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Want to be Financially Empowered With a Business Changing Lives?

  • Are you a qualified Therapist, Coach, Healer, Counsellor or Psychotherapist – but your business is not successful, (yet)?
  • Are you struggling to niche and find your ideal client, and are you resisting niching because you  don’t want to turn clients away?
  • Do you just not know how to promote yourself and stand out – without being hypey, salesy or cheesy, or working all hours of the day pouring over FB and Instagram?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed and confused?
  • Are you unsure about how to package your services and what the best way of doing that is?
  • Do you just want the fast-track way that guarantees success, and you are prepared to pay for it?

The Business Coaching Club

Hi, my name is Nina Madden and I am a Master Coach and the founder of the Nina Madden co., Atman Consultancy and lead trainer of the Professional Coaching With NLP Programme.

I have a full time private practice in High Street Kensington, which I have had for over 12 years. I run a very successful accredited and recognised training business for people who want to change their lives and become Coaches and NLP Masters.

I am an accredited trainer through the INLPTA, my programmes are Accredited by the ABNLP, we are an Endorsed Training Provider for the ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management).

However, I started totally from scratch, with a credit card debt of £5,000 and not two pennies to rub together. I took my business from 1-2 clients per week (where I was stuck for years) to a full private practice, charging £350 per session and only working with long term clients. Last summer I sat down to figure out how to support my students with their businesses and analysed all the time consuming mistakes that I had made. I put together a targetted step-by step process that I am now sharing through the Coaching Business Club.

The Coaching Business Club is not only open to my students but to anybody who is a Healer, Therapist, or Life Coach and who wants a business that changes lives and that is financially successful, achieving their financial goals, supporting them, and allowing them the dream life they want and deserve.

Through this eight week programme I take you through the necessary steps that you have to do to be successful. You will recveive six pre-recorded modules that go through the following:

  • Targets and goal setting for your finances and business – but not just that, also a strategy for how you will achieve it.
  • Practicalities and logistics (all the stuff about websites, domain name, company registration, insurance, forms, booking systems, etc. For this module you will also have access to Personalised PA support should you get stuck on any technical stuff.
  • Building a base of make-over testimonials. Using your current or previous clients for specific and targetted feedback. If you haven’t had any clients yet we can set you up with practice clients so that you can gain this invaluable information.
  • Based on feedback and your unique gifts we identify your most powerful talents and how you can best serve your clients.
  • How to write sentences that communicate these gifts – step by step instructions so that you never have to write from scratch again, but have a format to work from that is proven to work.
  • How to package your services, be it programmes, ad-hoc or packages.
  • Targeted organic and paid social media strategy that removes the pressure of always posting, and is clear, direct and achieves the purpose of making your ideal client reach out to you and ask to work with you
  • Exact scripts for what to say during the first call so you don’t coach for free, but also so that you gain enough knowledge to know the client is a good fit for you and that you can help them, and most importantly how to make them realise that you are the right one for them. Very often you can know that you can help someone, but they don’t realise it.
  • Yearly strategy for achieving your financial goals.
  • Full financial systems that enable you to feel confident with the numbers knowing  you “rock-it” as a financially empowered woman with a business changing lives. (And no, what you give your accountant, or what they can give you has nothing to do with this).

Then each week for the duration of your programme you recieve a weekly group call where you get to ask any questions you may have or address any sticking points. There is also a dedicated Facebook Group where you can also ask any question and I do my utmost to respond to every single question within 24-48 hours.

In the Facebook group you also have the opportunity to find accountability partners and buddies to work with to help you stay motivated, stay on track and share skills. Someone might be great with websites, or tech. Someone else might be great with Instagram, or Twitter. We all sit on so many resources.

If you don’t do the modules in the time frame allocated, you still have life time access to the resources, so if you fall behind, no need to worry. And I am available to you at the other end of a call, email or WhtsApp message. In everything that I do, I work Boutique – which means small groups that I have time to support.

