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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Including partial completion and illness


These terms and conditions apply to all services we provide to you. 

Our services can include courses (whether online or in-person or hybrid), resources, digital content, personal coaching, and therapy. 

Before booking with us or engaging in any of our services, please read these terms and conditions carefully. 

It is each customers responsibility to do their due diligence and make sure that the service they are purchasing is the right one for them. 

Acceptance of terms and conditions 

Any booking and payment made either in full, deposit or via payment plans offered is proof that you accept these terms and conditions. 

No bookings can be made without payment. 

All bookings, deposits and payments made are final, non-refundable and for the entire programme. 

If you have any questions or concerns how these T&C please contact the office. 

Information and How to Contact Us 

We/us are Courage Coaching Academy by Nina Madden. Nina Madden Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales with company registration number 08969934. Our registered office address is Karibuni House 7 Copse Avenue, Caversham, Reading, Berkshire, United Kingdom, RG4 6LX 

Our correspondence address is Flat 11, Sutherland House, Marloes Road, W8 5LG 

Any letters must be sent to our correspondence address. 

You can contact us using the above correspondence address, or by email at [email protected] 

How we will communicate with you about your training 

If we need to contact you we will do so via email. 

It is your responsibility to ensure that the email and phone details you give us in your order are correct and up to date. 

It is your responsibility to ensure that emails from us are opened and read and do not end up in junk folders. We are not responsible for any missed updates, changes or announcements due to you not having open or read emails from us. 

A core part of your training is the members portal where much information is provided to you about your training. It is your responsibility as a student to log onto the members portal and access the information that is provided to you there. 

We do not take responsibility for any missed deadlines, announcements, or changes to any programme because you have not logged onto the members area and accessed the information provided. 

If you lose your login details, it is your responsibility to request new details. 

It is your responsibility that you subscribed to the training calendars provided. We will not take responsibility for any missed updates regarding training because you have not subscribed to your calendars. 

1:1 support to navigate any computer or technical parts of the programme is always available to you. 

If at any turn during your experience with us, you are unsure about what to do, it is your responsibility to email the office for support. You will immediately be assigned an onboarding person to help you through the process. 

Age restrictions on courses 

By booking our services or courses, you confirm that you are over the age of 18. Any bookings made for students under the age of 18 must be made by a parent/guardian. 

Being of sound mind 

By enrolling in any of our courses, each participant attests that they are of sound mind and competent understanding. The participant attests that they have not been diagnosed with a mental health condition that impact their ability to comprehend the responsibilities, requirements, and potential risks associated with participation in this course.


Definitions: “Booking” means you’re booking a course or service with us; ‘Course Materials’ are the materials or documents relating to a course, including digital online or physical formats. 

“Event” means a service that you will attend and have booked; “Services” are all events, resources, content and sessions including courses, programmes, seminars, workshops, online sessions, webinars or any other learning services, or private coaching services that we may offer; “Website” means and and includes online membership areas and other related hosting platforms and booking pages. 

When we mention “writing” or “written” within these terms, please take this to include emails and WhatsApp messages. 

Our Contract with You 

Your booking will be accepted by us, only once we receive your deposit or full payment and booking details. 

At this point, you will have entered a contract with us. 

Your booking, upon receipt of confirmation and deposit is final and no refunds are given if you change your mind. 


Prior to the start date of any training, service or event, payment must be made in full and all funds must have been received by us. 

Students who have been granted a payment plan must understand that this is not a pay-as-you-go, and should they drop out or be unable to complete they are still liable for the full course fee. 

Any delegate failing to pay in full will be refused access to the training course and removed from any online learning materials unless we have an agreement in writing otherwise. 

Our contract with you still stands and you are still liable for the full amount of the course. 

If you make payment in full, and pay any fees incurred you may be granted re-entry onto the programme. 

If you fail to make the payments you owe to us and after a reasonable repeated attempts by us to recover the debt, we may sell your the debt to a commercial debt recovery agency. 

Errors on the website 

Whilst we endeavour to ensure our website is accurate and up to date, there’s always the possibility of errors. 

If you notice that we have overcharged you, we will refund the difference. If we have undercharged you we will contact you to charge the remaining amount. 

If you do not agree to pay the correct amount, we can cancel your place on the course and refund you the amount you have already paid, minus the value of any materials already delivered. 

Confirmation of your booking 

If we are unable to accept and confirm your booking, we will inform you and not charge you. 

This may be because there has been error in advertised pricing, the dates of courses or events have changed, or you are an unsuitable candidate. 

Refund of deposit 

The deposit and fee for the training paid by you is non-refundable, apart from in the following cases: 

Reasons for providing a refunds 

We will offer you a refund if we have had to make significant changes to the booking dates.

This does not include reasonable improvements and updates to the course material, venue, or content. 

If for any other reason we cannot deliver the programme to you we will offer you a) a refund or b) other available course dates. 

Reasons when a refund will not be provided 

It is your responsibility to verify if the event or course you have booked meets your needs. It is each student’s responsibility to make sure they understand the content, length, teaching philosophy and teaching approach before signing up. 

