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“As a business owner the last thing you want is more on your plate.”


  • Are you a qualified Coach, Therapist, Reiki practitioner, NLP Practitioner or other therapist and your business is not as successful as you would like it to be?
  • Do you find it difficult to extract yourself and see the big picture to be able to scale your business to the next level? Are you sucked into the work and find it difficult to know what to do, and even if you have an inkling of what needs to be done you find it hard to find the time to implement?
  • Maybe you’re in six figures, working flat out, and finding it hard to get to the next level. Maybe you’re hovering around £50-60,000 a year, or maybe you’re just at £15-£25,000 per year.

Whatever the level, you find it hard work. You want more clients, more income, less hassle, and less admin work. You need a better picture and the know-how to grow and scale without putting more man-hours into it, because you just don’t have any energy or time left to give.


I provide hands-on, bespoke 1:1 Business Mentoring to coaching and therapy owners who want to reduce their workload, increase their income, step out of the fog, and scale their businesses exponentially.

What makes this different from every other programme out there, is that this is 1:1 business mentoring unique to your business. This is not about adding more to an already overloaded plate, this is about you doing less with more impact.


With 1:1 Business Mentoring you will get:

  • A thorough investigation and clear articulation of your business goals and a commitment to scaling your business authentically.
  • A dissection of where you are going wrong and what you need to do to fix it.
  • Systematising the operations and the client acquisition process so that it works independently.
  • Clear and unique blueprint for how to scale your specific business to the next income bracket.
  • Bespoke client acquisition strategy that fits you and your brand.
  • Direct actionable steps and actions.
  • Hands on help to implement any action points you find difficult to do by yourself.


As a result of 1:1 Business Mentoring you can expect:

  • More time for thinking and planning by streamlining the processes.
  • A sense of pride and fulfilment by working with more people, in the right way.
  • A sense of relaxation when the right kind of clients come to you easily.
  • A sense of empowerment and control knowing you can predict your income year on year.
  • Much more money.
  • More energy, enthusiasm, and happiness, as you will have a clear direction, clear action plan and clear results.

One of my clients gained six new clients over two days, without any social media, and without even having a website.

Another client gained two new clients by writing one email to her small list of friends and family.  A third client gained four new clients through soliciting feedback from previous clients in a specific way.


Therapists, Life Coaches, healers, alternative therapists who want to get the big picture so they can make more money, serve more people and have more free time.

They don’t want to:

  • Spend too much time on social media.
  • Feel they are overcharging (“high-ticket”)
  • Feel overwhelmed by the workload.
  • Feel embarrassed about putting out a message that feels fake.

You may be hovering at £100,000 per year, stuck at £50,000 or feeling really stuck at £15 – £20,000 per year. You may not even know how much you make! That’s okay, wherever you are right now is a place from which we can grow.


I’ve been a Transformational Coach, Teacher and Healer with a full-time private practice in Kensington, London for 15 years. I’ve built a thriving practice based on sound, grounded business acumen. I don’t over-charge, I don’t over-hype, and I don’t do much social media. I now have recently started to provide 1:1 Business Mentoring to coaching and therapy business owners who want to scale their business, get rid of overwhelm and make more money.

“I can’t believe I didn’t ask for help earlier. I have been stuck for two years and now I have six new clients. Thank you so much for helping me see where I was going wrong. I thought I was doing the right things, but I can see now that I was wasting time in the wrong places and not doing what I was meant to do. I am so happy I decide to do this.” Nathalie


I understand that each business is as unique as it’s owner and my mission is to help you to become financially empowered, scale your business, change lives, and run your business authentically and with financial success.


