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  • Are you a qualified coach, therapist, Reiki practitioner, psychotherapist, or NLP Practitioner?
  • Is your business is not as financially successful as you would like?
  • Are you confused about where to get clients?
  • Do you have an aversion to social media and dread the thought of having to go on Instagram or FB all the time?
  • Would you really love to have more clients?
  • Are you committed to making your therapy and coaching business a success?
  • Do you want to feel like an empowered business woman, man, and a successful therapist or coach?

If this sounds like you, you are in the right place

The Coaching and Therapy Business Success Mentoring Programme will teach you how to set up a successful business without burnout or excessive posting on social media. It’s appropriate for anyone who is a therapist, coach, counsellor or healer and who wants to serve more clients and make a bigger impact, and who also wants to make a good living. It’s created from the question; what would I do if I had to do it all over again, and I only had three months to do it?

I’ve been a successful therapist and coach for almost 15 years. I wasted many years in the early days listening to experts telling me to do things that a) just didn’t feel right, and b) didn’t help me get results. In 2008 I sat down and made the decision that I wanted to create my business on my terms, according to my values; and that I would not compromise.

Since then, I have become successful working with a large roster of private high achieving clients and teaching coaching and NLP. I’ve learnt massive amounts on the way and this programme is developed out of seeing my students struggle with the same issues and making the same mistakes I did. I hate seeing talented healers and coaches being held back because they don’t have a focused way of reaching clients. So I thought to myself;

What would I do if I was to do it all over again?

The answer is actually not what I would do, but what I wish I had access to. I wish I had access to a structured step by step plan to follow, with sound, grounded and affordable actions, AND I wish I had access to a supportive and understanding mentor who helped me set up my business the way that I wanted it, and who could help me reach my ideal client in a way that felt authentic and real, and that would hold me by the hand to build my business from where I started to a turnover of around £80 – £100,000 per year. 

But, alas, I did  not. Instead I had to figure it out by myself, through trial and error and that took about 5 years. I also wasted a lot of money on self-styled gurus that were telling me to do things that just did not feel right.

So, I decided to create the programme for you.

The Coaching and Therapy Business Mentoring Programme gets results.

It will teach you how to;

  • Identify exactly what kind of business you wish to create. Your vision.
  • Clarify who you are best suited to work with and who you most enjoy helping.
  • Identify precisely what you are offering and how to package it.
  • Overcome barriers to getting clients due to lack of confidence.
  • Design the marketing message with clarity and purpose.
  • Create a marketing strategy that fits your business and values.
  • Create focus time, and eliminate time wasting activities.
  • Learn to measure, plan and forecast financial growth and turnover.
  • Implement systems to measure your financial growth week by week.
  • Understanding how no-sales is the best sales
  • How to hold initial calls that invite the client to work with you.

You will be supported through focused 1:1  Online Module and Targeted 1:1 Personal Mentoring Sessions just for you.

  1. Designing the vision for your business to make sure that you create a business that is in alignment with who you are, your values and how you wish to live your life.
  2. The Practicalities of Getting Going. The logistics and practicalities of the business, such as business bank account, website, space to work, etc.
  3. Your Path to Excellence. Overcoming confidence barriers and how you ensure that your skills are top-notch and current.
  4. Marketing and Messaging. This module covers your ideal client, your messaging, your offer, your marketing and how to find that influx of clients that wish to work with you.
  5. Creating Focus Time. As an empowered business owner, it is important that you manage your time effectively. This is about making success a priority.
  6. Financial Structures. This module will teach you to manage the finances in your business so that you can measure your growth and see that you are on target.
  7. Closing session, evaluating progress and designing any plans of action going forward.


How Do I Participate?

  • You enrol into the programme by purchasing the programme through our shop here on the website. See the button below.
  • Or you can book a call with me using the booking button, to discuss more about the programme and ask any questions you may  have before signing up. This is not a sales call and there are no strings attached.
  • Once signed up you are given access to the membership area with the online videos so you can start learning.
  • You will also be given access to the calendar where you can book your personal 1:1 Mentoring Sessions with myself. (Should you need to change the date and time that is always possible).
  • We will have our first on boarding call, where we talk through your goals for your business, your vision and what you want to achieve with the business and begin to strategize for how we will make this happen.
  • You will watch each module and implement what you have learnt. In the personal 1:1 Mentoring Session we discuss your challenges and options and I will help you implement what you have learnt.
  • Once you’ve gone through the programme, provided you are focused and taking action, you will have a fully functioning Therapy or Coaching Business ready to see clients and generate the kind of income you deserve.
  • You are free to book any number of additional mentoring sessions with me on a need-basis. As an established client you always have priority.

How Much Money Can I Expect to Make?

This depends on the state of your current business, how committed you are to your success, the amount of work and time you put into it, and how well you follow instructions.

Assuming you are 100% committed and show that through the time you spend on your business, your willingness to learn, and the action you take; if you are currently turning over £0.00 to £25,000 per year you can aim for a turnover of £50,000 to £60,000 in the first year.

But not everyone will achieve this. This depends entirely upon you, how you implement the advice, how much time you put in, how willing you are to learn. The figures above are an indication of what is reasonably possible; you can also earn more. But the figures above are in no way a guarantee, and should not be taken as such.

Once you see substantial growth you will have tested your client accusation strategy, your marketing messaging and your systems. You will have strong financial control of your business. Then you will have the information you need to raise your financial targets.

