The Coaching and Therapy Business Success Mentoring Programme


Are you a qualified coach, therapist, psychotherapist or NLP Practitioner and you’re not as financially successful as you would like to?

In The Business Success Programme we create a perfect business for you, and set in place systems that help you grow financially without losing control or feeling burnt out and overwhelmed.

Together we create a unique business that is perfect for you. 

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The Coaching and Therapy Business Success Mentoring Programme

Are you a Coach, Therapist, Counsellor or NLP Practitioner?

Are you fed up with only making an average wage? The Coaching and Therapy Business Success Mentoring Programme is business mentoring for coaches and therapists to help them build financial success into their business.

Your business model will be built around your business values, yet at the same time put proper financial systems into place. This allows you to grow your business month on month, without overwhelm or losing track of what is happening.

What Is Included

Online Modules Covering: 

  1. Designing a business you love.
  2. The Practicalities of Getting Going – Logistics.
  3. Your Path to Excellence.
  4. Marketing and Messaging – including packaging your offer.
  5. Creating Focus Time – Making Success Your Priority.
  6. Financial Structures for Financial Planning and Growth.

In addition you will receive seven personal 1:1 business mentoring sessions to support your implementation of the material in the course.

Business Success Mentoring takes you through a structured process where you;

  • Identify exactly what kind of business you wish to create. Your business will be built around your values and how you want to live your life.
  • Identify precisely what you are offering. This enables you to feel authentic and proud in your offering.
  • Clarify who you are best suited to work with.  This helps you target the people you love to work with, and avoid the people you don’t.
  • Formulate your marketing messaging it in a way that feels authentic. This way you won’t have any fear around being visible because you will feel proud and confident about what you offer.
  • Set exciting yet achievable financial targets and implement specific actionable strategies to achieve them.
  • Implement financial systems so that you can grow your business without overwhelm or losing control.
  • Get a strategy strategy to overcome barriers to getting clients due to lack of confidence.
  • Understanding how our “no-sales” method allows the client to actively engage with you and leads to more sales.
  • Strategy for creating focus time, and eliminate time wasting and draining activities.

How Much Money Can I Expect to Make?

This depends on how much money you are currently earning from your business, how committed you are to your success, the amount of work and time you put into it, and how well you follow instructions.

Assuming you are 100% committed and show that through the time you spend on your business, your willingness to learn, and the action you take; if you are currently turning over £0.00 to £25,000 per year you can expect to aim for a turnover of £50,000 to £60,000 in the first year.

Once these numbers are achieved you will have tested your client accusation strategy, your marketing messaging and your systems. You will have strong financial control of your business. Then you will have the information you need to raise your yearly financial targets.

If you are already earning £25,000 to £50,000, we will analyse your business, identify where your leaks are, and create a plan for how to increase your turnover for the next financial year. In that case your goals will be different, and you can expect to aim for £75,000 to £100,000.

Business Success Mentoring Gets You Measurable Results

Together we will shape your business model and set in place structured systems for continuous growth and success. As a result of working together you will have a unique and tailor-made business that supports the lifestyle you desire.

A reminder of what you will learn

  • Identify exactly what you are offering to whom and how.
  • Clarify who you are best suited to work with.
  • Formulate the offer and messaging it in a way that feels real.
  • Shape the message so that it makes your clients reach out to you to ask to work with you, (rather than you chasing) whilst at the same time not compromising your integrity.
  • Design the marketing strategy with clarity and purpose.
  • Get mentoring on how to run the financial side of the business, with simple tools to forecast and plan your growth and yearly income, exactly the actions you will take. No fluff – just business sense.
  • Overcoming barriers to gaining new clients and avoiding the key mistakes.
  • Understanding how no-sales is the best sales and how to hold initial calls that do not sell, but invite the client to work with you.
  • Strategy for creating focus time, and eliminate time wasting and energy draining activities to only focus on the fun and the stuff that brings you clients fast.

We do all this without

  • Compromising your integrity.
  • Doing things that feel in-authentic.
  • Posting in social media all the time.
  • Charging fees that don’t feel comfortable to  you.

First of all thank you so much for the workshop . It was very helpful for me and I left feeling very inspired and full of ideas….Now I know what I need to do with my business preparation …and I am feeling very engaged with it and excited!! Thank you for your very precious time and knowledge, I enjoyed the group and felt very comfortable.” – Mercedes (Psychotherapist)

Who does this programme?

Qualified coaches and therapists who want to get on with helping their clients, but are fed up with  social media, worried about visibility and don’t identify with the chase for the high-end client.

Therapists and coaches who do not want to promote a brag culture, but are looking for authentic expression in their marketing and media presence.

Therapists and coaches who just want to get on with serving clients, changing lives and helping people.

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The Coaching and Business Mentoring Success Programme 1:1, The Coaching and Business Mentoring Success Programme Online Only


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