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Where Would We Be Without Courage…?

What you seek is seeking you

Life Coaching and NLP Therapy with Nina Madden

How Can This Course Help Me Achieve what I want…?

The Professional Coaching with NLP Programme will qualify you as a Life Coach, NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner. You can legally start working with paying clients, get insurance and register with the membership boards. You can advertise that you have the right qualification and training.
Then you decide the vision for your life, and how you want to live it…

As a As Life Coach with NLP you will design your best life…

All I wanted when I started studying to become a Life Coach was; wake up in the morning, feel happy, knowing that I was looking forward to a day of clients with who I would be having deep and meaningful conversations about their lives, and that I would be able to help them make the changes they wanted to make.

For me, it was really as simple as that. I wanted a job where I had conversations with individuals that mattered to them, that impacted them and that helped them live a happier life.

I was stuck on a low income so for me the only way was reduce my work to four days a week and start coaching on Fridays.

That way I knew I could still pay the bills, and I didn’t have to panic. But soon I started to make more, as starting rates (very low) in London were about £100 per hour back then (that was 2007).

When the financial crash hit the banks in 2008, I found my practice full of ex-bankers and financiers on gardening leave looking for something new to do. I also worked with lots of women in their early 30s who really were fed up with their career paths, and wanted out.
I took a room in a physio clinic, on an ad hoc basis, and started life coaching on Fridays, during the evenings and half day Saturdays.

I felt the happiness I was seeking; the joy of waking up, knowing that today I would have meaningful conversations about life with people, and that my input, with my tools I would really make a difference to them. They became happier, and I became happier because they were happy.

There are many more ways…

Work as an internal / external corporate or executive coach…

Once qualified you can set up your own practice designed around your values.
You may choose to work as an external coach for companies. Laura came from a background in Media and now works as an internal coach in the Media industry. Sue came from a background of fashion, and Naomi was a chartered accountant who handed in her notice, but the company she worked for offered her a position as a coach – for more money. She now specialises in supporting women returning to the workplace.

Escape the rat race and become a digital nomad…

Maybe a life as a digital nomad attracts you more? When Faith attended the programme, she was an executive in the city, but she craved freedom and independence. Once qualified she moved to Thailand, where she has been living for many years now. With her French boyfriend they built a beautiful house on a hill in the jungle with a huge deck and swimming pool overlooking the bay. She loves it there and life coaches people on how to escape the race and create their dream lives.
Maria is another student who did a similar thing. She moved to Thailand with her husband, but she didn’t like it so they came back!

Too much sand in the laptop, glare on the screen, poor internet and it was all a bit much.
This is it really; you can do what you want, and if it doesn’t work out, you can do something different!

Set up your home office in the country…

Many of our students have home offices. Some work in clinics. Some collaborate with other professionals. Some run groups, workshops, and online programmes.
Whatever you desire, being a coach can offer you the freedom you are seeking.

Where Would We Be Without Courage..?

The journey of becoming an independent leader of one’s own life is an exciting one, but also frightening. It’s not like you take one step, do the course, and then everything is easy. It’s a journey. You have to learn so many things. Learn to run a business, to make decisions, to chose what is the right thing to do, to grow as a person, to be empowered. But the point is, with each step, you become more and more empowered, more and more in charge of your own life.

Do you want to be an independent leader of your own life?

I’d rather try and fail, than not be brave to try at all…

One of the key things for me when I decided to take a massive risk and put my training on a credit card back in 2007 despite having no clue as to how I would figure it out, was that I felt in my heart that I would rather try to do something and fail at it, than not try at all.
I wanted to bring whole-hearted-ness to my life.

❤️ Not just success.

I thought when I am an old lady looking back I would be proud of myself if I had tried, even if I failed. I would be proud of my courage, my conviction and my bravery.
But if I hadn’t tried… I would not be so proud at all. I heard somewhere, I don’t know who said it; when you consider making decisions you should only ask specific two people for advice; the little girl you once were, and the old lady you are going to become. Or boy and old man if you are a man.

I don’t know, maybe that gives you some food for thought when you are thinking about this? What is the direction your life is on right now, and how it be if you did nothing, and didn’t change?

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