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What do you think is the difference between why one person is successful and another person isn’t?


What do you think is the difference between why one person is successful and another person isn’t?

It has very little, or nothing to do with external circumstances.

I spent years trying to be successful before I became a Life Coach and I didn’t succeed. Not because I wasn’t privileged, or came from a disadvantaged background, or because I grew up in a socialist society – not at all.

I was educated, well brought up, had two Masters Degrees and had plenty of resources in terms of resilience, perseverance and intellect.

Yet I couldn’t find happiness or make ends meet.

My success started to grow the moment I started to learn about NLP. I all of a sudden had a blueprint for how the mind worked and many direct opportunities to change how my very own mind worked, and with each change that I made, my success grew.

I learnt about thoughts and how they had been a barrier and I learnt how I could change my thoughts. I changed my thoughts, and then rollerbladed to Brighton from London. With ease, keeping the pace of the fittest cyclists (gate crashed the Heart Foundation bike ride).

That is just a small example of how changing my thoughts changed my physical ability.

Changing my thoughts helped me create opportunities for prosperity, wealth and relationships.

I learnt about emotions. I learnt how my emotions were keeping me from succeeding, and from being happy and I learnt techniques to change my emotions. I changed my emotions and all of a sudden the world opened up to me.

I learnt how my metaphors were keeping me small. And I changed my metaphors around my identity and the next thing I knew I was in Africa, descending into the Rift Valley on a motorcycle. Then soon after that I was riding a motorcycle through the Himalayas.

I learnt about the pictures in my head and how they had been keeping me from having abundance and wealth and beauty and joy, and how they kept reminding me of my perceived lack of value, and I learnt how to change those pictures. And before long I was living in a beautiful environment.

I loved the ability to change myself and therefore change my life and having been given the keys to that change was a beautiful gift, and a gift that keeps on giving, as I empower others to make the same kind of changes.

All those changes led to one place – the ability for me to step into my true identity as a Life Coach, Healer and Teacher, and change lives by sharing powerful keys to change with my clients so that they could create beauty, wealth and abundance, happiness, joy, peace for themselves.

In the process the universe has rewarded me with abundance and wealth beyond anything I could have imagined and that feels like an embrace from the universe – a letting me know that I will always be looked after as long as I follow my path and share what I was put here on earth to share.

Four Levels Of Existence

The Four Levels of Existence and Awakening.

There are, the way I see it, four levels of existence and awakening.

The first level is victimhood. This is where we feel we are the result of everything that has happened to us, and that is still happening to us. This is an illusion. People stuck in victim illusion seek therapy and analysis to “understand” “why” they are suffering. The develop stories, together with counsellors and psychotherapists about their childhoods, their parents, their experiences, and rationalize their pain through these stories. They feel, and people tell them, that they are in a certain way because of certain experiences in childhood. This is a lie. This is an illusion, and a prison and a trap.

The second level is empowerment. When the individual begins to awaken to their own power. Now the individual begins to understand that suffering is not from “what happened” but from “how they view what happened”. The indiviudal begins to let go of victimhood. They begin to find power in their experiences. They transcend them. They realise they have beautiful gifts within and begin to lift these out and show the world. Maya Angelou, Ophra Winfrey, Tony Robbins. Wayne Dyer. All speak about the power of their spirit and soul – they feel themselves as more, much more than their experiences, and start to know there is an untouched glimmering part within, that fragment within being a fragment of the universal soul.

They value their spirit and take action and are empowered to create happiness and success and joy around. They take responsibility for their mind, and what they “make things mean”. But they still believe that any discomfort or pain is because of “other people”.

You hear people say, “I am getting rid of negative people from my life” not realising that it is them! They experience conflicts because “others” are not as enlightened as they. They only want to surround themselves with people who “inspire” them. There is a huge tinge of powerlessness still. They talk a good “spiritual” game but it is all talk.

