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Do You Recognise Yourself In Any of the Below?

  • Do you feel stuck, lacking in focus and desperate to move forward but not sure how to, or what steps to take?
  • Would you like to unleash the creative powers within you to create a brand new future and a brand new you? You’re just not sure what that is, or how to make it happen.
  • Are you fed up with living according to someone else’s rules and you want to break free, and be who you really want to be?

Whether it is divorce, entering a new decade, or just being fed up with the humdrum of a life that you happened to create, but never really felt was yours – this series of sessions will re-invigorate you, get you inspired, open you up to possibilities and help you create a brand new new.

If you can dream it, you can achieve it. That is the motto for these sessions, and together we will help you create an authentic life and future that is fully and 100% yours.

We will dig deep with the help of Hypnosis, NLP, Coaching, Guided Journeys, Archetypes and other methodologies to find out what you want the next stage of your life to be about. I use a blend of different methodologies and together we will help you dream up a new future that excites you, inspires you and fills you with joy; and that is 100% authentic to you.

Using the powerful methods of NLP, Coaching, Guided Journeys, Hypnosis and  more, we will access the powerful resources you have within you to overcome your limitations, fears and worries; and to find the creative powers and bring together the resources you need to make your life the way you want it to be.

This could be finding your confidence again, or leaving an old and stale relationship behind. It could be starting a new life, finding your purpose and finally answer the call to a new adventure before the voice inside you goes silent forever.

I work with women who want to rock the next stage in life. They want to feel great, they want confidence and they are ready for something new. They don’t necessarily know what that is, but they are bold, courageous and ready for change.

How It Works;

I use a unique blend of NLP Coaching, Life Coaching, Hypnosis, Healing, Guided Journeys, Animal Medicine, Archetypes and more, that help you tap into what you really want and find the courage and power within you to make it happen. In just a few sessions you will feel happier and more confident than you have in a long time. You will gain clarity on where you are going and you will access the courage to change.

You will notice a renewed sense of optimism, energy and happiness and you will be inspired to make changes. These sessions are practical, fun and dynamic and they will change your life.

How The Service is Delivered;

You can chose a starting pack of 10 sessions that can be had weekly or bi-weekly. Each session is up to 1.5 hours. The investment is £2,500. The block of sessions is invoiced and paid for in advance.

Alternatively – book the one-off clarity session for £350 1.5 hr to test the waters.

Then decide to continue with the 10 sessions. Your Clarity Session can be credited towards your initial 10 sessions.

Schedule A Call

The purpose of this call is for to explore;

  • The issues you want to work on and what can be achieved.
  • What you need to do, to make these changes.
  • Get a sense for me as a person and if I am the right person to help you on your journey.

Call directly: +44 (0) 7906 255 529


“Since my seeing Nina my attitude to life has changed in so many ways that I notice the results of this every day. I have cleared things up from my past and can now understand what was holding back before. Through valuing myself again I have started living life, facing my fears and challenging myself.

I feel like a whole person for the first time and I can withstand anything life throws at me. Knowing what I know now, I cannot believe I waited this long before deciding to get help. Life is precious!” Marianne – Private NLP Life Coaching Client, London 


“My Life Coaching and NLP sessions with you were pivotal and instrumental in determining my life direction. 

Again, thank you for your guidance and for helping to reshape the way I was viewing the world. You were right that it’s all about the stories we tell ourselves and meanings we extract from those stories.

This shapes who we are and how we are affected by the world that surrounds us. I feel way stronger and happier than I ever have!”

Lots of love, and huge hugs! Vanessa Ringel – Private NLP Life Coaching Client, Los Angeles

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Big or small, we've got a solution when you need it. The Professional Coaching With NLP Programme qualifies you as a personal coach and NLP Practitioner. 1:1 Transformational Coaching, Healing and Therapy will have you radically up-level your life and find the clarity, meaning and purpose you are looking for.

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