to bed and no longer feel the guilt or anguish about them that I have carried with me most of my life. It is like a big weight has been removed.
I find I no longer fixate on minor things and this frees up so much creative space and energy! Nina shows a lot of compassion, whilst also remaining focused, she is very personable and creates a great environment.
I feel like a thousand ghosts have been put to rest. I feel freer now than I ever have in my adult life. I could never have imagined the shifts within would come so soon and how amazing it would feel to left things go!

Paloma Campbell - Mum and Business Owner, London

NLP & Life Coaching Private Coaching Client

Eye Opening to My Own Soul

The Coaching for me was amazing, from the first day to the last, it was eyes opening to my own soul. I could realize what I was doing to myself, that I was the only one stopping myself from growth and fulfilment.
The models and techniques Nina used were at the same time simple but really powerful. Now I don’t know my future, I don’t know exactly what to expect from the world around me, but I know fully who I am and where I want to go, now I acknowledge my skills, my own power and capabilities to make it happen.
Because it’s life we are talking about, our life and our roles in it. Thank you Nina, for your patience and amazing work as a coach.

Mariana Moras

Private NLP & Life Coaching Client

Powerful, Effective & Focused

Nina’s coaching works, it’s as simple as that. Powerful, effective & focused. Great Results, Personable, Creative. I’ve worked with Nina more than once and thoroughly recommend.

Mark Culmer

Scrum Master
News International, London NLP
& Life Coaching Private Client

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Powerful & Meaningful Course Content

Thank you Nina for the course. The way the course is structured, presented and taught is excellent. Each technique is explained in detail and has demos given by Nina. Everyone is encouraged to practise the techniques with each other to build confidence and explore errors made and how they can be minimised. The course is intense but Nina keeps it very interesting. She sends you some pre-course material which is extremely helpful. Once you begin your journey of learning with Nina, you can see her passion and ease with the way she uses her knowledge of NLP. The sessions are interactive. Nina encourages and provides space for everyone to speak. Nina is very approachable and listens to you very intently. She is very natural, genuine and skilful. The content is very powerful and meaningful. I can see the changes in myself and my thinking. Thank you again Nina. I feel motivated, positive and empowered to take on a new journey in my life.


Neetu Arora Uppal

NLP & Life Coaching Programme Graduate

It Feels Like Magic

I had tried so many things before I came to see you. I have done so much personal development, so much airy fairy stuff, including Landmark. Although that helped, it never got to the underlying factors. The memories of abuse from my childhood still haunted me, and every Christmas was so painful.
I worked so hard to avoid the feelings but anxiety was still there – I always felt like I didn’t deserve to be happy, and that I was not worthy. No matter what I did, it was still always there – I felt like I didn’t really belong.
Your methods are amazing. It was the first approach that actually worked. The things you do
in the session, it feels like magic. It is there [the painful emotion] and then it is gone and the thing is – it doesn’t come back.
The methods you used were incredible, suddenly I feel different. I feel like I have a different relationship to myself now. It is like I am my best friend… it is a very different feeling. I feel calmer inside. You are amazing – I am sending everyone I know to you Nina!


Polina Kowalczyk

NLP & Life Coaching Private Client

I'm Expressing Myself!

Hi Nina, It was a pleasure meeting you today and having the session. I feel more at ease when I express myself now. I’ve also been spending some time relaxing as well and its given me time to re-think my life and I also realised how much I used to put up with negative comments from other people so I’ve been reading a book on assertiveness and I’m going to put the skills I’ve learned into practice at work next week and with family at home.”
“I’ve also made new goals with things that I really want to do and the timeline therapy made me realise that it’s ok to not be perfect (…)Coming out of the therapy being able to express myself has been a very big achievement!


Reena Kaushal

NLP & Life Coaching Private Client - London

An Amazing Bunch of Inspirational People

For sometime I had been thinking of exploring coaching and NLP and came across Nina’s website. I knew immediately that this course was for me and Both Nina and the course did not disappoint! With such an amazing bunch of inspirational people the course was far beyond my expectations and zoom was certainly no barrier when it came to the whole experience. If anyone is considering a course in Coaching and NLP I would highly recommend Nina’s course, as it is both professional and personal and the experience is life changing.