It is here that people begin to understand the power of the uncosncous mind, and the magic that happens when we cleear the uncosncious mind from debris. Opportunities come along. Things change.

The third stage is when the person begins to see magical synchornicities and experience almost spooky coincidences – as if the universe is conspiring for their success.

The person starts talking about surrende, letting go, meaningful “synchrodestinies”. They relax and the world seems to magically open up to them in a beautiful embrace. They lean back, and say wow – this law of attraction really works! But it is still all materialistic. They are rewarded with riches, beautiful things, money, wonderful relationships – but still things that are perceived as being “outside” and given the power to affect the inside.

The fourth stage is an awakening to the divine, sounding totally bonkers to the first and second stage, and a confusing possiblity to the third stage (as they are still concerned with materialism). But this is when the individual begins to realise it is ALL THEM. Nobody outside is good or bad, or causnig any happiness, or unhappiness but it is all inside.

They don’t feel there is a distinction between inside and outside anymore – the universe is within my mind and everything that exists in my awareness is within me – if I don’t like it it is not “you” it is “something in me”.

They need not look for riches anymore because the feeling of abundance and richness is so palpable within. They don’t look for a soul mate or a lover or partner, because the feelings of love is so strong within.

There is no inside, or outside, as it is all one. Some know it as the Zero state, infinity, being at one with the divine. There is no lack out there, so no need to “get” more, or achieve more, or find more.

With Love

Nina Madden

What is a Life Coach (Personal Coach)

Life Coach – What is A Life Coach?

A Life Coach is someone who:

  • Opens up my world and imagination to what’s possible
  • Awakens my potential and helps me realise it
  • Helps me to tune in, see and appreciate my talents/resources
  • Empowers me
  • Makes me feel that change is possible and mine for the taking
  • Is an enabler of clarity and a facilitator of change
  • Helps me build my life around my values
  • Helps me clear blocks and get unstuck
  • Is a remover of obstacles
  • Challenges me to stretch and grow in new and exciting ways
  • Helps me get clarity on what I really want in life
  • Helps me create that life and design it for maximum fulfilment
  • Enables me to go out and step into my power
  • Taps into my inner wisdom for greater guidance
  • Helps me get to the root of my problems/what’s keeping me stuck and creates solutions
  • Helps me (w/practical steps) to articulate and formalise my goals, move forward and achieve them
  • Champions, acknowledges and celebrates my successes
  • Is compassionate, non-judgemental and solution focused
  • Supports me to make better decisions
  • Is authentic, confident, experienced
  • Helps me reach levels of personal commitment and growth I’ve never accessed within myself before
  • Helps me find my way, using my map
  • Is present, available and undistracted
  • Someone who holds the space for me to sit, think, reflect and access my own resources
  • Creates a safe, honest and non-judgemental space for me to explore my own mind
  • Listens to me attentively
  • Believes in me and sees my potential
  • Someone who can shine a light on my skills and potential
  • Supports me fully
  • Awakens and helps me to see the confidence and skills I have
  • Helps me to feel motivated and empowered
  • Helps me create momentum
  • Propels me forward into life and helps me maximise my potential and fulfilment
  • Helps me transition into the next steps of my life with positivity
  • Makes sure that I follow through on my commitments
  • Helps me explore my life purpose and vision and integrate it fully into my life
  • Helps me transition positively to where I want to be

A Life Coach is someone that Helps me become the person I want to be.

Longing for a job with more meaning?

  • Do you want to wake up in the morning feeling proud of the work you do, and all your clients you are helping?
  • Do you want to have a financially successful business, helping others? 
  • Do you want to feel your life has meaning and purpose?

I typically work with people who have an innate desire to help others but maybe don’t know where to start.

They want a job with meaning and fulfillment.

The mistake many people make is they think the only way to become a therapist, is to study psychology or counselling for years. They don’t know there is another way.