You will not be provided a refund if you do not show up or drop out or do not complete parts of your training. 

Substituting another delegate 

You may, if you have paid the full fee, and you cannot make the course, substitute with another delegate if this delegate is approved by us. 

Deferring to a later course 

You will be given a choice of course dates on sign up and registering for a course means registering for those specific dates. 

If you something occurs in your life, and you cannot make those dates you can request a transfer onto another course. 

Please make this request in writing by email, four weeks prior to the start of your course. 

You will be granted a transfer if there is availability on that course and if we reasonably believe that we can re-sell your original place to another delegate. Acceptance is not guaranteed. 

If we allow you to transfer, you will be notified by email. If you need to make another transfer you will need to re-apply. 

If a transfer has been provided, you must still complete the training including mentoring, assignments and performance review within a 12-month period of your first signup date (unless otherwise agreed in writing). 

Illness Policy & Partial Completion 

To provide you with the minimum required training hours for certification, it is important that you are present for 90% of the live training sessions. You must attend all ten mentoring sessions. You must also complete the stipulated assignments within the time-frame and submit your performance evaluation. 

You have 12 months, from the first start date of your first live training, to complete your training including submitting your assessments and completing the mentoring. 

If you miss these deadlines without having been granted an extension in writing, you will be considered non-complete. 


If you fall ill, or have an emergency half way through the course you can request to defer and complete the training at a later date. This must be completed within 12 months of your original start date. You must apply for this in writing (via email) and if granted you will be notified via email. 


If you do not apply via email for any extension or deferral, but just drop out or fail to appear, or fail to complete assignments, after three months you will be marked as non-complete within our system. All access to the platform and learning materials will be automatically removed.

If you wish to complete the programme you will have to re-apply and go through the whole programme again. This includes paying the full course fee again. 

Missing sessions 

If you have an emergency and are not able to attend a training session, please contact us in writing, by email immediately to request alternative dates. 

We will aim to arrange alternative dates for you to attend. This is not automatically granted but done on a case by case basis.

We are not obliged to record any sessions or provide any recordings of sessions that you have missed. 

In cases where recordings are available and provided these do not substitute attendance requirements for live training to complete the qualification, unless specifically agreed to in writing.

Catching up with practical 

If you missed training that involved practical applications of the tools that you have learnt you will be expected to make this up by booking and paying for a session with your instructor. 

Our Services 

Courses – General description. 

A description of all courses, content, venues, dates and the timings will be made available on our website. 

As a participant it is your responsibility to ensure that the course you register for fits your needs. This includes ensuring that you can attend the dates, and that the content and style of training is as you want it to be. 

Course materials 

We will provide any course materials on the day the course is due to start or at any other time deemed necessary by us. 

Course materials are determined by us and may be supplied in digital format, physical format or a combination of both. You have 12 months access to the learning portal unless otherwise agreed. 

Health and safety 

At course venues there may be health and safety regulations in place or security rules to follow. You must always comply with these regulations and rules during the course. 

For the event or course you have booked, you are only permitted to use the course venue provided. 

Trainers and presenters 

Our events and courses are presented by trainers, coaches and presenters as we deem appropriate and we may substitute any trainer, coach or presenter with any other suitably qualified person at our sole discretion. 


If you wish to study with us but require a student visa in order to enable your study, you will be solely responsible for obtaining the appropriate visa and for ensuring satisfactory attendance to meet any visa obligations. 

Being late 

We may refuse entry to a course at our own discretion if you do not arrive at the stated start time for a course. Please note that this includes any late arrivals for remote online courses. 

Refusing to admit a student 

We may, at our discretion refuse to admit a student to an event or course, without offering any refund if their admission would interfere with the learning experience of other participants, or if their behaviour would be considered in breach of the ICF Code of Ethics or these terms and conditions. 

This can include a student disrupting the safety of the space by being judgemental, critical, sarcastic or in any other way compromising the emotional safety of the environment for the other students and trainer. 

This can and may not be limited to being under the influence of alcohol or drugs, acting in an irrational manner, being confrontational or in any other way disrupting the positive experience of the group. 

This includes online classes and remote virtual events. 

Obtaining results 

There is no guarantee that you will obtain any particular result from attending our courses or events of from using our course materials, or that you will receive any certification upon completion of the course or event. 


To certify, you must meet all qualification criteria described in the course description. 

Photography and videoing at courses and events

We may take photos and record videos of the course whilst the course is taking place. We reserve the rights to use all such materials in whatever way we see fit, including for advertising and/ or educational purposes. The content may appear on third party material such as websites and pamphlets and may be repurposed to form part of other courses and offerings by the company.

By booking a course or event, you are providing your consent to this. 

Video, screen grabs and voice recordings are not permitted by students at any time. Breeches of this is taken extremely seriously and may result in the student not being permitted back onto the course, revoking of any certifications and licenses and legal action.

Written feedback 

We will on an ongoing basis request feedback from you in writing. This is for the purpose of monitoring internal quality and controlling consistency of delivery of the programme. 


