August 20, 2018 nina



What do you think is the difference between why one person is successful and another person isn’t?

It has very little, or nothing to do with circumstances.

I spent years trying to be successful before I became a Therapist, Coach and Healer, and I didn’t succeed. Not because I wasn’t privileged, or came from a disadvantaged background, – not at all.

I was educated, well brought up, had two Master’s Degrees’ and had plenty of resources in terms of resilience, perseverance and intellect.

Yet I couldn’t find happiness or make ends meet.

My success started to grow the moment I started to learn about NLP. I all of a sudden had a blueprint for how the mind worked and opportunities to change how my own mind worked. With each change I made, my success grew.

I learnt about thoughts and how they had been a barrier to me getting what I truly wanted in life. I learnt how I could change my thoughts.

The first thing I did, after starting to learn NLP, was I rollerbladed to Brighton from London. With ease, I changed the internal dialogue in my head and found I had the same speed and fitness as the fittest cyclists (this was the London to Brighton Heart Foundation bike ride).

That is just a small example of how changing my thoughts changed my physical ability.

Changing my thoughts helped me create opportunities for prosperity, wealth and relationships.

I learnt about emotions. I learnt how my emotions were keeping me from succeeding, and from being happy. I didn’t like my job at the time, so I would wake up with a sense of dread and anxiety. But with NLP I learnt techniques to change my emotions and so I changed my emotions and all of a sudden the world opened up to me. I still didn’t like my job, but I no longer felt bad about it. It was something that just didn’t create the same dread anymore.

I learnt how my metaphors were keeping me small.

And I changed my metaphors around my identity and the next thing I knew I was in Africa, riding a motorcycle and descending into the Rift Valley. Then I got invited to India and soon after that I was riding a motorcycle through the Himalayas.

I learnt about the pictures in my head and how they had been keeping me from having abundance, beauty and joy. I thought I wasn’t important, and the pictures kept reminding me of my perceived lack of value. I learnt techniques for how to change those pictures. And before long I was living in a beautiful environment.

I love the ability to change myself and therefore grow as a human, and change my life. I’ve been given the keys. It was a beautiful gift, and a gift that keeps on giving.

All those changes led to one place – the ability for me to step into my true identity as a master Coach, Healer, Therapist and Teacher. For the past twelve years I have been changing lives by sharing these gifts and these powerful keys. This has allowed me to help my clients to create beauty, wealth, happiness, joy, love and peace for themselves.

In the process the universe has rewarded me with abundance beyond anything I could have imagined and that feels like an embrace from the universe – letting me know that I will always be looked after as long as I follow my path and share what I was put here on earth to share.

My path is about sharing these gifts in form of helping individuals live their daring dreams – and teaching others to be powerful healers and teachers so they too can help their clients make their daring dreams come true.


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