With the proper hands-on training and the right theoretical grounding you can become a powerful change worker, therapist and coach in just a few short months.

I have been working with trauma, abuse, neglect, difficult memories, confusion, loss of confidence, no self-worth, or self-esteem, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, lack of motivation, rejection for over ten years. I have helped people radically change their lives – not all heavy cases, many feeling empty and hopeless and longing for something more.

After ten years I know what works, and I know how it works. 
That is why, I have put together a programme that takes you all the way – from zero experience to fully qualified professional NLP Master Practitioner and NLP Coach.

This programme gives you the theoretical grounding, and practical experience you need. It runs part time over a period of six to eight weeks. If you have studied with me before, this compliments what you have already learnt. It is a combination of home study (theory, videos and reading) and practical class-rooms based practice.

It includes ALL of the ABNLP/ ANLP content plus other stuff that has been invaluable for me to get results.

The Steps to Becoming A Successful NLP Master, Therapist and Life Coach

  • NLP for Personal Change (included in Prac)
  • NLP Practitioner Certification
  • NLP Coach Certificate
  • NLP Master Practitioner Certificate – including
    The Leadership Matrix
    Your Metaphors of Identity and Place in the World
    Archetype Families and Sacred Contracts
    Your Hero’s Journey
    Healing Stories – Transformational Storytelling
    Journey Through Time – Time Line Re-Imprinting Therapy
    IEMT – Treating Trauma 
  • NLP Breakthrough Session

Only three enrollments per year  
There will only be three enrollments per year going forward, and group sizes will be Boutique and limited to 12 per group.

2017 there is August (October in Thailand) and November enrollment.

2018 will be (possibly January) or April, September, November.

The rest of the time I will be devoting to my private clients.

Training is still Boutique, and places are allocated on a first come first serve basis.

Already some NLP qualification? 
Then you can join at appropriate skill level. Email me to discuss.

Is your calling to help others? 
This programme is for those who really long to have a career helping others. They have had pain themselves and they want to help others get over similar pain. They want to wake up in the morning feeling proud, and feeling like they have a life on purpose. They love helping people, and get a real kick out of seeing others overcome pain because of the help you gave them.

Do you want to be financially successful? 
And they want to be really financially successful – with a business with a cause but that also supports their chosen life style.

Do you want to be respected in the NLP community? 
Do you want referrals, respect in the community, be respected for the good work you do by other trainers and Master Practitioners? Do you want to be the go-to person, the authority – a person who helps others, and a person with a voice.

Do you want to be able to deal with anything that a client brings? 
Some people think they can avoid the heavier issues, but people are people, and wouldn’t you love to have the skills to help with anything that someone brings you? Don’t you want to help where it really counts?

Have you trained elsewhere? 
The programme is also open to people who have some training in Hypnotherapy and NLP and really want to take their skills to the next level.

What about the business of coaching and therapy? 
Once you are fully qualified you will be eligible to enter into my business mentoring scheme.

Email me if you are interested. I am taking enrollments now.

Warmest regards


The Beauty of You

The Beauty of You

Good Morning

I was listening to Virginia Satir this morning and it gave me some inspiration to share my thoughts with you …

“Most people give themselves “credit” only for the bad things they have inside, never for the good” – lovely quote from one of my favorite therapists of all time Virginia Satir

And isn’t that so true.

I am happy to share with you my failures, my weaknesses, “oh I am not very good at that” I say, or I am not feeling well, or I have a pain here, or there… or I am not good at maths, or at relationships, or whatever it may be… Read more

The Archetype Chart – Metaphors of Identity

Maybe after my last email you were asking yourself, “Who am I, what is my archetype?” Maybe you turned to google but couldn’t figure it out.

That is because we don’t just have one Archetype. We are multifaceted beings in a multifaceted existence. Experiences reflect our essence like the sun on a diamond reflects the light. Throughout life we encounter different archetypes, different facets within ourselves, that surprise, delight  and often confuse us.

