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The Professional Coaching With NLP Training Programme

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The Professional Coaching with NLP Training Programme teaches you how to become a Professional Life Coach, NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner. It also includes modules on Metaphor, Myth, Archetypes and Hero’s Journey too.

Who This is For

  • If you want to make money doing what you love, being with people you care about; then this is for you
  • If you want to learn NLP to manifest, to overcome limitations, and to achieve great things; this is for you
  • If you want to be able to coach anybody from any walk of life; executives, businesspeople, creatives, teachers, men, women, young people; this training is for you
  • If you want to grow and develop personally on a wild new level, this training is for you
  • If you want to embody the type of presence that makes people feel heard and seen on the deepest level; no matter who they are, even strangers, this is for you
  • And if you want to be the person that brings out the magic in everyone around you; this is for you

And finally, if you doubt you can learn to do any of the above – then this training is definitely for you!

Your background

  • You can be unemployed, employed, stay at home mum, creative, own your own business, in a corporate career or in a second or third career.
  • If you’re obsessed with personal development and the human potential and you would love a career that brings your passion into your work (be it you’re self-employed, own a business or employed) then this is the training for you.

However, if you’re looking for a mostly white, mostly male and middle-aged training experience, then this training is definitely not for you!

Course Summary

  • 11 Days of LIVE VIRTUAL training
  • Pre-learning material with video, reading and workbooks packed with thought provoking exercises
  • Full certification with three internationally recognised qualifications; Professional Coach, NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner
  • Personal feedback on your NLP coaching skills throughout
  • Four unique modules scheduled over long weekends, to minimize your time off work (see dates for 2022 below)
  • Accredited and Approved by the ABNLP, registered with the ANLP and counts towards a credential with the ICF.
  • Endorsed by the ILM – the prestigious Institute of Leadership and Management
  • Boutique training; intimate group sizes, so everyone gets personal feedback and attention
  • Learn to Practice Professionally with contracts, setting agreements, code of ethics, membership boards and business module
  • FREE Business in a Box Module to help you set up your coaching business
  • FREE Coaching starter pack, with contracts, intake forms and fact sheets to use with your own branding
  • FREE Mentoring with monthly and bi-monthly mentoring calls with Nina Madden

Who You Can Coach – Where You Can Work

You can coach anyone looking to make positive changes, wanting to understand their life purpose and direction, seeking to up-level their lives, or improve their careers and businesses. You can coach anyone who feels beat up by life to ignite their inspiration, creativity and passion. You can coach teams, in organisations and businesses, or private individuals.

You can;

  • set up your own business coaching individuals on a one-to-one basis
  • use the content and create group coaching programmes

You can also work with;

  • businesses and corporations as an internal or external coach
  • non-profit organisations and charities
  • your team, colleagues and employees

You can choose to work in any niche, or to not niche yourself at all. You don’t have to be certain you want to become a Life Coach with NLP to do this training. You can do this training for personal and professional growth alone.

About Nina Madden - NLP and Life Coaching

About Nina Madden – NLP and Life Coaching. Nina Madden, ICF Accredited Coach, Teacher and Healer.

Why This NLP & Life Coaching Course

Nowhere else in the world will you get a Boutique programme with such personalised attention, that opens the mind to the magical aspects of life, yet at the same time provides you with a professional and recognised qualification in Coaching and NLP.

In this training you will get;

  • Boutique style training
  • Psychologically safe environment
  • Support to develop your unique gifts and style as a Life Coach & NLP Master Practitioner
  • Learn to use NLP to create magic in your life and the life of your clients
  • Limited group sizes so that everyone gets personal instruction and feedback
  • Professional training with recognised qualifications as Life Coach, NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner

In addition, you will also learn how to

  • Manifest your own dream life, and achieve your own goals
  • Experienced spiritual and personal breakthroughs throughout

Who Is Your Trainer, Nina Madden

I am an ICF Accredited Coach, NLP Therapist and Accredited Trainer of Coaching and NLP. I have fifteen years’ experience working with private clients and for over a decade I have been facilitating sacred spaces for learning and growth.

I absolutely love what I do, and I am obsessed with the human potential and how we can create spaces where you can ignite your imagination and potential.

My aim;

  • is to awaken you to the incredible potential within you
  • to help you manifest your own dream life; step into your own power, and confidently go forward towards your own dreams
  • to provide the space where you can blossom as a Life Coach, and
  • to give you the professional training, qualification and foundations you need to be wildly successful as a Life Coach and NLP Master Practitioner

You can expect the training to be an enlightening experience where you not only learn how to coach, but also discover many beautiful things about yourself.