We may at time use written feedback as testimonials for the purpose of advertising our services publicly on our website and other materials. If you leave public testimonials on Google or ANLP we may use these reproduced verbatim in our marketing materials such as website and newsletters. 

Confidentiality and code of ethics 

You agree to maintain client confidentiality and to practise coaching in line with the ICF Code of Ethics. 

Respecting IP and Copy Right 

Any course booked and its respective online learning material will be made available to you for a period of 12 months from the start date of your course. 

You must not allow any third parties to access your account or use your login details to access our learning materials. 

You may print off any course materials or learning materials for your own personal use only. 

You must not offer, provide, sell, license or transfer the course materials (whether in whole or in part in any manner or form) to any other person. This includes written, video and audio material. 

You are not permitted to download any course videos to your device. You agree to only stream only from our online learning platform. 

Please note that we take breeches of these terms very seriously and we do not allow for any copying or reproducing of our course materials and online learning materials. 

Please note that if the course content changes, online material may be added, updated or removed accordingly, without any obligation to you. 

Our Rights to Make Changes, Amendments or Additions 

We may make changes: 

(a) to adapt to any changes in relevant laws and regulatory requirements for our course. This includes, but is not limited to, any changes we must make for external reasons (for example, data protection regulations or those required by the International Coaching Federation, ANLP or any other relevant external bodies); 

(b) to implement technical adjustments and/or improvements, for example, to avoid a security threat or hacking threat. These changes should not affect your use of our services; 

(c) to make changes to start/end times of events, courses and programmes; 

(d) to change any persons providing, speaking or appearing at any event, course or programme. 

(e) to a venue within reason if a live venue (within a reasonable distance) 

(f) to the date of an event, course or programme. If this occurs, we will notify you and you may then choose to end the contract before any changes take place and receive a refund for any services paid for but not yet received 

(g) to reflect changes in qualification requirements 

(h) Updates and changes to digital content or online learning materials. We reserve the right to change, update, remove and ad any digital portion of the course as we see fit. 

(i) We reserve the right to make amendments and updates to the programme, the number of days, suggested reading lists, manuals and content for the purpose of improving and updating the service delivered to you. 

Updating the programme 

We take great care to deliver useful and up to date content, and we reserve the right to change, update, remove or add any content portion of the course that we consider important for the purpose of improving the service delivered to you, as we see fit. 

Providing The Services 

Prior to booking the course our website will set out the dates of when courses, programmes, events and online events are running. Once you have registered it is your responsibility to subscribe to your course calendar to make sure that you have the correct dates. 


Delays outside our control are not our responsibility. 

In cases where delays outside our control occur, we will contact you to let you know as soon as possible and will take steps to minimise the effects of any delays. 

We will not be made liable for any delays caused, provided that we take these steps to mitigate and minimise any effects to the course. However, if there is a risk of a substantial delay you may get in touch with us to request a refund of your booking and to terminate your contract with us (we will only be able to refund any booking you have paid for but not received services for). 

Reasons we may suspend or terminate the supply of services to you

We may have to suspend or terminate the supply of our services to: (a) deal with any technical issues or make minor technical adjustments; (b) update the services to reflect changes in necessary laws and/or regulations; (c) make changes or adjustments to the services as notified by us to you 

Our Rights to Terminate the Contract 

We may terminate the contract with you if you break it. We may terminate the contract with you at any point by writing to you if: 

(a) you do not pay for a booking or invoice when it is due, and payment is still not made within 5 days of us reminding you of the overdue monies; 

(b) you are in breach of any of these terms and conditions; 

(c) You are in breach of your requirements of attendance at courses, programmes or events. 

(d) You are in breach of the code of ethics.

We are permitted to withdraw our services. 

We may write to you to inform you that we will stop providing our services. 


We monitor all courses for their quality through a variety of processes including collecting feedbacks on each module, including the quality of content, structure, materials, and facilitators. As members of the prestigious ILM and ICF (Institute of Leadership and Management) we are required to keep strict internal quality control measures in place. This means we are also externally monitored and have yearly external examiners and representatives of the ILM and ICF monitoring the quality of our courses. 

We aim to provide the best possible training experience to all our students in an equitable manner, however, if you have any complaint please request the complaints procedure document via email so that you can make your complaint in accordance with the complaints policy. 

The sooner the complaint is received the better, however the deadline for submitting a complaint of any nature is 28 days. 

If you have missed the deadline you may still submit your complaint and we may chose to deal with it at our discretion. 

How We May Use Your Personal Information 

We will use the personal information you provide to us as set out in our privacy policy 

(a) to supply our services; 

(b) to process your payment; and 

(c) if you choose to agree to this during the booking process, to give you information about similar products or services that we provide. You can opt out of receiving this information at any time by contacting us. 


Certification requires attendance throughout the entire course including live training and mentoring. This includes all assignments, homework and independent study. 

However, certification is not guaranteed by attendance alone, and the candidate must demonstrate the necessary attitudes, knowledge and skills in order to achieve certification. 

These terms and conditions can be updated at any time. 

Updated 25/05/2022