May 21, 2021 nina

Two Biggest Mistakes Aspiring Life Coaches Make

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I was asked the other day what is the biggest mistakes that aspiring life coaches make, that prevent them from being successful?

I thought this could be helpful.

Not investing in a thorough coach training

The impact of not investing in a thorough coach training:

Professional coaching is a discipline that is guided by an internationally recognised methodology. Someone who is not trained in professional coaching will lack the skills to help their clients transform truly and deeply.

Any client who has experienced real coaching will immediately know that the coach is not trained and this is embarrassing for the coach and annoying for the client.

As the coach lacks in professional training they will fail to get the real lasting results. They may have been coaching friends and colleagues who were all very complimentary, because they got to vent, but when it comes to delivering a professional service the untrained coach fails to get the results that professional coaches get because they are simply not taught how to do it. Therefore, they fail to build that army of loyal fans that leave fantastic google reviews and who recommend them to all their friends and family.

So the untrained coach ends up stuck on the hamster wheel of constant marketing to get new clients, which is both exhausting and time consuming and unsustainable in the long run. The more clients they get the more mediocre reviews they receive and eventually the number of disappointed clients start to build up.

The untrained coach will never have the confidence to sell their services from a position of strength, because they know in their hearts they are not trained and should not charge. The untrained coach is also extremely vulnerable as they are misrepresenting themselves, and unlikely to get insurance and be protected for the services they are selling.

Not following your dream

The second (or the first depending on how you see it) is not following their dream, not being prepared to take risk, not getting out of the comfort zone of the regular boring job, and not believing they can do it.

As a life coach you are championing people and supporting them to follow their dreams. You will get people who want to start business, break up with their partners, leave their jobs, travel the world, and / or just be happy. All of that requires risk, getting out of the comfort zone, and feeling the fear and doing it anyway, as the ground breaking book is called.

Everybody has the power within them to make their lives a true and wonderful reflection of everything that they are. Everyone can become the person they want to be. They can do the things in life they want, and they can achieve and have the things they desire. We don’t have to follow the rules set out by others. We can live our own magnificent life. But it takes risk. It takes action outside of the norm. It takes courage. It means taking a leap, making hard decisions, saying difficult things to people.

If you’re not prepared to do that, forget it.

Study counselling instead. That way you can talk about things that have already happened over and over.

For how can you help people do new things that involve risk if you are not prepared to do it yourself? How can you ask a client to be brave, if you yourself are hiding in your comfort zone, hoping and wishing that something will change?

This is why the training you chose has to challenge you emotionally and mentally and even spiritually. It has to be hard. It has to push you and stretch you and wake you up. As a result of your training you should wake up, make changes, take action and transform your own life. You should access your inner power, your courage, your bravery, find yourself taking risk and making changes.

That is the only way you can grow and become the person you want to be.

What about after I’ve qualified?

The top mistakes that new coaches make once qualified are the topic for the next blog.

Any thoughts, comments or questions leave them below or email me directly and I can share my answers.


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