Each archetype has a significant power on our lives, both in its light and in its shadow form. They place us in front of our own shadow so that we can face our darkest fears, and by so doing, become fully empowered to fulfill our contract.

Read more

My Encounter with the Explorer Archetype

My encounter with “The Explorer” Archetype

Explorer Archetype – early encounters. Do you wonder what archetypes have been influencing your chart? Look to your early childhood for your first encounters. What did you dream of as a child? Where you playing mom in the playground with the other little mommies? Were you warring, fighting and scrapping (warrior)? Were you building things? Or rescuing?

When did you first encounter the Archetype in your life?

I grew up on the outskirts of a small town in the middle of Sweden. The town itself had about 50,000 inhabitants and we were right at the edge of the huge woods.

My days were spent with my horse, my dearest friend and protector, Elaika. We would roam the forest for hours, finding new tracks, discovering new paths, drinking from new streams. This is from the age of seven. I would ride her during all seasons, sometimes walking, her following me along, and sometimes on her back. It was never planned or purposeful, always just roaming, talking to the squirrels, and the birds, and the forest creatures.

I would dream that we would discover a band of Gypsies, with horses, and music and campfire. A group of travelers that would take us on… that we would travel with, and live with like that forever.

I never felt I belonged with my family, with my mother. (Orphan archetype). In my mind, I really should be with the traveling Gypsies, it was with them I really belonged.

During  the hours I was trapped in the classroom my gaze would float out through the window and into the woods and I would dream of riding Elaika, with a tent, camping stove and a some clothes throughout the world.

Read more

Understanding Archetypes and Sacred Contracts

Archetypes and Sacred Contracts.

Have you ever had the experience of something that was really powerful, all of a sudden losing all of it’s vibrancy? It could be a place that you once loved, but all of a sudden leaves you cold, a person, a relationship that had you in it’s clutches, or a job that once seemed like the best job ever, but now feels boring and dull? It was so strong for you, so energized and energizing, but then all of a sudden the whole thing feels kind of “done”.

And now, there is an empty space, a fear, a darkness, even terror? Have you ever felt that?

That, is the stage when you are being called but you are too afraid to answer that call. And the price of denying it is the despair of your soul. Instead you make choices based on fear, not to follow that guidance, and as a result you enter a deep and dark night. A night when you feel the most alone, the most lost – wandering in a night that seems to never end?

Read more

Tuesday Inspiration

I believe in freedom of the human being… Freedom from fear and limitation and I think the wonderful thing about our age is that we can move freely across borders defined by political leaders, parents, by expectations or by peers. Cross cultural, cross border, and cross religious friendship are the most enriching and valuable experiences that make life meaningful….

Everybody deserves to live life on their own terms, to be true to their life, – authentic to them, – free from what people think you should do, who you should be, free to be who you really are – and stand proud in your truth – afraid of nothing. I have has so many people roll their eyes at my dreams, sigh at my hopes, and ignored the expression of my souls desire. It hurts but when we express our soul – our truth – that is when we claim our spirit, the pretense falls away and we can be truly free. The cost of the reverse is too much.

Once we stand up for who we are, follow our dreams unapologetically, then we lose the pretence and the the relationships that were dependent upon us being what the other person wanted us to be. I guess it is timely, to post this with the photo of me above gazing out over a lake in Kyrgistan, having ridden there with friends that mean the world to me. It is not easy but there is a choice, be true to you, or be inauthentic. Be safe, or be true. Your spirit deserves your truth.

The beautiful thing about being you is that the space that is created by the falling away of those who need you to be in a certain way is quickly filled by those who love you for who you truly are. They engage with you as you truly are and love to be with you on your journey.

And sometimes the person who needed you to be the way they expected, are themselves freed by your rebellion, and in that they too can gain the courage to be who they really are. #writing #freedom #inspiration #NLP

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