Today, I hope you honour the authority of your own heart

March 8, 2022
March 8, 2022 nina

Today, I hope you honour the authority of your own heart

NLP and Life Coaching with Nina Madden - Nina in Kazakhstan on a motorcycle

Snapshot from Charyn Canyon – Kazakhstan

It was in 2009 that I re-discovered the passionate and free spirit of adventure hidden deep inside me.

And I got on a plane to Kenya to ride a bike across the wild and hot African soil. Next I decided to follow my curiosity and my heart deep into the Rajasthan desert. And after that, wild ride across Tajikistan, along the Afghan border, through Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan.

As a girl, I had the spirit of adventure fully alive in my whole being, roaming the woods with my dog and my horse. It was hard to stay in school, when I could see the woods through the school window. But then with society conditioning…  it became slowly silenced.

“Be a good girl… be pretty, brush your hair, smile, do your nails… don’t be too loud, don’t be rowdy” Or the one that makes my skin crawl and blood boil “Don’t be too independent…men don’t like it…

I don’t know if I want to cry or scream when I hear such words, especially from women to women.

It is deeply tragic that our power should be considered a handicap, that our intelligence, our free spirits, our souls that seek only expansion should be so insidiously controlled with such words.

I hope you pay no attention to such nonsense…


Snapshot from Uttarakhand – Northern India

I hope you honour the authority of your own heart, I hope you stop taking advice from anybody but the only two people that truly matter: the younger you that you once was – and the old wise you, that you are becoming.

I hope today is a day you, as a woman, decide to follow your dreams.

And, if you’re a man reading this, next time a woman asks you something she damned well knows herself the answer too; throw your hands up in the air and say; What are you asking me for?

Honour her authority to be a leader of her own life.