The problem with the other business mentoring programmes are:

  • They are generic, which means they promote the same strategy across the board. But your business is not like all the other businesses. YOU are not like other business owners, and you don’t want more money at any cost. You want more money and a business in alignment with your values.
  • They expect you to make a name for yourself on social media. Not only is this impossible for any normal human being, but it is also in fact counterproductive. Coaching and therapy is an intimate relationship between two people where the connection enables change and transformation in the client (and the coach). It is private, confidential, and it is NOT something to be broad-casted to the world. Yes, you need a clean and presentable image, but you don’t want to work with a therapist who is too busy posturing on social media, pushing out lame quotes, so why would your clients? You want someone who is there for you, who can help you immediately.
  • There is A LOT more to scaling a business than what you see. Most other programmes only focus on the surface visible stuff like how to market or grow a following. But scaling the business involves A LOT more.
  • Most other programmes give you more to do, not less. Trying to implement their advice on top of an already over-loaded schedule is impossible.

1:1 Business Mentoring will

  • Streamline your processes, freeing up more time.
  • Remove bottlenecks and obstacles.
  • Teach you how to market to your ideal client.
  • Identify and implement accurate processes.
  • Implement financial structures.
  • Set in place invisible disciplines that will enable your business to grow.


Yes absolutely. Through the mentoring we hone in on your key competencies and create a unique client acquisition strategy for you.


My mission is to help you become an empowered therapy business owner, who rocks the business side of life, as well as changes lives. I will help you do less, more effectively, to be able to serve more clients and grow your business financially.


3 Months 1:1 Mentoring (six session included, more can be booked)

Value £1,500

Gain new clients fast. Set achievable financial goals, dissect the business current position, remove bottle necks and blocks, identify the blind-spots, plug the gaps fix the broken bits, create strategy, systematise, and provide a blueprint for scaling.

Unlimited WhatsApp support in between sessions

Value £1,200

Ask questions when you get stuck and need a sounding board. Unlimited support and mostly answered immediately, but no longer than 24 hours.

Online Training modules on key topics for how to scale a coaching business

Value 1,550

Modules for self-study on how to scale a coaching or therapy business without compromising your core values. Covering logistics, set-up, tech, creating focus time, financial structures, marketing and client acquisition, delivery and quality control and improvement. This is about doing less, not more.

Help with Implementation

If you struggle implementing any part, you will be given help directly or shown where to get such help at affordable rates. This can cover marketing, messaging, tech support, website etc.



Payment plans are available.


Sign up for 3-months Business Mentoring HERE.

Or book in a free call with Nina  first to make sure this is right for you.


I don’t offer any discounts, but I do provide a guarantee. You have a 24-hour cooling off period from the time of purchase. to cancel contact the office within 24 hours and you will receive a full refund, no questions asked. Setting up an account and logging into the online modules will automatically void your 24 hour cooling off period. If you create an account and you then want to cancel, the amount of £550 will be deducted from your final refund. Once you have started the mentoring, we want to make sure that you are 100% satisfied. If for any reason you wish to stop the mentoring, you will receive a refund of any mentoring not used calculated pro-rata.


I am  passionate about empowering individuals through the practical skills of business because as a business owner the ultimate goal is freedom. We love creating something that has it’s own life and we love the freedom of being in charge of our own lives, our destinies and our time.

There are many pitfalls on the way. Many experts will push you to do things that don’t feel right, and tell you you will never be successful unless you follow their advice. I know because I have been one of those who was pushed around. It’s easy to be influenced by the wrong people and the wrong advice.

I believe that financial empowerment is an absolute cornerstone to being empowered. Especially for women. It gives you choices of what to do with your time, your intellect, your intelligence, your passion and your energy.

Financial empowerment means nobody can hold anything over you – nobody can scare you to put hours into something you rather not, or put energy into a venture you don’t really care about. It it the absolute key to freedom.

What I see is many coaches and therapists are influenced to act in ways that don’t come natural to them in their interaction with their market. They act and behave in ways they would never do, unless some marketing guru had told them. This comes across as fake, inauthentic, and is ultimately exhausting as it is impossible to keep up.

My mentoring will help you create an authentic and aligned business that makes you proud.

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