My Passion

My passion is to help you become an independent, free and empowered woman, feeling great about yourself, and ready and excited about the next stage in life.

Below I am going to tell you about some of the pretty amazing things I have explored and done. But I wasn’t always like this. There was a time when I was so lacking in confidence, feeling so down about myself, all I wanted was a guy to come in and whisk me away.

Today I feel so relieved and happy to be single from within. I know the experiences I have had as a free woman, all over the world, would have been impossible had I been someone’s “girlfriend” or “wife”.

To some of you that may seem odd, and I used to think that too.

Africa – Asia – Kazakhistan – Embracing the Explorer – Girl On A Bike

When I told my friends and family I wanted to cross Africa on a motorcycle, the nicest reaction I got was a nervous laugh. Others rolled their eyes, and others still told me I couldn’t to it, I would die.

Since then, I’ve ridden all over the world.

I’ve got lost in the Masai Mara as the sun set, wandered into military territory near the Chinese / India border, followed the Afghan border for days, traversed Kazakhstan, followed the Pamir Highway, descended the Rift Valley, slept underneath the stars in both the Sahara and in Rajastan deserts, riddeen through a herd of wilderbeast, and escaped a charging elephant in Southern India.

I’ve changed tyres in 40 degrees heat. I’ve slept in a tent listening to the lions roaring in the night.

I’ve ridden solo, and with my friends. I’ve crossed deserts, savannahs, mountain passes, jungles and more deserts. I’ve slept under the stars, sat around a camp fires with friends, drinking beers and just feeling like I could go on forever.

I’ve fallen in love, had my heart broken, and found friendships and soul-mates across languages, cultures, religions and countries.

There is only one life worth living, and that is a life of passion and adventure. It is a life full of mistakes, full of wrong turns, full of adventures, where nothing is perfect, and everything is real.

I believe in expansiveness, in space, in the freedom of your soul.

There are no rules for how you should live, but your soul knows it’s true self.

The only boundaries there are, are the ones we set ourselves.

A Girl in Business

In my 20s I lived in Bangkok where I ran an art gallery. I set that company up from scratch, and I dealt with customs, the banks, with an alcoholic business partner, and I ran that business at the age of 24.

My customers were the top echelons of Thai society, and included the royal family, the national chief of police and his body guards and entourage, his lawyers, and celebrities, models, ambassadors and diplomats.

I negotiated deals, sold the stock, imported and created a profitable business.

I learnt everything from first business in Laos which was a communist country at the time. I dealt with getting business licenses, bribes, with the police. I negotiated deals with foreign investors, gold mining  and diamond mining companies, a casinos and many garment manufacturers. I dealt with staff, land owners, and property owners.  I was only 22.

Searching For Answers

After Bangkok I sold my gallery. At the age of 28 I came to London and paid for two MA’s out of the profits I had made. The first one was with Sotheby’s.

I wrote for art magazines like the Tate Magazine, worked for the South London gallery as an artist manager and managed performance artist Maria La Ribot. I managed other performance artists, including a young Brazilian talent, set up tours in Europe, negotiated with the venues, booked them and travelled with the artists, set up the shows and looked after the artists.

I did a second MA with the City University in critical theory. I studied Foucault and Baudrillard and Sartre and Adorno and the Frankfurt School. I wanted answers to the bigger questions in life. I studied trauma and how it escaped the capture of language. I studied the gaps and silences between the sounds, the absences. I read the poetry of Paul Celan and I wanted to give a voice to those who suffered in silence.

But the philosophers did not provide answers. They were intellectual men with academic power. Limited by the dryness of their thought, masking their personal emotion behnd rationality and logic.

I was looking for something deeper, something more true. I was searching for wisdom and meaning. And then I discovered mine.

Finding My Gift

I studied psychology, coaching and the human condition. I became an NLP Coach and NLP Therapist.

I worked with hundreds of people. I set up my own clinic in Kensington. I volunteered for Refuge. I worked with domestic violence and helped hundreds, if not thousands, of women to break the cycle and turn their lives around.

I discovered a gift for helping, for giving people insight, clarity and courage.

I helped these women to leave. They picked up their kids and ran. They created new futures for themselves.

It was tough. I argued with policy makers and managers, and social services – fighting for the rights of these women and children. I argued with social workers and police at 3 am in the morning because they’d kicked the door down and left a woman and her three children without a front door.

I stayed up until two am ringing charities to get a teenage girl off the streets who’s been raped by her fathers friend. I fought for her, the charities refusing to take her in as she fell through the cracks, didn’t “fit their criteria”.

I didn’t give up on the woman with no immigration status, living off the good will of the Samaritan who also beat her bloody. Or on the woman with her 11 children that no refuge could house, nor did I give up on the girl whose husband was training her children to beat her and spit on her and call her names. These women were often “illegals” with no rights, no papers, no access to help.

I worked tirelessly for these women and children.

In my private practice helped hundreds of people get in touch with their truth. To leave the corporate trap and become free to live their own life. To create their vision, design their futures, make strategic moves and be successful on their own terms.

I helped people access the courage to dream, to be brave enough to follow their dreams and make them come true.

Having Fun and Being Free

When I was a teenager I had a dream to ride a motorcycle across Africa. People rolled their eyes and make me feel stupid for ever dreaming of such a thing.

Since then, I have descended the Rift Valley, crossed the Equator, got lost in the Masai Mara, avoided angry elephants, split a huge herd of Wilderbeast in two by riding through the herd.

I rode a motorcycle across Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. I rode along the Afghanistan border for days, with nothing but a narrow river separating us from one of the most villainised countries in the world.

I’ve ridden across the highest passes in the Himalayas, through glaciers, snow storms, rain, water crossings and landslides. Just because I can. And as the road gets tougher, and the conditions harsher, I become happier, stronger, more free and more powerful.

The ideal of your souls is space



The one thing it yearns for is to be free, to expand, to reach out.


Because your soul is infinity itself

It has no restrictions or limitations

It resists being fenced in

And when you attempt to contain it with rules and obligations it’s miserable

Your invisible self is extraordinary

because it’s a fragment of the universal soul

which itself is infinite

– dr. Wayne Dyer.


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