Space to Think – Clarity Session

Something magical happens when we are truly listened to, heard and seen deeply. Out of darkness, stuckness or confusion a new light can begin to emerge.

In the fifteen years I’ve been an NLP Coach I have worked with high achievers, executives and entrepreneurs. I’ve worked with creatives and artists; and with individuals who need to hear themselves think, and think freshly and deeply about the things that really matter.

As I am 100% removed from your world confidentiality and non-judgement really means something here.

In silence you can begin to hear what matters and in clarity you begin to see the way forward.

Creating a space to think opens the doors to new vistas and landscapes

Thinking alone can create stuckness, too narrow focus. We drill a deep mine into our own mind, but it is dark down there and we can’t see the way out. Having a thinking partner like me will open new vistas and opportunities; new ideas emerge fresh; new perspectives enlighten.

Non-judgemental, non-advisory I’ll let you hear your own inner wisdom and help you bring it to the fore.

With Space You Can Get Rid of Mental Clutter

Come with an agenda, or with no agenda at all.

Bring any topic – Give yourself the space to think

Diane was stuck and confused in her high-status yet insular academic role in one of the most elite universities in the world.  Jason was financially in a hole with huge expenses, a messy divorce and an all consuming career that had led to exhaustion and burnout. Alison was in a war with her husband, battling each day through two young children, baby weight she couldn’t shift and her pre-pregnancy panic attacks returning in full force.

With Your Freshest Thinking A New Path Can Emerge

Each one found powerful insights from deep within that were perfect for their unique situation and life. Diane encountered her Older and Wiser Self within, who was bemused at all the drama, and told her to have adventures. Jason found a middle ground to resolve the financial burdens, which eased the pressure and allowed time for recovery. Alison discovered she was scared, and decided to listen instead of fight and her and her husband discovered love and tenderness again.

Can I Listen To You Today?

In person face to face appointments Marloes Road, Kensington W8 or on Zoom from wherever you are in the world. Book an pay for your session today and you’ll receive your confirmation with the full address, or zoom link, and how to prepare. I’m looking forward to hearing you soon.


I’m passionate about helping my clients to win and succeed. I believe it is a divine right to become who we could be; bring out that brilliance and light within you. My fees are simple and affordable;

Start with a clarity session at £250

The session is 75 – 90 minutes or in some cases “as long as it takes”.

Everyone has something beautiful inside them which deserves to be seen by the world. This is about helping you bring that out. I would love to help you succeed. If you’re ready to book in we can schedule your first appointment. Let’s get started!

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Feedback from clients on the Clarity Session

“Dear Nina  thank you for the Clarity Session. It felt so nice when you made me see that a different reality was possible. Your prompts were so useful and helped me shift how I think about what is possible now. I have already started taking action on my situation and I feel so much more positive and optimistic.  The session helped me see more clearly and opened a window of opportunities, so thank you for your help again!” Elena

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