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Master Coach, Teacher and Healer

Nina Madden is a Master Coach, Teacher & Healer with over a decade’s experience helping people beccome inspired and empowered to follow their own path, raise the bar, and live on purpose.

“My purpose is to empower you to be able to create the life that you want to live. That means the kind of abundance and wealth you want, it is about helping you see the gifts you have within you and how you wish to share these with the world. It is about your relationships and how you want to relate with others; through joy, happiness, love, and laughter, but also through personal growth, depth and inspiration. It is about what you want to do, for joy and passion. What you want to create. It is about your connection to the divine, to spirit and to the soul and breath in everything around you. My purpose is also to heal your pain. And I am here to teach these skills to others, so they can do the same.” – Nina Madden 

She is based in High Street Kensington in London where she has a private practice and she works with clients all over the world. 

Her clients include:

  • Prominent actors, singers, directors and creatives who have hit a lull in their careers,  who want to “get back in the game”, and do the stuff that matters to them.
  • Individuals in their 30s+ who are unfulfilled, bored, depressed and stuck in their careers and are confused about what they want to do.
  • Women 45 & 50 + who have gone through a divorce and who want their confidence back and become empowered and independent women ready to rock the next stage in life.

The issues typically are:

  • You’ve had success as an actor, singer or other creative, but have now hit a lull in your career. You want back in the game, big time!!
  • You feel stuck, unfulfilled, and unhappy but confused about what you want to do and how to move forward.
  • You’ve gone through divorce or separation and now it’s time to get your confidence back, feel great about yourself, and rock it as an empowered and independent woman ready for the next stage in life.
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