This course has exceeded my expectations and is absolutely amazing, helped by having such a wonderful teacher/facilitator with an effortless way of delivering the course material and keeping us all engaged throughout. I really appreciate Nina’s experience and how she manages to teach us, as well as to engage us with such equality whilst participating within the group.

NLP and Life Coaching with Nina Madden – Boutique NLP and Life Coach Training

Module One

Live Your Truth – Deep Coaching in Action

How to Create a Sacred Space

  • How to embody powerful presence with your clients so you become the person they feel 100% safe telling their innermost secrets to
  • How to remove filters of fear, experiences and ego from your listening so are fully there, relaxed, for your clients and all their feelings, worries and desires, without feeling drained, frazzled or overwhelmed
  • How to create a sacred space for any client, friend, group relative, colleague or even a stranger in minutes

Deep Coaching in Action

  • ICF Core coaching competencies and principles and how coaching differs from therapy and mentoring
  • How to structure a complete coaching session from beginning, middle end so the client gets amazing value every time
  • How to understand exactly what to do to get to the very kernel of the issue
  • How to ask the right questions at the right time, bringing out the magic of the client right there in front of you

Practical Magic – Introducing NLP for Manifestation

  • How to use NLP to manifest goals
  • How to use NLP to open the mind to possibilities beyond anything previously imagined
  • How to step into the magic using NLP

Practicing Professionally

  • How to set clear professional agreements that set up a relationship of trust and safety
  • How to manage contracts, payments, fees, upfront payments and refunds fairly and ethically
  • How to demonstrate ethical practices
  • When and how to manage boundaries and when and how to refer
  • Your – the Coach; your vision and how you can embody a coaching mindset

You will also get a complete professional starter coaching pack, welcome letter with contracts, intake forms, terms and conditions, confidentiality policies and more; so, you are ready to start straight away.

This module represents the Life Coaching part of your qualification.

Go deeper…

Earn an NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner Certification too…

Not only will you add to your amazingly powerful toolbox, but you can earn an NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner Certification too. These are approved by the only two official bodies of NLP, the ANLP in the UK and the ABNLP in the US. You’ll learn Archetypes, Metaphor and Hero’s Journey too.

Below is a sample of what you will learn…

Module Two

NLP to Programme Your Future

NLP for Life Purpose and Direction

  • Discover the higher purpose of your place here (on the planet, in this life) to avoid living someone else’s life
  • Meet your older wiser self, the guru within and the mentors who will guide you on your path
  • Understand your deeper emotional drives and values, and create true soul goals in alignment with your authentic self
  • Live a limitless life of freedom, joy and curiosity; feeling safe wherever the world takes you

NLP to Succeed and Achieve

  • Discover powerful goal setting and NLP tools to help you make quantum leaps in life and business without increasing pressure, stress or effort
  • Use NLP to let go of hardship and struggle, to find success with more ease, joy and freedom
  • Understand what makes it possible to consistently achieve and succeed without stress
  • Discover the power of language and how it shapes your reality

Having had no prior life coaching training or experience, the initial 4 days have been inspiring, challenging and incredibly fulfilling. Nina is an amazing person and coach, creating an environment where one can feel heard and valued.

Module Three

NLP and The Power to Heal

In this completely rare and unique module I bring together ideas developed by practitioners of radical self-compassion and marry them with the idea of holding, hearing and healing negative emotions through advanced spatial anchors as developed by Master NLP trainer, Robert Dilts.

NLP for Difficult Emotions

  • Hear, hold and heal painful emotions, bad experiences from the past, from childhood and trauma
  • Use NLP, Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy to remove invisible blockers to success, freedom and happiness
  • Free yourself and your clients from the invisible cages of their own mind
  • Rediscover your true self, and find authentic love, compassion and respect for all that you are
  • Go forward in life with unshakeable confidence, self-love, and compassion

Metaphor, Myth, Archetypes & Hero’s Journey

  • Release yourself from victim narrative by discovering powerful learnings hidden in your past
  • Understand how stories shape our worlds and our sense of our place within them
  • Learn to identify and rewrite the dominant narrative of your life for greater joy, positivity
  •  and personal power
  • Free yourself from old hurts and grudges, so you can be free to embrace the world

The time seems to have run away with itself and the days have gone so quickly, I will certainly miss the course when it finishes. Over and above, I have been fortunate to join such a supportive and diverse group of people and the connection between us all has been something magical. I cannot seem to fault anything and this has been the best course that I have ever done so far.

Accreditations and Memberships

The training includes everything you need to be certified at NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner level. You can rest assured your training is fully recognised.

The training is:

  • Endorsed by the prestigious Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) ensuring the highest professional standards
  • Teaching Coaching Core competencies at ICF recognised level, so that you can work with clients professionally all over the world
  • Accredited and Approved by the ABNLP
  • Recognised with the ANLP

This means on completion you will be ready to set up your own beautiful life coaching business and start seeing your own paying clients. You become part of an established NLP & Coaching community world-wide.