Kellie Taylor

NLP & Life Coaching Programme Graduate

It Was A Pleasure To Learn From Nina

I have finished Nina’s NLP and Life Coaching training a week ago and as I am going through my notes I can only be impressed by the number of things I have learned.
I was a complete NLP beginner when I registered to this course having read the odd book but nothing more. Through this course I have learned a tremendous amount through the pre course work as well as during Nina’s explanations and demonstrations and practiced many techniques during class but more importantly, thanks to this course, I have expended the way I view the world and people. And this, more than anything else in my opinion is going to help me facilitate my clients’ journeys and it clearly would not have happened without this course. I also particularly appreciated that Nina introduced us to the Archetypes, the Metaphores, the Hero’s journey which I feel complement perfectly the NLP tools. After completing this course I feel confident in using the tools I have learned on paying customers.
Practically speaking the course is very well structured to account for discussion times, with well-timed breaks to avoid “zoom diziness”. Nina’s clearly got a breath of experience as a trainer and really adapts well to the different personalities and needs of the group, it was a pleasure to learn from her. If you are hesitating registering, just do it, you won’t regret it: you’ll meet an amazing bunch of human beings and you’ll change your life!
Thank you very much Nina! I hope we can meet in person soon!


Valentine Pietri

NLP & Life Coaching Programme Graduate

Intense Learning Experience

I am truly grateful to have learn NLP & LLife Coaching with such a wonderful person as Nina. She is a strong, enlightened and generous person. Her course was not only an intense learning experience, but it was also a place full of sharing and uplifting conversations.
She has this natural way of leading the group and creating harmony between people with different ages, backgrounds and cultures. She opened many doors and created peaceful bridges in my way of seeing the world.
I believe NLP has a deep and almost unconscious way of guiding my life now. I also recommend it for people who have experienced trauma.
I myself was able to overcome, understand and even embrace a lot of the thoughts and challenges that followed my experience of sexual abuse. To make it short, thank you Nina, and keep on uplifting this world and its people.


Barbara Pitras

NLP & Life Coaching Programme Graduate

Your Technique is Very Powerful

Your style is unique and individual and you have a masterful use of language. You ask a number of excellent wisdom-accessing questions – your technique is very powerful.


Kris Robertson - The Coaching Academy, London

NLP & Life Coaching Assessment

An Amazing Experience

Nina Madden Life Changes is a highly professional and knowledgeable service. The course that I undertook with Nina Madden was an amazing experience.


Angelina Morgan

NLP & Life Coaching Programme Graduate

A Wonderful Atmosphere That is Free Of Judgement, Cool, Connected and Creative

Studying this course with Nina gave me the academic knowledge that I sought, I am a confident practicing life coach and NLP practitioner now. I can not thank Nina enough. Whether the class is person or via zoom Nina creates a wonderful atmosphere that is free of judgement, cool, connected and creative. I do recommend this course to everyone I know.


Amal Ali

NLP & Life Coaching Programme Graduate

Intense Learning Experience

I am truly grateful to have learn NLP & LLife Coaching with such a wonderful person as Nina. She is a strong, enlightened and generous person. Her course was not only an intense learning experience, but it was also a place full of sharing and uplifting conversations.
She has this natural way of leading the group and creating harmony between people with different ages, backgrounds and cultures. She opened many doors and created peaceful bridges in my way of seeing the world.
I believe NLP has a deep and almost unconscious way of guiding my life now. I also recommend it for people who have experienced trauma.
I myself was able to overcome, understand and even embrace a lot of the thoughts and challenges that followed my experience of sexual abuse. To make it short, thank you Nina, and keep on uplifting this world and its people.


Barbara Pitras

NLP & Life Coaching Programme Graduate

Now I am Back in the Game!

When I came to see you, I wanted to get back in the game. I had so many ideas but wasn’t sure how to move forward. I wanted to get back in the game. Now I am back in the game!!


Bafta Award Winning Actor and Producer - Name Witheld

NLP & Life Coaching Private Client

Anxiety is Gone

I can’t believe the anxiety is gone, I feel totally calm. It’s weird, because I am so used to it and sort of expecting it to be there, but I can’t feel it anymore. I have also realised how much the patterns of my life were all directed by anxiety. No I have so much more space and time in my life.


Anders Jacobson - Entrepreneur

NLP & Life Coaching Coaching Client

Empowering Wisdom

Going to see Nina was the most unexpected and positive experience I have ever had. For as long as I can remember I have lived my life within certain limitations that I had unknowingly set my self. All I knew was that things that other people seemed to find easy I would struggle with and really living my life to my full potential.

