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Are You Ready for Change?

  • Do you want to wake up in the morning knowing you deeply impacted people’s lives – but you don’t want to study psychology for  years?
  • Would you like a successful business with a cause?

The Steps to Becoming A Successful Life Coach & NLP Master Practitioner

  • NLP Practitioner Certificate
  • Life Coach Certificate
  • NLP Master Practitioner Certificate
    • The Leadership Matrix
    • Your Metaphors of Identity and Place in the World
    • Archetype Families and Sacred Contracts
    • Your Hero’s Journey
    • Healing Stories – Transformational Storytelling
    • Journey Through Time – Time Line Re-Imprinting Therapy
    • IEMT – Treating Trauma – introduction
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Why Study Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is one of the most rewarding careers you can have. As a Life Coach you champion your clients and help them towards success, happiness, freedom and change.

You help your clients:

  • get unstuck
  • discover who they really are
  • overcome fear and limitations
  • figure out how they want to live their lives
  • move them powerfully forward towards their goals
  • how to create a life that is true reflection of all that they are.

It is a fun and practical discipline where you see results straight away.

With the internet you can work from anywhere in the world.

The Life Coaching training is for people who want to see real, tangible results when working with people.

What you learn:

  • Powerful structure to the sessions with beginning middle end
  • Define the coaching relationship
  • ICF’s recognised coaching model
  • Lots of practical tools
  • Whole-form supervised Life Coaching sessions
  • How to make every session really count
  • A fall back frame and a structure. Never be lost or get side-tracked.
  • More tools to help you get the best out of people
  • Exploring the reality of the clients situation and how to move forward
  • Give massive value
  • Full professional framework
  • Clear understanding of the issues that you can and cannot wok with
  • Confident to handle any client and situation
  • The power of presence
  • Active listening
  • Multi-level listening
  • Self reflection
  • Ethics of coaching
  • How to handle the professional relationship
  • You as a coach, your vision
  • Developing your unique style

The Structure of the Coaching Programme and What it Includes

  • Part of the full NLP Master Programme of five weeks intensive accredited training
  • Supervised whole-form practice coaching sessions
  • Personal feedback and review on the sessions
  • Online video tutorials  –  available for re-watch later
  • Manuals with all information and models
  • Online slides as reference to the training

“It was amazing. Once I figured out how to use the model it all just clicked. I didn’t get lost anymore with my sessions and it just became so easy!” – Mariana Moras, Life Coaching graduate 2016.

Why do a Life Coaching Course if I am already a Therapist, NLP-er Social worker or Psychotherapist?

Life Coaching teaches people to become empowered, take charge of their lives, and be responsible for their situation. It helps them get out of victim-mode and begin living life the way they want to.

That is why therapists, social workers and counsellors love it. It provides you with tools to shift your clients towards outcomes – without you having to do all the hard work!

It will dramatically improve the results you already get.

It is open enough to incorporate other disciplines. You can incorporate EFT, IEMT, NLP, Clean Language, Three Principles, Mindfulness, Yoga-therapy, Matrix re-imprinting, any faith-based approaches or any other methods that you would like to use!

This is why it is so useful for empowering others.

What you will learn on your Life Coaching Certificate

Holding Space and Developing Trust

  • How to hold the space for the client to allow the client to be fully present, and explore their innermost dreams and ambitions.
  • How to facilitate that place of trust where the client is able to share things with you that they don’t share with anyone else.
  • Deep listening and multi-level listening. How do you listen to everything beneath that story? Everything that is not being said?

Questioning skills – What to Ask and What NOT to Ask

  • How do you ask that one thing that helps the client have the insights that they need, to come to the awareness that will give them the power, strength, and ability to make the changes they need?

Life Coaching is not about giving advice. Life Coaching is about guiding the client to the place where they access the recourse they have within them to make the changes they need. That is a skill and an art, that has to be studied.

  • How to use questions to open the client up to the place where they get the insight and access the resources they need to change.

Through the exercises in questioning skills you will begin to develop your ability to facilitate this awareness and insight within your clients.

