Demonstrating Ethical Practices for Coaches

March 7, 2022
March 7, 2022 nina

Demonstrating Ethical Practices for Coaches

NLP and Life Coaching Training with Nina Madden

What are ethical practices and why are they important?

This training module forms part of the Professional Coaching with NLP Programme but for now it is given as a stand alone training.

Having a good understanding of ethical practice and how they translate into real day-to-day behaviour governs how you should behave in relation to clients, to the profession and to society and is extremely important.

A lot of the things you are struggling with, or have questions about, may be ethical, you just don’t know it.

You’re working with a young woman with anxiety, her parents are paying. Her mum asks you how she is doing? 

Your friend asks if you would coach him or her, or you feel like asking a friend if you can practice coaching on them. Can you?

You discover you can buy 10,000 fake Instagram followers for £100. Should you do it to boost your credibility?

You’re working with a woman who is so happy because everything she wanted came true. But she is having marital problems. She asks; would you be willing to coach both of them?

You’re working with a company, and you are approached by one of their biggest competitors for a similar role. You’re delighted to have the work but a little voice in your head says maybe this isn’t right…?

Knowing what is right and wrong isn’t always easy. Moreover, making the right decisions can be even harder.


Friday 11th March 10 am to 2 pm

Saturday 12th March 10 am to 2 pm


Zoom Meeting


Thanks to everyone who attended this training and made it such a deep and valuable exploration of ethics, ethical dilemmas and best practices. It was thought provoking, fascinating, and fun.

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