Somewhere inside of me I always knew I could do much more then what I was achieving but had by this stage in my life learned to accept that I would never have some of the things I dreamed about, that sense of fulfilment. It is a bit like when you have a ache somewhere in your body, when you first get it, it is very painful and uncomfortable but as time goes by you learn to live with it. You avoid certain movements, you are not as active as before and all of a sudden enough time has passed that you do not notice it any more – not as bad as before anyway. It has now become part of your life and you resign your self to thinking that is how it is going to be from now on. Until I meet Nina. She is able to bring attention to that sore aching part inside you and ask the most important question of all – do you really want to carry on living with this burden?

For the first time in my life I finally realized that I did not have to live with the limitations I had unknowingly set myself, that there was someone there who not only knew the way to solve it but who would do whatever it takes to work this through with me. All I had to bring to the session was a willingness to want to work through this and put my trust in her. I originally came to see Nina in regards to my career so somewhere inside of me I had decided that I was not going to live my life unfulfilled any more. But I could never have foreseen the profound effect those hours working with her, made to my life. In our first session Nina came across things I had hidden away deep inside and it became clear to me that these where the real reason I had come to see her, even if at the time I was not aware of this.

I think NLP worked so well because with guidance you finally realize that you have the power within yourself to affect your situation, it is not a magical drug that is prescribed but you face your fears and deal with things in your past that have been holding you back. You understand the cause and effect of how you ended up where you are today. It is this empowering wisdom that enables you to keep progressing after the sessions have ended and you are again faced with the real world. Through Nina’s excellent guidance I had found my inner strength, and things that before seemed impossible now are achievable. You are no longer a victim of things that have happened in the past but in control and in charge of your own life and how you choose to live it.

Since my seeing Nina my attitude to life has changed in so many ways that I notice the results of this every day. I have cleared things up from my past and can now understand what was holding back before. Through valuing myself again I have started living life, facing my fears and challenging myself.

I feel like a whole person for the first time and I can withstand anything life throws at me. Knowing what I know now, I cannot believe I waited this long before deciding to get help. Life is precious and everyone deserves to live without limitations, like fears and self doubt, holding them back.


Marianne Bengtson

NLP & Life Coaching Private Client

Gained Courage

I met Nina when I was confused about my career, I was having a lot of difficulties as my energy was not focused. Nina helped me find my right direction. The way her NLP & Life coaching helped was that whenever I was feeling weak and uncertain about my direction, she pulled me back and supported me to stay on the course by asking me penetrating questions and showing a big picture, a sight of which I was often losing. I got a great deal of courage from her coaching. Sometimes, it felt a little like learning how to swim for the first time as a kid. And the muddy water before me has now been cleared for me to swim through, as quickly as I want to.


Shigeru Tabata, Managment Consultation BBC, London

NLP & Life Coaching Private Client

Goals and Visions

I had on my heart a burning desire to open a home for pregnant teenagers but had absolutely no idea how to get started. I went to several ‘self help’ courses but found that although I learnt a great deal I was no step closer to releasing my dream than when I started. I met with Nina over coffee and we talked about my plans and dreams and she asked me questions that got me thinking.
Words cannot describe the journey that her NLP & Life Coaching techniques have taken me on, I went to her a confused, unfocused person with a great goal and vision that I thought was beyond my wildest dreams… My achievements in these last 9 months could not be done without her NLP & Life Coaching. I do not hesitate to recommend her and her coaching to anyone who decides to use her services. She delivers every promise that she sets out.


Prudence Renders, London

NLP & Life Coaching Client

Tap Into Your Power

One of the most dramatic changes I have noticed since coming to the therapy is that I am less harsh on myself. I have been disciplining myself for years not to give into my yearnings – for nice clothes from posh shops, nice shoes, red lipstick, whatever it is that I wish to be part of me – and since coming to therapy I have actively started to give in to myself and allow myself to become the self I wish to be. I also am very pleased to have looked at issues in my past that caused me trouble – such as the circumstances of my birth and ideas about sexual abuse somewhere in my past. Through revisiting these events the time line therapy, I have now been able to see these events different, find my power in them and those things I feel I lack – vulnerability, femininity – and reincorporating these back into my sense of self, but this time with the power that these give me.

Furthermore, I have had subconscious visions of myself as I wish I was, and since seeing these in my minds eye, I have set about to actualise them in my life. And I have come away with strategies for dealing with my addiction to feeling bad about myself, which is just a habit of seeing myself and not my true self, which I can apply to any situation I would rather have myself be different.

