March 25, 2019 nina

The Beauty of You

Good Morning – Monday Morning….

Don’t let the Monday blues get you down… 🤗

I was listening to lovely quote from one of my favorite therapists Virginia Satir, this morning and it gave me some inspiration to share my thoughts with you … She says:

“Most people give themselves credit only for the bad things they have inside, never for the good”

And isn’t that so true.

✨I am happy to share with you my failures, my weaknesses, “oh I am not very good at that” I say, or I am not feeling well, or I have a pain here, or there… or I am not good at math, or at relationships, or whatever it may be…

But how often…

do I (you) give yourself credit for the good? How often do you say “I am a really kind and loving person. I am funny.. I am wonderful.. I am sweet, I am an awesome therapist .. and I am a great and loyal friend..”

How often do you say to yourself “I am a great at X, and I really care..” Or any of the other wonderful things you are hiding from the world?

💝We all have beautiful gifts within us, gifts that bring happiness and joy to the people around us. Gifts that are like balm on their wounds, gifts that tickle their fancy.. that make them laugh, that make them love…

We all have gifts that brighten up our loved ones day.. how often do we give ourselves credit for that..

It is almost as if we believe the world would come crashing down if we were to appreciate ourselves, love ourselves, value ourselves… yet we seek to appreciate, to love, to value…

It is an inner conflict so many of us share.. looking for self esteem yet refusing to hold ourselves in high esteem. 💕

Looking for self love, yet refusing to express our love to ourselves…💕

The beautiful gift of a letter well written, a love letter deep from the heart.. remember those before Facebook and Twitter and WhatsApp…

💌Imagine receiving a letter of true, deep and kind love for you, your soul, your very person.. from the person that matters most, or should matter the most – You.

For when you appreciate yourself, the world can come crashing down around you but you still stand strong and proud…

The calm at the center of the storm… just like that Rudyard Kipling poem… –

… and then we can transform the world.

With love 💝💝💝


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