A career as a professional Life Coach and NLP Master Practitioner is truly rewarding. You will help your clients change their lives and become happier, more empowered and achieve their dreams. Not only will you be Life Coaching for change and happiness, but with NLP at highly advanced NLP Master Practitioner level you will be helping your clients overcome their innermost difficulties, such as anxiety, depression and low self-esteem.

What’s even more amazing, whatever happens, you’ll be equipped with powerful tools and resources to make your life and your own dreams come true.

Boutique Training – Certified Life Coach, NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner

The Professional Coaching with NLP Training has been running successfully since 2017. It’s a boutique training in with small groups and a compassionate environment where you’ll get the skills, knowledge and understanding you need to help your clients deeply. It’s a truly unique training preparing you for a successful career as a Life coach and NLP Master Practitioner who changes her clients’ lives.

Start Building Your Portfolio of New Clients

Amy is working as a career coach, and she is incredibly busy with at least four new discovery calls from prospective clients per day. Faith did the course and used it as a launch pad to move abroad, to Thailand and set up her business coaching people who want to leave the rat race. Naomi was an accountant and used the course to change her career, but her company re-hired her as a coach and she now coaches women returning to the workplace.

Once you pass the assessment and receive your certifications you’re ready to set up your own business, see paying clients and practice professionally.

Recognised and Approved Certification – ILM / ABNLP/ ANLP/ ICF

The Professional Coaching with NLP Training is endorsed by the prestigious ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management). We’re registered with the ANLP and Accredited by the ABNLP. And this training also can count towards an accreditation with the ICF.

Taught by ICF Accredited Life Coach, NLP Therapist and International Trainer Nina Madden

I’m an ICF Accredited Coach, Accredited Trainer of NLP and Coaching. I have fifteen years experience working with private clients helping them change their lives. I’ve worked with trauma, domestic violence and panic attacks. I’ve helped clients with life purpose, motivation and passion. I’ve helped them overcome fear, hopelessness and depression.

This means my training is based on real life first-hand experience. You’ll get the depth and breath of training you need.

There is no better career than one that helps people overcome their biggest obstacles so they can be happy, empowered and have what they want.

You can expect the training to be dynamic, fun and enlightening and you will have lots of personal breakthroughs along the way. In addition you’ll have the knowledge, skills and training you need to be successful in the coaching world.


Sign up today and start learning straight away. Come on the LIVE training starting 12 May. Be qualified by middle of June.

These groups are small and unique which is why they fill up far in advance. Register below and then pick your dates, or discuss with us on a call first.

Certification includes three recognised Certifications. Accredited NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner Certification, and Certified Personal Life Coach Certification. The ILM Certification is offered as an optional extra. The price including the ILM Certification is £5,497 You can ad that once you have booked in.

Investment: £4,997

Because of the Boutique style training and limited class sizes, courses fill up months in advance.

“I am truly grateful to have learn NLP with such a wonderful person as Nina. She is a strong, enlightened and generous person. Her course was not only an intense learning experience, but it was also a place full of sharing and uplifting conversations. She has this natural way of leading the group and creating harmony between people with different ages, backgrounds and cultures. She opened many doors and created peaceful bridges in my way of seeing the world. To make it short, thank you Nina, and keep on uplifting this world and its people.” 

Barbara Pitras – The Professional Coaching with NLP Programme Graduate 


In this training you will learn to help your clients with the things that matter to them the most;

  • Professional Coaching in Action – recognised coaching models including GROW model
  • How to hold a coaching session with a client from beginning, middle to end
  • Core coaching competencies – evoke awareness, facilitate growth and change
  • How to Practice Professionally – setting agreements etc
  • Advanced NLP at Master Practitioner level; how to help your clients with anxiety, depression, regret, childhood issues, guilt, shame, lack of purpose, feeling lost, and more
  • Life Coaching and NLP to help your clients with Direction and Purpose
  • Metaphor, Myth, and Archetypes to reveal deeper universal truths
  • How Hero’s Journey helps your clients see their lives in a new light


My training attracts a diverse range of people, mostly women who want to help people more profoundly. In the small groups we get to learn deeply about each other and bonds are formed that last a life time. Some have a corporate background but long for a career that is more fulfilling. Some have worked in HR. Companies that have sent delegates on our training include Visa, Walt Disney, NHS, Sega, Marval and more. Others are already psychologists or counsellors but they want a more powerful discipline to help their clients more. Some have more of a spiritual background and might be qualified in Reiki or other healing modalities, but they want something accredited and recognised.

But you don’t need any special background to do this course.

