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Business Success For Qualified Life Coaches, Therapists and Counsellors

Dates 2020:

13th to 16th February London Option

22nd – 26th April Greece Retreat Format Mykonos

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Hi, I’m Nina Madden.

I have been a Life Coach, Therapist and Healer for over 15 years.

I have a full time private practice in High Street Kensington, London and I work with clients from all over the world.

I set up my business in 2006, but for several years I was floundering.

But one day an angel walked into my counselling room.

As our therapy came to a close, he turned to me and asked; “what financial systems do you have in place?”

A week later I received a text. “I think you could make about £100,000 per year. Come by the office in Bank and I’ll show you.”

Since then I have built my therapy and life coaching business to multiple six figures, without charging ridiculous fees or working with “high-end” clients. And without lots of social media, online courses, or becoming a master at Instagram.

The Gift Of Someone Who Knows What They Are Doing

That day the angels were smiling at me, because they sent me a client who was extremely gifted for business and making money, and who also had a passion for seeing his mentees succeed. He had a string of successful businesses behind him, and this was just a hobby; helping the business owner succeed.

I thought I was helping him, but in fact he was the one helping me.

He taught me systems and ways of thinking.

I got my own private 1:1 MBA-  specifically work-shopping my business. With his help I was able to grow into the success I have today.

All my growth has been in line with my vision, my values, my dreams, my identity and my higher purpose.

Learn to Build Your Business From The Ground Up

It took me a few years to reach the success I have today. I have distilled the key activities and strategies I used to grow my business into a powerful course that takes you through a step by step system.

This is what I aim to share with you on the retreat in Greece.

It is a five day retreat where we workshop your individual businesses.

I will teach you the key skills you need to have to grow your business financially to support your life style. We will have lectures in the morning that teach you the specific skills and in the afternoon we will workshop your individual businesses. I will also provide each one of you with 1:1 support to design your unique businesses.

When the retreat is over you will have access to recordings of the lectures so that you can review anything you may forget and really capitalise and all the knowledge.

I will share the key tools my mentor taught me and teach you how to use them; to create and predict your financial future, in line with your vision, identity and higher purpose.   

What my mentor taught me was a way to understand how to build the business brick by brick. Very practical, step by step, methodical. No bells and whistles, no fancy promises – just one brick at a time.

Does it sound boring? It is not boring to see your business grow financially and exponentially and feel in control of the process!

In this retreat I will teach you how you too can build your business up to reach six figures and beyond – by serving the people you love, in the way  you love and aligned with your vision, your identity and  your higher purpose.

The skills and tools are transferable and lifelong. Once you reach £100,000 you use the same strategy to reach £200,000 or £300,000. They are also transferable to any other field or industry based on selling a service.

This is What You Need for a Financially Successful Life Coaching / Therapy Business:

Goal and a Vision; you are likely to already have a vision for your business that is in line with your values, your identify and your higher purpose. However if you do not have this crystal clear yet, you will develop this during the retreat. We will have sessions on this, and you will have 1:1 support for this. This will include who you want to work with and how you want so serve them.

Financial Yearly Targets & Growth Measuring Tools – these work hand in hand with your income generating activities. During the retreat  you will learn how to develop financial targets that you cannot not reach, as you match them to the income generating activities in your strategy, and tie it all together in one weekly, monthly and yearly growth measuring tool.

Key Income Generating Activities: you will design and create a strategy of income generating activities that match your goal, vision, identity and higher purpose, and your financial targets. This can be private sessions 1:1, group workshops, but online products cannot be part of this strategy.*

*The reason is because online products take a long time to create, are notoriously hard to sell, in a market that are saturated and overly hyped, and are therefore too unpredictable to be included, until such time you have a proven track record with sales, and cost of sales already worked out.

You will get individual 1:1 attention and coaching with me to properly design your financial targets and your income generating activities so you know exactly what to do  to reach your financial goal.

Client Copy; During the retreat you will identify your ideal client profile and learn how to write copy that will make this client sit up and say “that’s me!”

You will be taught exactly how to do this, what to write, what structure to follow.

“This is such a breakthrough. I have gone round for ages with other coaches but now I feel totally clear. I sent my email out yesterday and I have already booked two calls – and we are only half way through! Angela – Life Coach

My promise to you is that you will walk away with an ideal client that you know and love, that can afford you (as we are working with normal people and normal prices) and that you are excited about serving.

Client Engine: Next step is  y our strategy. This is to have an “engine” that runs in the background that gets you clients consistently and predictably, so that you sign up the number of people that you need.

You will decide which medium to use, where to advertise, what works best for your client and create a system and staregy so that you have control over your advertisement.

This step goes hand in hand with the Client Copy, because without a clear message there is no point putting anything out.

You can have more than one ideal client. For example I have about three or four. That is not a problem, but each copy must speak only to one person directly.

The Sign Up System:  You will be told exactly what to say when the client reaches out to you. At that time they have already read your copy. This means that they are already eager to work with you. You will be trained in exactly what to say to them, how to keep the call short, focused and get the clients you want, and how to reject the ones you don’t want.

“Nina, I can’t believe you, I just had my first enquiry and I used what you taught me about the call to the letter. It worked so beautifully! I barely finished and the clients had signed up.” Azzah – Relationship Counsellor

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