If you are already earning £25,000 to £50,000, we will analyse your business, identify where your leaks are, and create a plan for how to increase your turnover for the next financial year. In that case your goals will be different, and you can expect to aim for £75,000 to £100,000.

How Much Does the Programme Cost?

You have two options.

Purchase the online course only and work through the modules on your own. You can always reach out for an ad-hoc mentoring session with myself throughout the course (charged at £250 per call).

The second option is joining The Coaching and Therapy Business Success Mentoring Programme which includes the online modules and seven 1:1 Personal Mentoring Sessions with myself.

The Coaching and Business Mentoring Success Programme 1:1 £2,550

This include:

  • Full access to the online programme
  • Any swipe files of standard emails and templates
  • Seven personal 1:1 Business Mentoring Sessions with myself


The Coaching and Business Mentoring Success Programme Self Study Online Only £1,050

How Do I Join?

You enrol into the programme by visiting the shop and paying for your programme.

Once payment has been made you will receive access to the membership area and access to the calendar to book in your first 1:1 onboarding call with me. Your first  onboarding call happens the first Wednesday of each month. Next call is on Wednesday 7th July, and the one after that is on 4th August.

I am looking forward to sharing this journey to personal and financial empowerment with you, to see your coaching and therapy business successful and to see you making a bigger impact in the world.

Final Thoughts…

Like you, I started my business as a Coach and Healer because I wanted my life to have purpose, and I loved the idea of designing a business that was unique to me and that would be helping people. It gave me such joy to think I could live a financially wonderful life, travel the world, live on my terms, and that I would be fulfilling my purpose at the same time. I happen to love learning and love the creativity that business design is. I love grasping the concept of finances and business because it is the ultimate in personal empowerment. This programme is developed out of seeing my students fall at the first hurdles when I know this is not necessary. I can see how great they are, what compassionate and powerful coaches they have become, yet they are not reaching clients because they are stumped by bad advice and misguided beliefs. So I want to help.

If you’d like to talk to me before signing up, you can book a call here.

Book A Call With Nina

A reminder of what you will learn

  • Identify exactly what you are offering to whom and how.
  • Clarify who you are best suited to work with.
  • Formulate the offer and messaging it in a way that feels real.
  • Shape the message so that it makes your clients reach out to you to ask to work with you, (rather than you chasing) whilst at the same time not compromising your integrity.
  • Design the marketing strategy with clarity and purpose.
  • Get mentoring on how to run the financial side of the business, with simple tools to forecast and plan your growth and yearly income, exactly the actions you will take. No fluff – just business sense.
  • Overcoming barriers to gaining new clients and avoiding the key mistakes.
  • Understanding how no-sales is the best sales and how to hold initial calls that do not sell, but invite the client to work with you.
  • Strategy for creating focus time, and eliminate time wasting and energy draining activities to only focus on the fun and the stuff that brings you clients fast.

We do all this without

  • Compromising your integrity.
  • Doing things that feel in-authentic.
  • Posting in social media all the time.
  • Charging fees that don’t feel comfortable to  you.

First of all thank you so much for the workshop . It was very helpful for me and I left feeling very inspired and full of ideas….Now I know what I need to do with my business preparation …and I am feeling very engaged with it and excited!! Thank you for your very precious time and knowledge, I enjoyed the group and felt very comfortable.” – Mercedes (Psychotherapist)

Who does this programme?

Qualified coaches and therapists who want to get on with helping their clients, but are fed up with  social media, worried about visibility and don’t identify with the chase for the high-end client.

Therapists and coaches who do not want to promote a brag culture, but are looking for authentic expression in their marketing and media presence.

Therapists and coaches who just want to get on with serving clients, changing lives and helping people, and who are not looking to become Instagram stars or the next Tony Robbins.

Why Do I Teach Business Success Strategy?

Hey, this is me on a Royal Enfield in Himachal Pradesh, India. Each year I go on an annual pilgrimage to decompress, get off the grid, let my hair down and enjoy the crisp mountain air. I am so passionate about empowerment you through the practical skills of business.

I love helping people and one way of being totally free, is to be financially independent and successful – but with your integrity intact. It is a tight-rope and it is easy to be influenced by the wrong people and fall off.

I believe that financial empowerment is an absolute cornerstone to being empowered in life. Especially for women. It gives you choices. Choices what to do with your time, your intellect, your intelligence, your passion and your energy.

I used to work in a job I really disliked and I felt exhausted, trapped and bored. Becoming a Life Coach meant that I was doing something meaningful and really making an impact for people. It felt great! But it wasn’t until I put my head down and decided to learn how to run a financially successful business (without compromising any of my values) that I became truly free.

Financial empowerment means that nobody can hold anything over you – nobody can scare you to put hours into something you rather not do, or to put your energy into a venture you don’t really care about. It it the absolute key to freedom.

What I have seen though is many coaches and therapists are being influenced to believe they have to act and be in a way that doesn’t feel right to them. And when you try to do things that don’t feel right you run out of energy. You begin to suffer from the pressure, feel a slight twinge of fakeness, the uncomfortable feeling of feeling unaligned; because you are trying to do something that just doesn’t sit right with you.

That is why this programme focuses on creating an authentic and aligned business model for you that provides you with the financial income you desire. That way you will feel ease and flow. You will feel enthusiastic to promote yourself, proud of what you are doing and the positive energy and joy will shine through. That is magnetic to people and clients. As you have more joy, energy and happiness you can serve more people and make a bigger impact – and the world is a better place for it. You will be happy, I will be happy and your clients will be happy too.

I think they call that win-win! 😊

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