NLP and Life Coaching Training with Nina Madden

How to Enrol

Register by filling out the form below and make payment. If you’re not ready to enrol online, you can book a call with Nina Madden, talk through the course and your expectations, and register with her on the phone. There is a button to book a call below, or navigate to the top menu and book a call.

Please note that all courses fill up in advance. Especially September and November/ December, tend to get full fast. If you wish to join any programme you must register now.

How It Works

Once you have enrolled in the course you will immediately receive;

  • your welcome pack
  • videos, reading materials and workbooks that are packed with thought provoking exercises in Coaching and NLP
  • 3 large training manuals with the entire course content
  • Reading list to prepare you for the course
  • Opportunity to book your first strategy call with your trainer Nina Madden to explore your personal goals with this training

Your next step is then to attend the LIVE virtual training.

The LIVE virtual trainings are held at various dates throughout the year, so you can effectively fit the training into your schedule.

This is not a book-heavy course. It’s a practical, fun and skills-based course where you will practice your coaching and NLP throughout.

Next Training Dates

You can join any of the LIVE course training dates (on Zoom) below, but you have to register now.

All course options are likely to be full by September, and spaces are on a first-come, first-serve basis. The September and November courses are especially popular.

Summer Course cohort

The days are long and the nights are warm – why not take this beautiful time to retrain to finally add the passion, joy and creativity to your working life you’ve been longing for; By enrolling in the Summer course you can be qualified to start working by mid-August with plenty of time to spare for holidays.

  • July 7 – 10 Module One
  • July 15 – 17 Module Two
  • July 28 – 31 Module Three and Four
Qualify by August 2022 ready to start your new career as a Professional Life Coach and NLP Master Practitioner

Autumn Course cohort

Or perhaps the summer is jam packed and you prefer to get stuck in when things are back to the routine and kids are in school again… If you chose the autumn option you will be finished just before half term.

  • September 15 – 18 Module One
  • September 23 –25 Module Two
  • October 13 – 16 Module Three and Four
Qualify by October 16th ready to start the fall as a Professional Life Coach and NLP Master Practitioner

Winter course cohort

Prefer to cosy up in front of the computer with hot chocolate as the day comes to an end outside your window? Join our cosy winter programme and be qualified in time to put the decorations on the tree.

  • November 10 – 13 Module One
  • November 18 – 20 Module Two
  • December 1 – 4 Module Three and Four
Qualify by December 4th ready to start 2023 as a Professional Life Coach and NLP Master Practitioner

Investment £4,997

This includes Professional Coaching, NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner Certification and Hero’s Journey.

Not ready to enrol yet? Book a call with me and talk through the course and how it can help you achieve what you want.

You can book a no-0bligations 40 minute phone call with myself below. I am happy to talk you through what is involved in the course and answer any questions you may have.