To recap here is what you get inside the Life Coach and NLP training…

  • Personable and psychologically safe environment inside our Boutique style training; get plenty of personal attention and airspace as you learn about life coaching and NLP
  • Professional training; feel secure that you have a solid recognised foundation for your new career
  • Intimate group sizes – enough people to provide variety but not so many that you don’t have any individual attention
  • Three internationally recognised qualifications: Professional Life Coach, NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner
  • Accredited by the ABNLP, registered with the ANLP and recognised by the ICF. Endorsed by the ILM – the prestigious Institute of Leadership and Management
  • Learn to Practice Professionally with contracts, setting agreements, code of ethics, membership boards and business module
  • Advanced NLP at Master Practitioner level; how to help your clients with anxiety, depression, regret, childhood issues, guilt, shame, lack of purpose, feeling lost, and more
  • Life Coaching for direction and purpose – help your clients find purpose and meaning
  • Coaching for performance and success – learn the most powerful tools to help your clients succeed
  • Archetypes, Storytelling, and Hero’s Journey, enabling you to help your clients re-write their dominant narratives, freeing them from victim mode, and helping them see their own power
  • Access to events such as the Coach Café community series of practice and thinking events, Supervision Q+A,
  • Access to personal coaching with Nina Madden
  • Free business module that will show you how to start your own coaching business
  • Free mentoring and support

Seamus McManus – The Professional Coaching With NLP Programme Graduate

“I have just completed the @NinaMadden life coach, NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner course. Nina is a very capable and professional instructor in this field and her experience showed from start to finish. The course is excellently structured and delivered. In these unsure Covid times Nina has pivoted excellently into the online arena and her control of the sessions were seamless. The service she offers post course is also reassuring and a bonus in itself. This is more than a course, it is the beginning of a new and exciting journey. If you, like I was, are in any doubt whether to do this course…. go for it. You won’t be disappointed.

Chrystella – The Professional Coaching With NLP Training Graduate

You are such a powerful, insightful Coach who in turn empowers and enables clients to become that too… That’s magic!

“Thank you, Nina. I find it rather hard to express in words how I feel about my entire experience. You are such a powerful, insightful Coach who in turn empowers and enables clients to become that too… That’s magic! I am literally still bursting with excitement. Yesterday the Hero’s Journey unlocked many other journeys I’ve walked, as I embark on this next call to adventure.


Below is more in-depth detail of what you will be learning during your training.

NLP Practitioner Training Certification

Understanding the Nature of Human Beings and the World

  • Fundamental principles and theories of NLP
  • The history and background of NLP and how NLP fits within the coaching framework
  • The difference between subjective experience and content based models
  • The principle belief system, their impact and how to change them
  • Understanding the nature of the world, of being a human and subjective experience
  • Discover how to access the resources of the mind including the unconscious mind

Sharpening Your Senses – Developing Your Intuition – Deepening Your Connection

  • Energetic rapport and calibration – connect with people on a deep level to create trust and rapport
  • Develop your listening skills to be able to hear what the client is not saying
  • Become the person your clients trust implicitly with their most painful secrets
  • Primary representation systems – deepening and aligning your communication to develop connection even further
  • Eyes and Body Language – being able to see what type of memories, thoughts and inner world people are accessing
  • Learn how to create a safe space that enables your clients to go deep within to find their truth

Cultivate Trust and Creating a Safe Space

  • Respecting and understanding other people’s maps of the world, belief frameworks, religions and values systems
  • Coaching within other peoples frameworks

Mastering Emotions 

  • Be aware and manage your own state and emotions
  • Avoid being hijacked by emotions at inappropriate times, including anger, sadness, frustration
  • Release negative emotions such as shame guilt and fear
  • Choose your mood – build resilience, confidence and self-esteem
  • Anchoring – installing powerful emotional states in yourself and others
  • Collapsing negative emotions – removing negative emotions
  • Influencing other people’s emotional states – make people feel happy, courageous and wonderful
  • Techniques to remove triggers and hot buttons
  • Removing negative belief systems and clusters of beliefs that keep you small, stuck and afraid
  • Learn how to help your clients do the same

Mastering Successful Communication

  • The Meta Model: Ask the right questions to get to the deep structure
  • Pull out wrong or unhelpful thinking, limiting beliefs and false assumptions
  • Milton Model: Language of influence, persuasion and hypnosis
  • Conversational Hypnosis. Influence people and change their beliefs without them knowing

Becoming a Master of Perception – See Inside the Minds of Others

  • Advanced Body Language – being able to read and sense minute shifts in emotion, thoughts and feelings
  • Spot when people are deflecting, not being honest, distracting or avoidant and know what to say in those moments to help the client connect with their truth
  • Spot internal conflicts in others and help them to resolve these
  • Micro Expressions – read micro-expressions, masked expression and emblematic expressions on the face
  • Reading group dynamics

