NLP Therapy - Dealing With Difficult Emotions

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NLP Therapy Will Help You Let Go of the Past

NLP Therapy and NLP Coaching to resolve difficult emotions is fundamentally different from psychotherapy and counselling. Instead of searching in the past, the unique blend of methods will help you let go of negative emotions and find peace and resolution in the present.

This frees you up to live your life right now.

This does not mean denying the past, not at all.

It means we access the power within you. We find the resources within you that help you discover that you are stronger, bigger, brighter and way more powerful than anything that happened to you in the past.

We will find the resolution and closure that you need.

NLP Therapy will Help You with Pressure, Stress and Overwhelm

Burnout, stress, overwhelm and too much pressure is the harsh reality for many.  NLP contains the most effective strategies to help you resolve these pressures at work and at home. Whether it is a new baby, or relentless productivity at work, or arguments and conflicts within family, financial pressures, or a sense that the world is collapsing around you; NLP will help you find the most effective strategies to deal with it.

You’ll feel freer and more in control immediately. Within a few sessions you will see real tangible results.

NLP Therapy Will Help You Move Forward

NLP Therapy and Coaching differs from psychotherapy in it’s emphasis on finding  your power in the here and now.

Within NLP there are powerful strategies to relieve grief, damning criticism, move on from a breakup, create powerful focus, cure anxiety, let go of anger, overcome depression, and find clarity and inner peace.

How Does It Work?

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What My Clients Say

“I could never have imagined that Nina’s treatment would be so powerful and successful. She has removed so much pain and given a much better understanding of myself. I have been able to finally put certain experiences to bed. I no longer feel the guilt or anguish about them that I have carried with me most of my life. It is like a big weight has been removed.

I feel like a thousand ghosts have been put to rest. I feel freer now than I ever have in my adult life. I could never have imagined the shifts within would come so soon. And how amazing it would feel to let things go!!”

Paloma Campbell-Rofailea 

“I had tried so many things before I came to see you. I have done so much personal development, so much airy fairy stuff, including Landmark. Although that helped, it never got to the underlying factors. The memories of abuse from my childhood still haunted me, and every Christmas was so painful. 

I worked so hard to avoid the feelings but anxiety was still there – I always felt like I didn’t deserve to be happy, and that I was not worthy. No matter what I did, it was still always there – I felt like I didn’t really belong.

Your methods are amazing. It was the first approach that actually worked. The things you do in the session, it feels like magic. It is there [the painful emotion] and then it is gone and the thing is – it doesn’t come back.

The methods you used were incredible, suddenly I feel different. I feel like I have a different relationship to myself now. It is like I am my best friend… it is a very different feeling. I feel calmer inside. You are amazing – I am sending everyone I know to you Nina! ”

Polina Kowalczyk

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