One of the amazing powerful things about the coaching and NLP was my response to hypnotherapy. I consider myself to be quite a heady person, who thinks all the time and thinks about thinking all the time, and I was so relieved to find that I could quickly move out of that head monologue and connect with a more life affirming message in my subconsciousness. I feel that this aspect of the therapy has been the most powerful for me in changing myself, and also in me understanding myself as someone who is not disconnected from my inner being, but who does connect and can gain the wisdom from it easily.

I think Nina is a brilliant therapist as her intention is to make you realize what power you have inside you to make your life as you desire to be and tap into that power, not to make you dependent on her for sorting out your life. Having been in traditional therapy and counselling situations often in my life, I really felt that I could not gain anything more from my examining the past, ascribing blame, feeling angry etc. again and again. I came to Nina with the intention to reprogramme my mind about who I believed myself to be. Although with Nina we did reconsider the past, this was with a view to see the positives or higher intentions of what happened and to find my own power in these situations. This has been a radical break from previous therapies and has enabled me to simply move on. And see what value these hold for me, so now certain things that I was angry about, I am actually understanding them as giving me great insight into my character, and how I deal with the world around me.

It has been incredibly liberating and I do feel as if I have opened a new vista for my life which perhaps I have never dreamed of seeing, let alone actually living, which I feel I am doing. I heartily recommend her. She is worth every penny.


Juliette Botticello, Academic, London

NLP & Life Coaching Private Client

Created New Possibilities

NLP & Life Coaching has helped me in setting up ways of thinking and dealing with things. It’s created new possibilities and things have happened so much quicker than I thought. The real impact your NLP & Life coaching has had is the acceleration and speed by which things have come together. It’s been absolutely brilliant from that point of view. You are my inspirational coach!


Clare Hannant – Author, London

NLP & Life Coaching Client

In the Middle of a Multi-Million Pound Deal

I went from no revenue in two years, to being in the middle of a multi-million pound deal. It is down to the shift in my mind, something has happened. It is clear to me that there is a direct correlation to the opportunities around me, and what is going on inside my mind. In the last week two investors have approached me. I’m convinced it’s a direct result of the coaching with you.


CEO – International Corporate Real Estate – Name Witheld

NLP & Life Coaching Private Client

Massive Life Changing Impact

Massive life changing impact. Made me realise how beliefs set in childhood can cause such struggle and pain in adult life and prevent us from living the lives we desire. Nina’s straight forward questions made me look outside the box, made me realise there were many other options, and it wasn’t necessarily the way I saw it, I could look at it in other ways.

During these coaching sessions my life really did change and I couldn’t have wished for anyone better to help me gently and realistically guide me through to my new life. When I look back I can’t believe how much I have done since last August when you were coaching me and you really were a massive help and I truly thank you for that. As you can see I have moved into my ‘own little house’ I am just about settled and now ready to begin my life again.


Julie Tomlinson

Private NLP & Life Coaching Client - Bristol

Opened a Window of Opportunities

Dear Nina, many apologies in the delay of replying. Thank you for the Clarity Session – yes it was tough because of the emotional difficulties that I have been through.

It felt so nice when you made me see that a different reality was possible.

Your insights were so useful and helped me shift how I think about what is possible now. Although I can’t afford the coaching right now I have already started taking action on my situation and I feel so much more positive and optimistic.

The session helped me see more clearly and opened a window of opportunities, so thank you for your help again! I would love to come and see you in the new year.



Private NLP & Life Coaching Client

Changed My Life

I just wanted to write to say a very big THANK YOU for all of your help, your time and your efforts on Monday and my Breakthrough Session. I am truly impressed by your conviction and dedication. You have changed my life for the better, so thank you again and again.


Cristina Jackson

NLP & Life Coaching Private Client

Shift in How I Think about Things

I have no idea how you did it but you really helped me make a shift in how I think about things.


Mark Goodman - IT Consultant, London

Private NLP & Life Coaching Client

All I Could Do Was Cry...

Time does fly. When we met, you might recall, all I could do was cry. I really have no idea what kind of state I was in to feel so terrible all the time. I don’t recognise that person. Our time together was spent trying to find solutions to things that I thought were quite small – how to set a goal, what goals to set and how to plan to reach them.

My main goal was weight loss. I had no idea where to start. With prompts from you, we managed to come up with an achievable plan. The homework was where the healing started. Our sessions were never limited to the amount of time we spent together. It was the homework that prompted me to look more closely at why I was feeling so poor and to find a way to fix it. I’m thrilled to say that I’ve achieved my goals. But more important than the numbers, I feel like a new person and my friends, family and my husband all agree.

