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How NLP Success Coaching Can Help

John is an award winning actor and writer but his career had stagnated. Sarah is a playwright and a director and had a smash hit in the theatre, but then her career ground to a halt. Sabine was so busy fire fighting and fixing problems she hadn’t noticed how her business had taken over her life. She was stuck in a hamster wheel not even having time to take a breath.

NLP Success Coaching helps you change the way you look and think, and approach things, so that you can achieve happiness and success with less stress. It is not about trying to get you to do more. It’s about helping you do less, and achieve more; whilst feeling more relaxed, being a nicer person and having more fun too!

Below is some guidance as to what is covered by NLP performance coaching. But all NLP and success coaching is designed around your needs.


In a world increasingly fragmented where distractions steal your attention it is becoming harder to find the cognitive capacity to think deeply about important topics that will propel your career, your finances and your goals forward.

Focus and deep thinking is necessary for success. Those who can think deeply succeed, and those who can’t do not. Sarah shifted deeply how she approached her artistic world, and after a nightmare which left her terrified she woke up knowing what to do.

When In Doubt Zoom Out

Sabine’s business had grown extremely fast from her creative talents but not once had she been able to sit down to plan and analyse. With help she was able to identify the drains on her energy, the leaks of resources and the chaos which caused so much extra work. By creating a space to think, Sabine was able to take a birds eye view of her business and found the time to think and strategize.

What is important to you? Where is the trajectory of your life taking you? Is that where you want to go? If not, NLP Coaching will help you figure out how to turn this ship around so you do end up where you want to be.

Motivation – Energy, Passion and Drive

NLP Success Coaching helps you overcome procrastination by unleashing your natural energy and removing the fears and barriers to success.

Lots of research has been done on motivation and we know now that motivation is a natural and wonderful state for a human to be in, when the goal is clear and within sight we feel energised passionate and in control.

By actioning the situation her dream had showed her, Sarah got her show onto a theatre in London’s West End, a dream that seemed impossible just a few months earlier.

NLP Coaching also helps you with direction, prioritisation, achievement and organising multiple goals making sure nothing important gets left out.

NLP Success Coaching to Release Your Potential

Within you, there is a sense of a bigger, better, brighter version than what you are living right now. NLP Coaching helps you with the “how” of getting to the next level and fulfilling that vision of you.

John revolutionized his career within just a few months. He got a high paid gig in a smash hit series’ whilst publishing his second novel and getting his own passion project greenlighted. His phenomenal success has carried on from there for the past four years I’ve known and worked with him.

NLP Coaching is an investment in yourself and your future. It’s a transformative experience that can empower you in ways you may have never thought possible.


I’m passionate about helping my clients to win and succeed in life. I believe it is a divine right to become who we could be; bring out that brilliance and light within you. My fees are simple and affordable;

Start with a clarity session at £250

  • 3 Sessions = £600

  • 6 Sessions = £1,200

Each session is 75 – 90 minutes or in some cases “as long as it takes”.

You don’t have to be a high-flier to have NLP Success Coaching. Everyone has something beautiful inside them which deserves to be seen by the world. This is about helping you bring that out. I would love to help you succeed. If you’re ready to book in we can schedule your first appointment. Let’s get started!

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