Business Coaching Club – What You Get

  • Identifying your unique gifts and what you really do.
  • Be able to communicate who you are and what you do in a way that feels authentic, true and aligned, so you can feel confident speaking about your work to anybody and everybody.
  • Identify your dream client, and the results that you wish to provide and how to package and sell your services in such a way that they sit up and say: “I want that!” (even though you may have been trying to figure this out for years).
  • Never feel you limit yourself, or feel pushed to do business in a way that you don’t like.
  • Create services, packages and offers that instantly connects with prospects that you feel amazing about sharing.
  • Step by step instructions on how to set up the practical aspects of the business, HMRC, Bank Accounts, Websites, Booking Systems, Domain Names and all that stuff.
  • Personalised PA support to handle the tasks that you find difficult, technical or complicated.
  • Instructions on how to craft powerful, authentic message that communicates the value of these packages and makes the dream client sit up and say: “I NEED that!”
  • Step by step system how to have the sales call or the initial consultation (exactly what to say) and how to invite the client to start working with you in a way that is elegant, and not pushy and that inspire yesses.
  • Have a clear “Less is More” marketing strategy that is easy to follow and does not involve frantic posting or live streams.
  • Answer the question “Why You?” in a way that makes you feel proud of who you have become as a Life Coach or Therapist.
  • Exact script on what to say during the discovery calls.
  • Get you clarity on the numbers so that you can “rock it” as a financially empowered coach or therapist with a business changing lives.

Weekly Group Calls

  • Each week you will attend a group call Zoom (or face to face meet-up if you are in London) where you get individual attention on your specific work, get to ask any question you need, and resolve any sticking point.
  • Feel part of a community, get to know the other women, create a network of support and encouragement.

Dedicated Facebook Group

  • Dedicated Facebook Group to workshop your business with the help of your friends, where I answer every single question.
  • Get help also from the other members.
  • Find accountability buddies.
  • Brag about your achievements.
  • Enjoy weekly support videos with me sharing key insights into marketing, sales, financial goal setting and targets and everything else that I have found invaluable in making my own business a success.

Call to Enroll Now:

During the call you will discover:

  • If you have been qualified for some time, what you may be doing in your business that could be preventing you from success.
  • What is missing from your current strategy.
  • What you need to do to be a successful without overwhelm, confusion and exhaustion.

Here is a link to the call:

Or call directly on 07906 255 529 to enquire about next enrollment.

“This is such a breakthrough. I have gone round for ages with other coaches but now I feel totally clear. I sent my email out yesterday and I have already booked two calls! – Angela – Life Coach

“Nina, I can’t believe you, I just had my first enquiry and I used the script you gave us and it worked so beautifully! I barely finished and the clients had signed up.” Azzah – Relationship Counsellor

The Business Coaching Club:

  1. Clear acievable direction for your life and business, including a strategy plan.
  2. Instructions on how to set up all logistical aspects of the business.
  3. Six pre-recorded modules taking  you through every step of the way.
  4. Scripts for sales and discovery calls.
  5. Weekly group calls.
  6. Dedicated Facebook Group where we answer all the questions
  7. Clarity on your dream client, what your results will be, how you will package and price your services and how you can make the kind of money that you want to make.
  8. Simple proven four-step formula to creating a clear and authentic message that has your clients leap up and say “That’s me! I NEED that!”
  9. Simple ste-by step strategy for promoting yourself regularly without confusion or overwhelm in a way that is targeted so that you can have a steady strem enquiries from clients eager to work with you.
  10. Learn how to structure the sales call in such a way it never feels pushy or salesy, and makes sure that you are a great fit with your client, and inpsire yesses and commitment straight away.
  11. Access to personalised PA support to help you when you get stuck.
  12. Personal access to Nina at any time – ask any question you need.
  13. Learn how to master the numbers and financial forecasting and become a financially empowered and independent woman

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