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NLP Master Coach, Healer and Teacher

Hello, my name is Nina Madden. I am a Certified NLP Master Coach, Healer and accredited and certified trainer of NLP, Hypnosis & Life Coaching.

I work with smart and passionate people who feel stuck and that want to change. You want to get over the past, get unstuck, and feel confident and good about who you are and what you do.

You may feel a lack of fulfilment in what you are doing currently and want to change but unable to figure out what you want to do. Or you may have been thinking about an idea or a change for quite some time but feel unable to move forward.

Whether you need to get over something from the past, find yourself unnecessarily triggered, or are ready to radically change your life you can reach out to find out how I can help. 

Who I Work With

High Achievers, Entrepreneurs, Risk-takers in Finance

I work with high achievers, entrepreneurs and risk takers in business and finance. You’re passionate and successful but you may be risking burnout without even knowing.

You may have hit a plateau and lack your former drive and ambition. You know you can take it to the next level but you’re not getting the traction you used to have. You find your emotions (frustration, anger, anxiety) gets the better of you and get’s in the way of you performing at your best and you end up lashing out to the people you care about the most.

Actors, Creatives, Play-writers, Producers

I work with actors, creatives and producers who have had success in their careers, been featured in major productions or written and performed but who for some reason have hit a lull in their careers.

You’re talented with a track record of success and you have lots to give but for some reason you have hit a plateau. You’ve pushed hard but are not getting to where you want to be. You’ve almost lost hope, but not quite yet.

Women With Purpose, 40-45 plus

You may have gone through divorce, not worked for a while, hitting the next decade, or otherwise lost your oomph. You’ve lost your confidence and self-esteem, possibly through a break up or simply for not following your dreams.

You want to create something just for you. You want to get your confidence back, feel great again and get ready to rock the next stage of life.

What You Can Achieve

I use a unique blend of NLP Coaching, Life Coaching, Hypnosis, Healing and Guided Journeys that get to the root of the issues very quickly. You don’t have to know exactly what you want, or have a specific goal to come and see me. Together we will get you to where you want to be. 

  • We will explore your life and what it is like right now. We will identify what’s not working and the changes that you want to make. You don’t have to have a big massive problems to want to create more happiness, energy and joy. Maybe you just want more excitement, more fun and more success.
  • Using NLP, Hypnosis (if you are open to that) and Coaching we will dig deep to figure out what you want your life to be about, what your outcomes are and we will create an amazing and wonderful vision just for you.
  • With powerful NLP and Coaching and IEMT we can eliminate past traumas, remove triggers, get rid of blocks that are holding you back and free up your creative, positive resourceful self.
  • In just a few sessions you will feel freer, happier, more confident and more joyful than you have in a long time. 
  • You will have a vision for your future that excites you, have removed blocks and obstacles, and have an actionable and exciting plan for how to make it happen.
  • With me as your Master Coach by your side you will be supported all the way to make it happen.

I am based in Kensington since 2007. Most sessions are face to face, but I see clients from all over the world. When you travel we accommodate your schedule using Zoom.


High Achievers, Entrepreneurs, risk-takers in Finance

Personal Coaching Programme

In just a few sessions you will start to feel calmer, more at peace and have more drive and energy than you have had in a long time. You will feel in control of your emotions, stop lashing out, stop feeling anxious and frustrated (or bored and stuck) and get a feeling of ease and flow.

You will be able to scale the success you’ve already have and take your life and work to new heights without burnout or stress, but instead working from a state of feeling energised and positive.

Women With A Purpose

Discover the Power of You

You don’t have to know what you want or what is wrong. In just a few sessions you will start to get in touch with the confident powerful woman within. You will feel more relaxed, more confident, more creative, more fun and more in control than you have in a long time. Together we will help you connect with what you want to create, create a vision and make an action plan to get you ready to rock the next stage of your life.

Actors, Creatives, Play-writers

Radically up-level your life

You’ve struggled to find traction and ended up doing too many “hacks” and don’t really feel the passion burning in your belly for these projects. You want to get projects off the ground that turn you on and excite you.

In just a few sessions you will see revolutionary results. You’ll get traction and interest from people who may have been ignoring you for years. Previous clients have secured writing gigs for BBC, got productions staged in the west-end, published books that have shot straight to number one on best-seller lists and got commissioned to write musicals, plays and TV shows.