Programming Your Future – Finding Life purpose and direction

  • Using time-line therapy techniques to create a compelling future for yourself and your clients
  • Get in touch with your inner guru/ wise woman/ man for advice
  • Using the resources of the unconscious mind to create the life you want
  • Discovering your true wants and desires and setting up the unconscious mind to make it happen

Managing Conflict and Conflict Resolution

  • Conflict resolution – turning anger and conflict into harmonious and happy relationships
  • Discovering specific NLP techniques to heal troubled relationships
  • Personal alignment – Aligning the self and others

Professional Life Coach Certification – Coaching in Action

  • The background and history of coaching
  • How coaching differs from therapy and the core principles of coaching
  • Learn the core competencies as defined by the ICF
  • Powerful structure to the sessions with beginning middle and end
  • Active listening and barriers to listening
  • Learn to practice professionally including defining the coaching relationship, contracts, codes of ethics, setting up and maintaining agreements, confidentiality etc
  • Learn powerful coaching techniques to facilitate learning and growth
  • Incisive and wisdom accessing questioning techniques for new insights and perspectives
  • Build your coaching toolkit for success and performance
  • Help your clients find awareness and self-insight
  • Practical supervised coaching sessions
  • You the coach – your vision, purpose and direction
  • When to stop coaching a client
  • Ethical dilemmas and how to deal with them

NLP Master Practitioner Certification

NLP and Mental Strategies

  • Understanding how and why some people are successful
  • Becoming aware of your own strategies for success and learning
  • Learning empowering mindset, belief systems and actions

The Personality Matrix – Meta Programs, Values and Beliefs

  • Predicting behaviour and reactions of others with consistent accuracy
  • Tailor your communication to have maximum effect
  • Learn how to use other people’s beliefs, values and meta-programs to influence them
  • Avoid setting up the wrong goals
  • Aligning goals with self and identity

Freeing Yourself from the Past – Time Line Re-Imprinting

  • Techniques to remove negative feelings and imprints from childhood
  • Timeline Re-Imprinting to remove painful emotions
  • Removing sadness, fear, hurt, guilt and shame
  • Techniques to change your relationship to yourself, to increase compassion, self-love and self-esteem

 NLP Therapy, Tools & Techniques

  • Develop your toolkit with techniques to quickly change unwanted behaviour and habits in yourself and in your clients
  • Identify the source of fear and remove it
  • Techniques to change negative behaviours and habits
  • Belief Change Techniques, removing limiting beliefs
  • Conflict negotiation – creating harmonious and happy relationships

Advanced NLP & Life Coaching Skills

  • Have the flexibility to operate within different frameworks to achieve the desired results (spiritual, biological, conceptual, neurobiological, and psychological) and switch according to the clients’ belief system
  • Moving away from set techniques and practice free-flowing, creative and intuitive NLP work
  • Learn how to put together whole NLP sessions
  • How to work based on the client in front of you – not based on the manual or book of techniques
  • Develop your unique style as a coach

Archetypes and “Metaphors of Identity”

  • Discovering your personal life metaphors and metaphors of identity
  • Understanding how your metaphors are intimately connected to your life path and your personal destiny
  • Understanding the deep impact your operational metaphors have on your behaviour and personality
  • Alternative realities – psychoactive metaphor work (shamanism, guided journey) for those who are interested
  • Working with archetypes to develop powerful new skills and abilities

Healing Stories – Transformational Story telling

  • Identify the clients limiting metaphors – using interviews with figures such as Stephen Fry and Howie Mandell
  • Learn the structure of healing stories, as used by Dr Milton Erickson
  • Learn how to create Healing and Transformational stories that heal, sooth and empower

Your Hero’s Journey

  • Changing any victim narrative and life story with the help of Your Personal Hero’s Journey
  • Finding your life destiny and personal power
  • Be resilient and strong in dealing with challenges and issues
  • Understand how the events of your life are connected into a Hero’s Journey
  • Hearing your fellow classmates hero journey stories
  • Learning how to release dis-empowering narratives and replace them with a different story – a story that will help you be authentic, true, empowered and happy

This course has changed my life forever

“Thank you, Nina, for an unforgettable NLP & Life Coach training. I am so grateful! This course has changed my life forever.”

