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Master Coach, Teacher and Healer

Nina Madden is a Master Coach, Teacher & Healer with over a decade’s experience helping people beccome inspired and empowered to follow their own path in life.

She is based in High Street Kensington in London where she has a private practice but works with clients all over the world. 

She has worked with private clients for over 12 years helping them move on from the past and powerfully revolutionize their lives.

Her clients include:

  • Indiviudals 30+ who are feeling anxious and depressed and who are ready to move on and become empowered, happy and free but are confused about what they want or how to move forward.
  • Women 45 & 50 + who have gone through a divorce or separation and who want to get their confidence back and become indpendent, empowered and free women, ready for the next stage in life.
  • Executives and successful Creatives who have hit a lull in their careers and want to take their careers to the next level.

The issues typically are:

  • You feel stuck in your career, unfulfilled, and unhappy but confused about what you want to do or how to move forward.
  • You have gone through divorce and separation but now it is time to get your confidence back, feel great about yourself, and make life more amazing than you imagined in your wildest dreams.
  • You have had success in your career but now you have hit a lull – you’re stuck and unable to move forward. Both executives and creatives.
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