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Join us in this amazing, relaxing, creative and productive workshop in the beautiful island of Mykonos to develop and grow your business under expert supervision and mentoring with Nina Madden.

Nina will share strategies with you that you can implement straight away to grow your business to multiple six figures.

And you can do this without huge visibility, constant social media posting, or chasing high-end

The Business Mentoring Programme

Nina Madden is a Master Coach, Business Mentor and Accredited Trainer of NLP with 13 years’ experience being a Life Coach.

“I am passionate about empowerment you through the practical skills of business. Financial empowerment is a cornerstone to being empowered in life. It gives you choices what to do with your time, your intellect, your intelligence, your passion and your energy. It means that nobody can hold anything over you – nobody can make you put hours into something you’d rather not do, or put energy into ventures you don’t care about.

Financial empowerment means that you have a choice. But there is no empowerment if you feel pushed to do things you don’t believe in.

I will help you create an aligned business model that provide you with the income you desire without ever compromising on what you feel is right, so that you can reach more people and change more lives.” Nina Madden

Greece Retreat – Five Days of Business Development, Relaxation, Creativity, Productivity & Business Mentoring

In this five day retreat you will get business mentoring to work through your own business whilst you also relax, get creative and productive.


It is important to relax. When you are relaxed your intuition and creativity flows. Your joy comes through to the forth and everything you do in your business is done with the energy and sweetness of happiness and joy.

Get Creative

When you relax you become more creative. You access the intuition within you and come up with new ideas, new ways of seeing things, and new ways of doing things. You can create the beautiful business you desire that has as much soul as everything else you do.


From relaxation and creativity, comes intuition and finally productivity. You no longer stress about things that are unimportant, can say no to things that don’t matter and find the space inside yourself and in your day to truly create things that matter.

Business Mentoring

If you are not as financially successful that you would like to be it is probably not because you don’t work hard, or are motivated enough, but because you don’t know how to strategize and plan your success.

Working with Nina as your mentor you will get proven strategies to implement in a structured way. These will give you results straight away.

She learn these strategies from her own mentors and advisors that have supported her over the years from many different businesses and she will share these strategies with you.

Nina has built her own business to multiple six figures with these strategies and has never compromised on integrity or authenticity.

What you will learn

  • Money and maths for coaches and therapists ????????????.
  • Financial empowerment and how to make money as a Coach and Therapist (no high-ticket nonsense).
  • Strategies for building confidence and self-esteem as a new coach (or even if you have experienced but have had a gap).
  • Marketing and Ideal Client – how to get your offer sorted, aligned and authentic.
  • Strategy for clarity and success – how not to waste time chasing your tail, going down the wrong path, pushing dead ideas or being dragged into other people’s plans.
  • Mind-set and how to turn set-backs into quantum leaps.
  • How to only use social media for effective communication in alignment with your values only. Making it a joy, and not a chore.
  • Why you do not need to post if you don’t want to and why.
  • How to be financially successful as a coach and therapist, even if you are just starting out, and without asking silly prices or keeping up a façade.


  • Compromising your integrity
  • Doing things that feel in-authentic
  • Posting in social media all the time
  • Charging fees that don’t feel comfortable

You will enjoy

  • The honesty of everyone there – no big egos, and no “negative nancies/victims”, just nice practical individuals at different levels of their careers willing and wanting to help each other.
  • How everyone has turned away from the brag-posts and are looking to connect honestly and in a meaningful way instead.
  • The breakthroughs I was able to create through the maths and money portion. Driving it forward in a down-to earth and grounded way.
  • The wisdom, kindness and the sensitivity of the group – the genuine authentic desire to make the world a better place.
  • The connections and support that was being formed.
  • The breakthroughs that come from having an experienced mentor listening to you, and your concerns and helping you grow your business in your own unique way (no cookie-cutter, one-size fits all principles here).

Details of Next Business Retreat In Greece

Dates: April 2020

Price: Early bird price is £1,950,960

Or email to sign up.

Full details will be sent to you once payment has been received.

Why you should come

  • Curiosity – what are the seven secrets and how will they change your business?
  • Learn how to have an extremely focused and successful Life Coaching and Therapy Business
  • Meet new people
  • Get support
  • Ask questions – as many as you want!
  • Workshop your own business
  • Have fun
  • Connect with like-minded people
  • Relax, enjoy, meditate, have fun, take long walks
  • Get your business to start growing, serving more people straight away.

I will NOT

Push you to work only with high-end clients or push you to make compromised to what you feel is right. I won’t tell you to post endlessly on social media (that is not how you get clients).

Contrary to what people believe you can be extremely successful without that much visibility (just because not everyone wants to be super-visible all the time).


Help you focus so that you can be constructive and practical, set goals that feel right, and achieve them with less effort. I will share the strategy that will enable you to achieves the goal, without feeling unaligned and teach you the key tools and strategies required for long term success.

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Note from Nina Madden

I have been a Life Coach, Therapist and Healer for over 13 years.

I see clients face to face from private practice in High Street Kensington, London and I work  over Skype with clients from all over the world.

When I set up my business back in 2006, but I was floundering. I was working extremely hard but not really being financially successful. I loved the work, and felt fulfilled but I wasn’t making any real money.

It was frustrating and confusing because people were giving me advice but often I felt uncomfortable implementing what they were suggesting.

Despite getting great feedback and knowing I was doing a great job, that wasn’t enough to succeed financially.

Then one day I met a person who would have a huge impact on my life. I met a mentor, a very successful business angel who took an interest in my business and helped me turn my business around, but in a way that was aligned with my values and beliefs.

Business Mentoring: The Gift Of Someone Who Knows What They Are Doing

He started to show me systems and ways of thinking, spreadsheets, numbers, maths.

Over a period of about four months, I received my own private MBA, specifically work-shopping my own business and growing it to the success I have today.

All my growth has been in line with my vision, my values, my dreams, my identity and my higher purpose.

Learn to Build Your Business From The Ground Up

I have distilled the key activities and strategies I used to grow my business into a powerful step by step system full of applicable strategies to put in place straight away.

This is what I share with you in Greece.

I will teach you the key skills you need to have to grow your business financially to the level you want.

I will share the key tools to create and predict your financial future, in line with your vision, identity and higher purpose.

What my mentor taught me was a way to understand how to build the business brick by brick. Very practical, step by step, methodical. No bells and whistles, no fancy promises – just one brick at a time.

Does it sound boring? It is not boring to see your business grow financially and feel in control of the process.

In this retreat I will teach you how you too can build your business up to reach six figures and beyond – by serving the people you love, in the way  you love and aligned with your vision, your identity and  your higher purpose.

The skills and tools are transferable and lifelong.

Once you reach £100,000 you use the same strategy to reach £200,000 or £300,000.

Feedback from previous Business Mentoring Workshops

“It was a great chance to meet other coaches and get real steps to grow your business without endless posting on social media or chasing high-ticket clients.” Sarah (NLP Coach)

“First of all THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for yesterday’s day session. It was very helpful for me and I left feeling very inspired and full of ideas….Now I know what I need to do with my business preparation …but am feeling very engaged with it and excited!! Thank you for your very precious time and knowledge, I enjoyed the group and felt very comfortable.” – Mercedes (Psychotherapist)

“This is such a breakthrough. I have gone round for ages with other coaches but now I feel totally clear. I sent my email out yesterday and I have already booked two calls – and we are only half way through! Angela – Life Coach

“Nina, I can’t believe you, I just had my first enquiry and I used what you taught me about the call to the letter. It worked so beautifully! I barely finished and the clients had signed up.” Azzah – Relationship Counsellor

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