Coaching Programme Option 1 – £2,500

10 Intensive Coaching Sessions.

Coaching Programme Option 2 – £1,500

6 Intensive Coaching Sessions.

One Off Clarity Session £350

1.5-2 hour intensive session to get clarity and kick-start your journey.

Book A Call 

To understand what it would be like to work with me and which option is right for you the best way is to schedule a free call using the button below. During this call we will:

  • Explore what your current situation is and what you want to change.
  • Look into what may be achievable for you with your own Master Coach by your side.
  • Find out what is required from you.
  • Decide on an action plan moving forward.

Ready to make a change? Book your call below:


My Background and Qualifications

I have over thirteen years experience working with clients to overcome their issues and help them find purpose, meaning, confidence and joy again.

I qualified as a Personal Performance Coach in 2007 after which I set up my private practice. I’ve immersed myself in NLP, applied psychology and the Healing Arts with hundreds of hours of CPD each year all over the world. I’ve studied, NLP, Trauma Treatment, IEMT, Hypnoiss, Shamanism, Guided Journeys, EFT, Reiki, and a multitude of weird and wonderful methodologies. Here is a selection of some of my training and qualifications: 

  • Accredited Trainer of NLP, Hypnotherapy & Life Coaching – trained by Master INPLTA trainer Terri Ann Laws – author of “Help I am Going Crazy”
  • Robert Dilts – Changing Belief Systems – ITS Training Seminars.
  • Accredited Trainer of NLP, Sue Kight, author of “NLP at Work”.
  • Diploma in Real Skills Hypnosis, a practical, skills-based Hypnotherapy programme. Trained by Terri Ann Laws at Mental Combat. 
  • Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy® – a powerful method for therapeutic change. Trained in Time Line Therapy®, created by Tad James, M.S., PhD., and Dr. Wyatt Woodsmall, Master INLPTA trainer of NLP, by David Shephard, Master Trainer of Time-line Therapy® in the UK, The Performance Partnership.
  • Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy, trained by David Shephard, Master Trainer of Time-line Therapy® in the UK, The Performance Partnership.
  • Master Practitioner of NLP. Attended and qualified with several Master Trainers including David Shephard, of the Performance Partnership, Sue Knight, and Terri Ann Laws (INLPTA).
  • Licensed to perform the Personal Breakthrough Session, a unique full day transformational therapy session.
  • The Works – Byron Katie.
  • Personal Life Coach by the Coaching Academy, the original training body for Life Coaches in the UK. Qualified with a Distinction.
  • Reiki Practitioner – Level 1 Usui Shiki Ryoho
  • Reiki Practitioner – Level 2 Usui Shiki Ryoho
  • Domestic Violence Training, Refuge, the National Charity for Domestic Violence, UK
  • Qualified in Domestic Violence, Homelessness & The Law – Refuge, the National Charity for Domestic Violence, UK
  • Diploma HIV/AIDS Awareness, Cara Life – Cara Trust, UK
  • Masters of Art, in Contemporary and Post War Art, from Sotheby’s Institute of Art
  • Masters of Art, in Arts Criticism, from City University. Thesis explored trauma and memory in the poetry of Paul Celan and sculptures of Doris Salcedo.


“Since my seeing Nina my attitude to life has changed in so many ways that I notice the results of this every day. I feel like a whole person for the first time and I can withstand anything life throws at me. Knowing what I know now, I cannot believe I waited this long before deciding to get help. Life is precious!” Marianne – private NLP Life Coaching Client

Nina when I came to you I said I wanted back in the game. I am back in the game!” Bafta Award Winning Writer, Producer and Actor

“I know you’ll be excited to hear that the play I found a producer for while you were coaching me opens next month in the West End.  We have a fabulous cast and things are getting very full-on.  I cannot believe the contrast between my life now and a year ago.

In addition to the commission that was finalised while I was seeing you, I now have another one for a massive project and the money is beyond anything I’ve ever earned before.  I’m also making great progress with my TV work, and completed a new feature film script earlier this year.

I would love you to come and see the show, and will be very happy to treat you to a ticket to the performance of your choice, by way of a small “thank you” for the difference you’ve made to my career and confidence in such a short time!” – Sarah Rutherford, The Girl That Fell – Trafalgar Studios