Book a No-obligations Call With Me

Listen to My Journey Into Becoming a Life Coach Below

Neetu Arora Uppal
Neetu Arora Uppal
Thank you Nina for the course. The way the course is structured, presented and taught is excellent.Each technique is explained in detail and has demos given by Nina. Everyone is encouraged to practise the techniques with each other to build confidence and explore errors made and how they can be minimised. The course is intense but Nina keeps it very interesting. She sends you some pre-course material which is extremely helpful. Once you begin your journey of learning with Nina, you can see her passion and ease with the way she uses her knowledge of NLP. The sessions are interactive. Nina encourages and provides space for everyone to speak. Nina is very approachable and listens to you very intently. She is very natural, genuine and skilful. The content is very powerful and meaningful. I can see the changes in myself and my thinking. Thank you again Nina. I feel motivated, positive and empowered to take on a new journey in my life.
valentine pietri
valentine pietri
I have finished Nina's NLP and Life Coaching training a week ago and as I am going through my notes I can only be impressed by the number of things I have learned. I was a complete NLP beginner when I registered to this course having read the odd book but nothing more. Through this course I have learned a tremendous amount through the pre course work as well as during Nina's explanations and demonstrations and practiced many techniques during class but more importantly, thanks to this course, I have expended the way I view the world and people. And this, more than anything else in my opinion is going to help me facilitate my clients' journeys and it clearly would not have happened without this course. I also particularly appreciated that Nina introduced us to the Archetypes, the Metaphores, the Hero's journey which I feel complement perfectly the NLP tools. After completing this course I feel confident in using the tools I have learned on paying customers. Practically speaking the course is very well structured to account for discussion times, with well timed breaks to avoid "zoom diziness". Nina's clearly got a breath of experience as a trainer and really adapts well to the different personalities and needs of the group, it was a pleasure to learn from her. If you are hesitating registering, just do it, you won't regret it: you'll meet an amazing bunch of human beings and you'll change your life! Thank you very much Nina! I hope we can meet in person soon!
Angelina Morgan
Angelina Morgan
Nina Madden Life Changes is a highly professional and knowledgeable service. The course that I undertook with Nina Madden was an amazing experience.
Ben Gardner
Ben Gardner
Nina has a brilliant coaching style and this is reflected in the Life Coaching & Master NLP Practitioner course. The course is very practical, providing a great opportunity for new coaches to apply what they have learnt to others on the course. By having a small group (there were 8 of us on our course) it created an environment where we could openly share and discuss ideas and Nina ensured that we all had an opportunity to speak. For me this course did two things really well. One was to give me the knowledge, abilities and confidence I needed to structure and deliver a great coaching session. The other provided an opportunity to do some personal development work on myself as throughout the course I was able to challenge limiting beliefs and some assumptions I had made that were holding me back. You will also find yourself getting to know the other people on your course really well, especially on the last day (no spoilers here). This is really useful as you will finish the course with a great group of people that are also starting their coaching journey. I'd highly recommend this course if you are serious about becoming a coach. The knowledge and skills you learn will change both your life and your future client's lives for the better.
Studying this course with Nina gave me the academic knowledge that I sought, I am a confident practicing life coach and NLP practitioner now. I can not thank Nina enough. Wether the class is person or via zoom Nina creates a wonderful atmosphere that is free of judgement, cool, connected and creative. I do recommend this course to everyone I know.
Amy Rosenberg
Amy Rosenberg
For anyone looking to become a life coach or just want to change your life for the better - this course is authentic, highly impactful, the way the course is run is professional and the people are amazing . Nina is just a wonderful mentor and friend!
Zoe Czerek
Zoe Czerek
I found Nina through google after searching for the right person to do my course with for months and I am so glad I did. The life coaching and NLP course was taught in such a fun way and it really allowed me to immerse myself into the program right from the beginning. The tools and membership area allow you to have so much knowledge and information to hand but the sessions were where the magic happened. Thank you Nina you are incredible at what you do but also made this course and the sessions super fun and exciting. Thank you!
Frankie Baxe
Frankie Baxe
Had the most wonderful learning experience with Nina Madden. Totally loved how she delivered the course, her way of teaching through all her own knowledge and experiences, interactive learning, fun, and how she managed to bring a group of amazing people together, create a safe space for sharing, learning and supporting and empowering each and everyone of us to grow and flourish and become incredible coaches ourselves. Would highly recommend Nina if you are looking into becoming a Life and NLP coach.
Louise Bradshaw
Louise Bradshaw
Nina is a truly inspirational trainer, I thoroughly enjoyed her course, not only was it hugely informative, enlightening and well structured but also full of joy, the 5 weeks flew by and I was genuinely sad to finish the course. Recommend it to anyone who wants excellent quality life coaching and NLP training!
Carolyn Balogun
Carolyn Balogun
Thank you, Nina, for taking me on a fantastic journey. The NLP Accredited & Life Coaching course exceeded any expectations I could have imagined. I had no idea the transformational impact it would have on my outlook to life as well as providing outstanding training from a real expert in NLP. You were able to deliver a professional course over Zoom, which was impactful, insightful and passed on your extensive knowledge and experience of NLP and Coaching. As a group, we created an incredible bond which will transcend the end of the course, which you beautifully facilitated. I have ended the programme with an extensive understanding of NLP and feel confident to help others with the training I have received. The manuals and ongoing support you give leave me safe in the knowledge and assurance that you are committed to us all being successful and have been great points of reference.

Location and Language

This Life Coaching and NLP training is taking place on Zoom, unless otherwise stated so. There are future plans to hold some of the training face to face in London, Dubai, Mexico and Goa. Please get in touch to find out more. This Life Coach and NLP training is held in English.

Statement on Ethics, Integrity, Transparency

As an organisation that cares deeply about professionalism and ethical practices we adhere to and emphasizes the International Coaching Federation Code of Ethics. The ICF Code of ethics describes the ICF core values, ethical principles, and standards of behaviour for all ICF professionals. Meeting these ethical standards of behaviour is the first of the ICF core coaching competencies. You can read more about the ICF Code of Ethics in the link below. Additionally, Nina Madden Ltd commits to acting with integrity and transparency. We hold ourselves and our participants to the highest level of integrity and strive to be as transparent as possible by explicitly stating measures being taken to provide programs in an ethical manner. We do not believe in using manipulative or dishonest sales tactics and strive to provide a safe and ethical sales process. Further, we work to provide fair and equitable pricing for all programs to ensure access and quality of coaching and NLP education.

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