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The Four Levels of Existence and Awakening.

There are, four levels of existence and awakening.

The first level is victimhood. This is where we feel we are the result of everything that has happened to us, and that is still happening to us. This is an illusion. People stuck in victim illusion seek therapy and analysis to “understand” “why” they are suffering.

The develop stories, together with counsellors and psychotherapists about their childhoods, their parents, their experiences, and rationalize their pain through these stories. They feel and people tell them, that they are in a certain way because of certain experiences in childhood. This is a lie. This is an illusion, and a prison and a trap.

The second level is empowerment. When the individual begins to awaken to their own power. Now the individual begins to understand that suffering is not from “what happened” but from “how they view what happened”. The indiviudal begins to let go of victimhood. They begin to find power in their experiences. They transcend them. They realise they have beautiful gifts within and begin to lift these out and show the world. Maya Angelou, Ophra Winfrey, Tony Robbins. Wayne Dyer. All speak about the power of their spirit and soul – they feel themselves as more, much more than their experiences, and start to know there is an untouched glimmering part within, that fragment within being a fragment of the universal soul.

They value their spirit and take action and are empowered to create happiness and success and joy around. They take responsibility for their mind, and what they “make things mean”. But they still believe that any discomfort or pain is because of “other people”.

You hear people say, “I am getting rid of negative people from my life” not realising that it is them! They experience conflicts because “others” are not as enlightened as they. They only want to surround themselves with people who “inspire” them. There is a huge tinge of powerlessness still. They talk a good “spiritual” game but it is all talk.

It is here that people begin to understand the power of the unconscious mind, and the magic that happens when we clear the unconscious mind from debris. Opportunities come along. Things change.

The third stage is when the person begins to see magical synchronicities and experience and spooky coincidences – as if the universe is conspiring for their success.

The person starts talking about surrender, letting go, meaningful “synchro-destinies” (Chopra). They relax and the world seems to magically open up to them in a beautiful embrace.

They lean back, and say wow – this law of attraction really works!

But it is still all materialistic. They are rewarded with riches, beautiful things, money, wonderful relationships – but still things that are perceived as being “outside” and given the power to affect the inside.

The fourth stage is an Awakening (to the divine), sounding odd to the first and second stage, and a confusing possibility to the third stage (as they are still concerned with materialism).

This is when the individual begins to realise it is ALL THEM. Nobody outside is good or bad, or causing any happiness, or unhappiness but it is all inside.

They don’t feel there is a distinction between inside and outside anymore – the universe is within my mind and everything that exists in my awareness is within me – if I don’t like it it is not “you” it is “something in me”.

Everything is available – yet it has lost it’s meaning.

They don’t search for riches or success anymore because the feeling of abundance and richness is so palpable within. They don’t look for a soul mate or a lover or partner, because the feelings of love is so strong within. They feel, they accept and they love.

There is no inside, or outside, as it is all one.

Some know it as the Zero state, infinity, being at one with the divine. There is no lack out there, so no need to “get” more, or achieve more, or find more.

Our Coaching & NLP Programme takes you through the four stages and allows you to match your own level and help your clients at the level where they need help. There is much talk about spirituality, and many people believe they are spiritual, but in fact they have no grasp on reality. They are not able to make their way in the world, earn a living, or pay their bills. This is the opposite of spiritual.

You have to learn to be grounded and empowered before you can connect with your divine purpose.

💖With Love



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