That way they own it, it is their discovery, their change and their personal power. Great Life Coaches facilitate learning and change.

 Directing the client towards learning and facilitating change

  • How to position the client as the agency for their own change.
  • How to facilitate your clients change.
  • How to help them claim their own power, and make them leaders of their own lives.
  • How to support your clients to become independent of you, to become become their own guides and learn to trust their own intuition and inner knowing.

 Designing true “Soul-Goals”

We all have a reason for being here. Something that is bigger and beyond the present moment right here and right now. We all have a calling of some sort, something beautiful and uniquely us, something to bring to the planet that nobody else but us can bring.

You will learn tools and techniques to help the client access their own  uniqueness. To learn what is really important to them, and to find their meaning and their reason for being here. This is the process of creating true soul-goals, goals that are beyond just the actions, the achievement, the progression. Goals that mean something, that fill life with meaning and reason, that brings beauty and wonder to the planet – that allows your client to be who they really are.

Evaluating the Current Situation – Reality Check

A professional coach will explore the clients current reality.

By doing this, they provide real value to the client as they determine the facts, feelings, skills, thinking, strategies, helpful, non-helpful, obstacles – real and imagined, successes – past and learnings, failures, limiting beliefs, fears, supportive and obstructive people, environments, resource and more.

This provides massive value.

Your client may know where they are going, but great coaching helps them determine not only where they are going, but where they are now, and how to get to where they want to go.

 Action Planning, Goal Setting and Strategies

These are the practical steps of constructive, pragmatic and clear thinking.

Here you will help the client move forward through goals, action plans and strategies. During the life coach training you will learn how to help your client develop real, and tangible strategies and plans.

A great coach supports her clients in implementing said plans.

The Power of the Mind – Personal Empowerment

You have certain principles that you hold dear, that give you a way of being in the world, that is authentic, real, and empowered. Empowerment is the key to success. The beliefs and attitudes we hold towards life and towards the world create success or failure.

Our beliefs lead to feelings, which lead to behaviour, that ultimately creates success or failure. Happiness or disharmony. Great relationships or constant conflicts.

A huge part of a coaches job is to help their clients to shift from a limited mind-set into a powerful and empowered way of living. This covers a broad spectrum of beliefs, values, mind-sets, emotions and behavior.

 What makes a Great Life Coach?

A great Life Coach empowers their client to gain clarity on their issues, to access the courage to dream, to connect with their personal truth and to access the resources to make a life that is a true reflection of who they are.

A great life coach is non-judgmental, compassionate and courageous, listens actively and supports their client to claim their own power. They can identify the unique gifts of each client and support their client to develop the strength to face their unique challenges.

A great life coach is someone sees the beauty within each clients even when the client cannot see it for themselves.

A great coach is a coach who is present, and believes in their clients even when their own belief falters. He has a way of leading the client to insights, understanding and realizations they need – and to claim their power.

A great coach is expected to walk her talk. Your life does not have to be perfect, but you need to own your “stuff”, be brave and be honest with a vision that excites you and a path that makes you proud.

Building your Life Coaching Toolkit

In this Life Coaching training I share with you the tools and techniques that I have learnt from a decade supporting people to live authentic and true lives.

You will begin to build your own unique toolkit of techniques that truly make a difference.

Professional Boundaries

When should you stop coaching a client? What are the boundaries for coaching? When should you refer? How to confidentiality policies work? All these questions and more will be addressed.

“The Life Coach certificate training for me was amazing, from the first day to the last, it was eyes opening to my own soul. I could realise what I was doing to myself, that I was the only one stopping myself from growth and fulfilment. He models and techniques Nina used were at the same time simple but really powerful. Now I don’t know my future, I don’t know exactly what to expect from the world around me, but I know fully how I am today and where I want to go, now I acknowledge my skills, my power and capability to make it happen. Because it is life we are talking about, our life and our roles in it. Thank you Nina for your patience and amazing work as a coach.”

Mariana Moras – Life Coach Certification Training, January 2016

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