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Nina Madden is a Master Coach, Healer and Teacher with over a decades’ experience helping people live life full of confidence and self-esteem; so they can be who they want to be and create life on the way they want it.

Nina Madden is the Master NLP Coach, Healer and Teacher. She has over a decades’ experience helping people move on from the past, and become who they want to be. Working with Nina you can expect extraordinary results. get ready to step into your power, revolutionize your self-esteem and create a life that makes you go “WOW!”

Nina is the founder of The Professional Coaching With NLP Programme – an Internationally Accredited Training in Professional Coaching and NLP.

You can work with Nina Madden as your own Master Coach, Healer and Therapist, or join The Professional Coaching With NLP Programme and become an accredited and approved Coach and NLP Master Practitioner yourself, with your own business changing lives.

How To Work with Nina Madden

Nina is based in High Street Kensington in London and works with clients all over the world. She helps people to;

  • Heal the past and let go, so they can move on and be happy, and free.
  • Gain clarity and direction through a one-off Clarity & Breakthrough Session
  • Powerfully step into their confidence and self-esteem, by identifying your unique gifts and path.
  • Create a future that makes you go “WOW!”
  • Powerfully uplevel their lives, relationships and careers and take it to the next level.

You can work with Nina with 1:1 Private Coaching and Therapy, or join the Professional Coaching With NLP Programme and become an accredited and approved Coach and NLP Master.

To find out more please give Nina a call.

The purpose of this call is to discover how you can work with Nina Madden professionally. You can book either a one-off clarity session to explore the power of these sessions, or start working directly on the programme to get to your goals.

During this call you will begin to discover

  • How this has been affecting your life
  • What you need to do to start moving forward.
  • What it is like to work with Nina as your Master Coach.

Call directly on +44 (0) 7906 255 529

Nina’s Clients Include:

  • Prominent actors, playwrights, singers, directors and creatives who have had success, but have hit a lull in their careers. They have become , and want “back in the game”.
  • Individuals who have hit a plateaue and who powerfully want to up-level their lives, be their best self, and reach their full potential.
  • Risk-takers in the financial industries, Entrepreneurs, and A-type personalities who need to be on top of their game and who can’t afford to let their emotions get the better of them and ruin negotiations, deals, and relationships.
  • Women in their 30s who have achieved some corporate success but find that path meaningless and empty and are searching for what will give their life meaning.
  • Individuals who have suffered painful experiences and need help to heal, let go, and move on.
  • Women 45 & 50 who have gone through a divorce and are now ready to rock the next stage of life.

The Issues and Outcomes Typically Are

  • You’ve had success as an actor/ actress, producer, writer but have now hit a lull in your career. You want back in the game, big time! But you don’t want to do just “hacks”. You want to make something big of your own projects – the stuff you are really passionate about. You feel stuck and blocked from moving forward.
  • You’re a high-achiever, ambitious and successful, but find that the stress gets the better of you, relationships suffer. You get annoyed and angry, even though you know you shouldn’t. There may be other issue that you keep secret from the people closest to you.
  • You feel stuck, frustrated and scared you will not be able to make something great out of your life.
  • You want to create a life that makes you go “WOW!” but you don’t know how.
  • You’ve gone through divorce and facing a host of challenges, downsizing, finding a way to support yourself, custody battles, being single for the first time and you’re terrified. BUT you want your life back and feel good about yourself again.

Results of Working with Nina Madden

Working with Nina as your Master Coach, Healer and Therapist you can expect to let go of the past and powerfully up-level your life. You will understand who you are, what you can become and how you can step into your own power and claim the life you were born to live.

  • Through this powerful coaching you will feel freer, happier, more in charge and better about yourself than you have in a long time.
  • You will let go of any issues that have been holding you back, and move on from painful memories and experiences.
  • With the help of Nina’s coaching you can expect to get “back in the game” big time. Getting clarity, seeing success, moving forward, getting yesses, and developing your passion projects.
  • You will be able to uplevel your life; step into your power and live the best version of you.
  • Create a life that makes you go “WOW”.

Background of Nina Madden

Nina Madden is a Master Coach, Therapist, Healer and Teacher.

  • Nina Madden has been in private practice over 12 years, using NLP, Coaching, IEMT, and other Healing Modalities every day helping my clients break free from suffering and limitations so they can feel great about themselves, step into their power and create a life that makes them go “WOW”.
  • She worked for many years in Domestic Violence, helping women break of abuse and violence and turn their lives around.
  • Nina has also been in private practice since 2006 in Kensington where she has worked with a range of issues from anxiety, difficult childhood, abuse, depression, trauma and feeling confused, lack of confidence and self-esteem, not knowing what you want to do with your life, and feeling  unable to move forward.
  • Today her work is about creating a space for you to step into the most empowered, powerful and fulfilled version of yourself and create the life that you deserve.  

Internationally Accredited Trainer of NLP & Coaching

  • Nina Madden is an Internationally Accredited Trainer of NLP, & Hypnotherapy, through INLPTA.
  • She is the founder of the Professional Coaching With NLP Programme. where you qualify as an NLP Practitioner, Life Coach and NLP Master Practitioner in just five weeks.
  • On successful completion you can register with ABNLP/ ANLP, get insurance and start working straight away.
  • Her training programmes are run in small groups of max 12 people. They are always sold out.
  • Upon joining the programme you will be invited into her home. Nina has created a sacred environment where people feel loved and safe. You can have all the attention and personal interaction you need.
  • The programme develops your unique Coaching and NLP skills, and on qualification you will be ready to change lives.
  • The programme is not similar to any other programme on the market. You do get the full syllabus of the NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner and the most widely recognised Coaching Model, but you also learn about Hero’s Journey, Archetypes, Metaphors of Identity and more.
  • This has created a sacred space where you are able to step into the most powerful version of yourself.

Client Story

“Hi Nina!

Thank u thank u.. I find it rather hard to express in words quite how I feel about my entire experience but let me sum it up in just that one moment with u in the room with Reena… You are such a powerful, insightful coach who in turn empowers and enables clients to become that too… That’s magic!

I am literally still bursting with excitement at the prospect of getting started. Also, yesterday Hero’s Journey unlocked many other heroes journeys I’ve walked and I am going to acknowledge it, learn from it, as I embark on this next call to adventure.

I truly believe that you with have the bestest year ahead, filled to the brim with your dreams that have become reality.

Lots of Love  – Chrystella.”


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