It was not an overnight transformation but over a year of dedicated work. I’ve set new goals now and have a fresh outlook on what the future may bring. Thank goodness that life is a work in progress.


Shannon Rudberg

NLP & Life Coaching Private Client

From Day One I Was Practicing the NLP Techniques

Nina is an exceptional coach/ teacher. I recently completed my NLP, Life Coach and NLP Master Practitioner course with her. The content and mode of presentation was outclass. The most interesting feature of the course was the practicality and practice sessions. From day one I was practicing the NLP techniques with my peers along with the group discussions. I would recommend everyone to take these courses.


Hajra Jaafar

NLP & Life Coaching Programme Graduate

A Truly Inspirational Trainer

Nina is a truly inspirational trainer, I thoroughly enjoyed her course, not only was it hugely informative, enlightening and well structured but also full of joy, the 5 weeks flew by and I was genuinely sad to finish the course. Recommend it to anyone who wants excellent quality life coaching and NLP training!


Louise Bradshaw

NLP & Life Coaching Programme Graduate

I Like Myself Now

I swear there is some witchcraft going on. I don’t feel bad about myself or my body anymore. I have been dieting and hating myself since the age of nine. But now I look in the mirror and I actually like what I see. I never thought this would happen.


Pre Nackier

NLP & Life Coaching Private Client

Wonderful Inspiring Coach

Nina Maddens teaching is beyond what I was expecting, she is a wonderful inspiring coach, with a real passion for wanting to help us all grow into the best coaches we can. The energy Nina puts into the course is so powerful and utterly life changing. I feel so blessed to have met all the other people in the group and I think this will set us all up for the life and hopefully make us the best coaches going forward. Thank you so much. CAN NOT RECOMMEND ENOUGH.


Tessa Lamb

NLP & Life Coaching Programme Graduate

Surprising Results

Since we have been working together, I noticed some surprising results. Not only is the atmosphere better in the flat, with everyone getting on, I have noticed a marked improvement in my performance. I am singing much better – and that wasn’t even what I came to see you for. Who would have known!


Nathan - West End Singer

NLP & Life Coaching Private Client

A Life Changing Experience

Working on the NLP and Life Coaching course with Nina and my fellow zoom-mates was a truly life changing experience.

Not only did I obtain the fundamental skills necessary in order to proceed with practicing NLP and Life Coaching, but I know know how to apply them in a Coach to client setting and am feeling more confident in setting up my business.

The course also has a very healing and spiritual element to it as well which I expected and really benefitted from.

The course was everything I expected it to be and more, the part that surprised me the most and one of my favourite things is the sense of community that came with it. I’ve never felt less alone in my life, and am taking with me a group of encouraging, brave and inspirational women who are backing me in my corner and I in theirs on every step of our journeys.

Having the course on zoom was brilliant and I think this worked extremely well for everyone. Very convenient and it does not take away from the richness of the course, I actually think it adds to it. A very safe space.

Nina has a wonderful energy and her teaching style is impeccable. I’m glad to depart from this experience feeling very worthy, special and with the knowledge, tools and support that I need to change the world.

Thank you so much!


Jaz Wild

NLP & Life Coaching Programme Graduate

The Knowledge and Skills You Learn Will Change Both Your Life and Your Future

Nina has a brilliant coaching style and this is reflected in the Life Coaching & Master NLP Practitioner course. The course is very practical, providing a great opportunity for new coaches to apply what they have learnt to others on the course. By having a small group (there were 8 of us on our course) it created an environment where we could openly share and discuss ideas and Nina ensured that we all had an opportunity to speak.

For me this course did two things really well. One was to give me the knowledge, abilities and confidence I needed to structure and deliver a great coaching session. The other provided an opportunity to do some personal development work on myself as throughout the course I was able to challenge limiting beliefs and some assumptions I had made that were holding me back.

You will also find yourself getting to know the other people on your course really well, especially on the last day (no spoilers here). This is really useful as you will finish the course with a great group of people that are also starting their coaching journey.

I’d highly recommend this course if you are serious about becoming a coach. The knowledge and skills you learn will change both your life and your future client’s lives for the better.


Ben Gardner

NLP & Life Coaching Programme Graduate

You deserve a career that makes you happy.


Nina knows that what you need to thrive as a Life Coach and NLP Master capable of magnificently transforming her clients’ lives determination, a passion to succeed and world-class training in professional ICF approved Life Coaching and NLP at mastery level.

Nina Madden


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