Ana Carvalho – The Professional Coaching With NLP Programme Graduate

Neetu Arora Uppal
Neetu Arora Uppal
Thank you Nina for the course. The way the course is structured, presented and taught is excellent.Each technique is explained in detail and has demos given by Nina. Everyone is encouraged to practise the techniques with each other to build confidence and explore errors made and how they can be minimised. The course is intense but Nina keeps it very interesting. She sends you some pre-course material which is extremely helpful. Once you begin your journey of learning with Nina, you can see her passion and ease with the way she uses her knowledge of NLP. The sessions are interactive. Nina encourages and provides space for everyone to speak. Nina is very approachable and listens to you very intently. She is very natural, genuine and skilful. The content is very powerful and meaningful. I can see the changes in myself and my thinking. Thank you again Nina. I feel motivated, positive and empowered to take on a new journey in my life.
valentine pietri
valentine pietri
I have finished Nina's NLP and Life Coaching training a week ago and as I am going through my notes I can only be impressed by the number of things I have learned. I was a complete NLP beginner when I registered to this course having read the odd book but nothing more. Through this course I have learned a tremendous amount through the pre course work as well as during Nina's explanations and demonstrations and practiced many techniques during class but more importantly, thanks to this course, I have expended the way I view the world and people. And this, more than anything else in my opinion is going to help me facilitate my clients' journeys and it clearly would not have happened without this course. I also particularly appreciated that Nina introduced us to the Archetypes, the Metaphores, the Hero's journey which I feel complement perfectly the NLP tools. After completing this course I feel confident in using the tools I have learned on paying customers. Practically speaking the course is very well structured to account for discussion times, with well timed breaks to avoid "zoom diziness". Nina's clearly got a breath of experience as a trainer and really adapts well to the different personalities and needs of the group, it was a pleasure to learn from her. If you are hesitating registering, just do it, you won't regret it: you'll meet an amazing bunch of human beings and you'll change your life! Thank you very much Nina! I hope we can meet in person soon!
Angelina Morgan
Angelina Morgan
Nina Madden Life Changes is a highly professional and knowledgeable service. The course that I undertook with Nina Madden was an amazing experience.
Ben Gardner
Ben Gardner
Nina has a brilliant coaching style and this is reflected in the Life Coaching & Master NLP Practitioner course. The course is very practical, providing a great opportunity for new coaches to apply what they have learnt to others on the course. By having a small group (there were 8 of us on our course) it created an environment where we could openly share and discuss ideas and Nina ensured that we all had an opportunity to speak. For me this course did two things really well. One was to give me the knowledge, abilities and confidence I needed to structure and deliver a great coaching session. The other provided an opportunity to do some personal development work on myself as throughout the course I was able to challenge limiting beliefs and some assumptions I had made that were holding me back. You will also find yourself getting to know the other people on your course really well, especially on the last day (no spoilers here). This is really useful as you will finish the course with a great group of people that are also starting their coaching journey. I'd highly recommend this course if you are serious about becoming a coach. The knowledge and skills you learn will change both your life and your future client's lives for the better.
Studying this course with Nina gave me the academic knowledge that I sought, I am a confident practicing life coach and NLP practitioner now. I can not thank Nina enough. Wether the class is person or via zoom Nina creates a wonderful atmosphere that is free of judgement, cool, connected and creative. I do recommend this course to everyone I know.
Amy Rosenberg
Amy Rosenberg
For anyone looking to become a life coach or just want to change your life for the better - this course is authentic, highly impactful, the way the course is run is professional and the people are amazing . Nina is just a wonderful mentor and friend!
Zoe Czerek
Zoe Czerek
I found Nina through google after searching for the right person to do my course with for months and I am so glad I did. The life coaching and NLP course was taught in such a fun way and it really allowed me to immerse myself into the program right from the beginning. The tools and membership area allow you to have so much knowledge and information to hand but the sessions were where the magic happened. Thank you Nina you are incredible at what you do but also made this course and the sessions super fun and exciting. Thank you!
Frankie Baxe
Frankie Baxe
Had the most wonderful learning experience with Nina Madden. Totally loved how she delivered the course, her way of teaching through all her own knowledge and experiences, interactive learning, fun, and how she managed to bring a group of amazing people together, create a safe space for sharing, learning and supporting and empowering each and everyone of us to grow and flourish and become incredible coaches ourselves. Would highly recommend Nina if you are looking into becoming a Life and NLP coach.
Louise Bradshaw
Louise Bradshaw
Nina is a truly inspirational trainer, I thoroughly enjoyed her course, not only was it hugely informative, enlightening and well structured but also full of joy, the 5 weeks flew by and I was genuinely sad to finish the course. Recommend it to anyone who wants excellent quality life coaching and NLP training!
Carolyn Balogun
Carolyn Balogun
Thank you, Nina, for taking me on a fantastic journey. The NLP Accredited & Life Coaching course exceeded any expectations I could have imagined. I had no idea the transformational impact it would have on my outlook to life as well as providing outstanding training from a real expert in NLP. You were able to deliver a professional course over Zoom, which was impactful, insightful and passed on your extensive knowledge and experience of NLP and Coaching. As a group, we created an incredible bond which will transcend the end of the course, which you beautifully facilitated. I have ended the programme with an extensive understanding of NLP and feel confident to help others with the training I have received. The manuals and ongoing support you give leave me safe in the knowledge and assurance that you are committed to us all being successful and have been great points of reference.
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