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Master Coach & Therapist

Nina Madden is a Therapist and international Master Coach with over a decade’s experience helping families, individuals and couples face the complex challenges of the 21st Century.

She works with clients in Europe, Italy, Monaco, New York, Los Angeles, Saudi Arabia and she has as a strong London presence, with a practice in High Street Kensington. 

She is also an accredited NLP Master Trainer with a programme of Boutique NLP and Coach Training.

Her clients include entrepreneurs, actors and performers, people from the finance industries, global families, couples and family businesses.

She’s an expert on the mind and will help you change your mindset so that you can create the results you want. In just a few sessions you will feel like your life is on track. You will feel happier, more in control, more relaxed and realise that you are now fast achieving those big dreams you have been wanting for years.

Boutique Private Coaching – Resolving Issues

  • Are you anxious about work, the future, money or the state of your relationship?
  • Have you got stuff going on you can’t share with anyone?
  • Do you get angry and ruin the relationships you most care about, even though you wish you didn’t?
  • Do you act in ways you don’t understand?
  • Are you stressed out?
  • Are you ambitious, but realize that you can’t keep running like this – you need more control over your mind and well being?

Nina’s powerful coaching helps you change old patterns, resolve frustrations and worries so that you can be happy, fulfilled, free and in control.

Boutique Private Coaching – Designing Your Future

Do you ever wish you had someone you could talk to about your big vision, your dreams, your next steps, what might get in the way of reaching that big goal, and how to overcome these obstacles, so you can really succeed?

Today is your opportunity to experience a powerful conversation about your future, with an experienced Master Coach.

  • Do you want to make radical changes?
  • Do you want a more fulfilling life – and need to make changes?
  • Do you want to take life to the next level?
  • Do you want to be resourceful, in control, successful, and have the best relationships?

Contact Nina to book in your first session. +44(0)7906 255 529

Nina’s coaching works. She helps her clients break through their perceived limitations, dream bigger than they’ve ever done before, connect with what is authentic and true, and to shift into a powerful and gifted way of being. She makes it happen, fast.

Relationship Coaching

  • Are you trying to move forward with your spouse or partner, but you keep getting stuck in old fights and old patterns?
  • Do you need constructive support to manage your emotions and behaviour?
  • Is it time to move forward, and stop rehashing the past?

Did you know that the Guardian dubbed marriage counselling the “kiss of death” for relationships?

This is because traditional relationship counselling focuses on problems and issues, ascribing blame, and dig a bigger hole for both of you.

Nina’s powerful relationship coaching brings couples to a greater understanding of each other, resolves the issues and reawakens the love and passion that brought you together the first time.

Private Therapy – Resolve The Past Forever

  • Do you suffer from trauma, flashbacks, intrusive thoughts or nightmares?
  • Do you have general anxiety but don’t understand why?
  • Are you plagued by depression?
  • Are you suffering regret, painful memories or shame that you don’t want to talk about?
  • Have you experienced a break-up you can’t get over?
  • Are you still suffering issues from the past
  • Are you lacking in self-esteem?

Contact Nina now. +44 (0)7906 255 529

Nina’s powerful method of therapy helps you let go of the past. You will heal up pain, hurt, shame and guilt and simply move on. In just a few sessions you will feel happier, freer and more in control than you have in a long time.

Nina has extensive experience working with abuse, trauma and physically and emotionally violent childhoods. She spent many years as a domestic violence counsellor helping women who had experienced horrific traumas rebuild their lives and break the cycle of violence and abuse.

She has a powerful way of helping you let go, without talking about it or digging in the past. In just one session you will feel freer than you have in a long time.

Fully confidential and discreet.

“I can’t believe the anxiety is gone, I feel totally calm. It’s weird, I can’t feel it anymore. But it should be there. I realised that the patterns of my life were all directed by anxiety. No there is so much more space in my life.” Anders Jacobson

“I went from no revenue in two years, to being in the middle of a very large deal. It is down to the shift in my mind, something has happened. It is clear to me that there is a direct correlation to the opportunities around me, and what is going on inside my mind. In the last week two investors have approached me. I’m convinced it’s a direct result of the coaching with you.” Name withheld – CEO international real estate.

“Since we have been working together, I noticed some surprising results. Not only is the atmosphere better in the flat, with everyone getting on, I have noticed a marked improvement in my performance. I am singing much better – who would know!” Nathan – singer and performer

“When I came to see you, I wanted to get back in the game. Now I am back in the game!!” Bafta Award Winning Actor and Producer

“I don’t feel the shame and guilt and confusion I used to feel. It is clear to me now that I had nothing to do with that, that that was something that happened to me, and it was not my fault at all. I feel so relieved.” – name witheld

“I swear there is some witchcraft going on. I don’t feel bad about myself or my body anymore. I have been dieting and hating myself since the age of nine. But now I look in the mirror and I actually like what I see. I never thought this would happen.” – Pre Nackier

“Words cannot describe the journey that Nina has taken me on, I went to her a confused, unfocused person with a great goal and vision that I thought was beyond my wildest dreams… My achievements in these last 9 months could not be done without her help. I do not hesitate to recommend her and her work to anyone who decides to use her services. She delivers every promise that she sets out.”  


Big or small, we’ve got the solution you need. Bespoke private sessions and training designed around your needs.