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IEMT PRACTITIONER TRAINING – Learn How To Remove Trauma and Painful memories in 1-3 Sessions Without Talking About the Issue, Digging in the Past, or Reliving the Difficult Events.

Weekend March 17-18 IEMT – Kensington, London.

  • Remove painful memories
  • Delete Limiting Beliefs
  • Resolve low self-esteem
  • Handle panic attacks
  • Remove anxiety
  • Disslve shame and guilt
  • Delete fear from attacks and abuse
  • Treat insomnia

IEMT is a therapeutic modality has the power to remove negative emotions from past experiences, without having to talk about them or re-living them.

The effect is life changing.

When we are no longer unconsciously afraid or limited, or worried or anxious or full of guilt, we are free to move on. When we get rid of the learning imprints from the past we can pursue our goals with ambition and and total conviction.

You can come to the IEMT training for personal development, or if you have a desire to help your clients more.

Why do some clients never change?

We all have them, the clients that whatever we do, they never change. They visit lots of good therapists, try lots of methods, but nothing sticks.

During the training you will learn about the patterhs of chronicity. How to spot them, and how to work with them.

Anxiety and Depression Model for Change

Learn about how to work with anxiety and depression. Learn about the pillars of depression and how to work with anxiety and depression.

I have used IEMT to effectively treat anxiety, flashbacks and disjointed thinking from:



  • Rape
  • Sexual abuse
  • trauma
  • Abuse
  • Panic Attacks
  • Generalised Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Low self esteem
  • Anger issues


Investment: £450

Date: 17-18 March 2018

Times: 9.30 – 4pm

Location: Marloes Road, W8 High Street Kensington – from my home

Certification: IEMT Practitioner

Limited seating: max 12 people. First come first serve.

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To book your seat pay here.
What happens when the 12 slots fill up? Then the training closes for 2018.

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This is a great bolt on for coaches, counsellors, NLP Master Practitioners, and psychotherapists.

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