January 27, 2018 nina

What is a Great Life Coach and How Can They Help Me?

💝✨🚀Life Coach – What is A Great Life Coach?

🤔A Great Life Coach is someone who:

  • Opens up my world and imagination to what’s possible
  • Awakens my potential and helps me realise it
  • Helps me to tune in, see and appreciate my talents/resources
  • Empowers me
  • Makes me feel that change is possible and mine for the taking

  • Is an enabler of clarity and a facilitator of change
  • Helps me build my life around my values
  • Helps me clear blocks and get unstuck
  • Is a remover of obstacles
  • Challenges me to stretch and grow in new and exciting ways
  • Helps me get clarity on what I really want in life
  • Helps me create that life and design it for maximum fulfilment
  • Enables me to go out and step into my power
  • Taps into my inner wisdom for greater guidance
  • Helps me get to the root of my problems/what’s keeping me stuck and creates solutions
  • Helps me (w/practical steps) to articulate and formalise my goals, move forward and achieve them
  • Champions, acknowledges and celebrates my successes
  • Is compassionate, non-judgemental and solution focused
  • Supports me to make better decisions
  • Is authentic, confident, experienced
  • Helps me reach levels of personal commitment and growth I’ve never accessed within myself before
  • Helps me find my way, using my map
  • Is present, available and undistracted
  • Someone who holds the space for me to sit, think, reflect and access my own resources
  • Creates a safe, honest and non-judgemental space for me to explore my own mind
  • Listens to me attentively
  • Believes in me and sees my potential
  • Someone who can shine a light on my skills and potential
  • Supports me fully
  • Awakens and helps me to see the confidence and skills I have
  • Helps me to feel motivated and empowered
  • Helps me create momentum
  • Propels me forward into life and helps me maximise my potential and fulfilment
  • Helps me transition into the next steps of my life with positivity
  • Makes sure that I follow through on my commitments
  • Helps me explore my life purpose and vision and integrate it fully into my life
  • Helps me transition positively to where I want to be

A Life Coach is someone that Helps me become the person I want to be.


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