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January 31, 2021
January 31, 2021 nina

Do you have an urgent need to make money? 

Hi, this is Nina here. Thank you for taking the time to read.

I always had a dream to explore the world and this is me on a Royal Enfield in Himachal Pradesh, India. Each year I go on an annual pilgrimage to decompress, get off the grid, let my hair down and follow my curiosity. I’ve ridden Kenya, crossed the Pamir Highway following the footstep of Marco Polo, and slept under the stars of the Rajasthan desert. Ever since I was a child, I used to look out my school window and dream about travelling across deserts and mountains.

I am mentioning this because following my inner explorer and adventurer has only become possible from being financially empowered, as well as empowered in all other areas of my life.

I used to work in a job I really disliked and I felt exhausted and trapped. I searched first for answers to the big questions of “Who am I, what am I doing here? What is my life about?”

Becoming a Life Coach and NLP Therapist was the best decision of my life. I found fulfilment in helping others. It meant I was doing something meaningful and really making an impact. It felt great. I knew my calling was helping people let go of pain and suffering.

But it wasn’t until I learnt how to run a financially successful business that integrated my values that I became truly free.

Business is a creative endeavour. Nobody tells you what to do; instead you have to come up with it yourself. The buck stops with you, and if you don’t succeed, you don’t pay your rent at the end of the month. You live off your own wit, and if you don’t do a good job by your customers you will soon be out of business.

Financial empowerment is a huge and overlooked area of personal freedom. To fully live your life on purpose, you must master the skills of money. This relates to everyone, but in particular woman. Women have traditionally been financially disempowered and even though these days there are no laws that prevent us from earning money, the history of not being an insider in business lingers on.

Many women struggle with money but also with the practical business skills. They struggle to understand how they can maintain their integrity and authenticity and at the same time make money. Women are more often money-shamed than men, and that leads to confusion around making money.

I am passionate about empowering you through the skills of business. It is an absolute cornerstone to being empowered in life. It gives choices. Choices what to do with your time, with your intellect, your intelligence, your passion and your energy. It means that nobody can hold anything over you – nobody can scare you to put hours into something you rather not do, or to put your energy into a venture you don’t really care about. It is the absolute key to freedom.

Do you want a financially successful business, that supports your desired lifestyle, that is integrated with your values and beliefs, and that fully supports your integrity, without feeling you are selling out, or being somebody you don’t want to be?

This is why I created the Business Success Strategy Programme.

Many coaches and therapists are influenced by marketeers and experts to believe they need to be in a way that doesn’t feel right to them. They are told to post on social media all the time, to write salesy copy, and to be constantly visible. But when you try to be something that is not authentic to you, you will eventually begin to feel exhausted and burnt out.

Business does not come from posting on social media all the time, or being constantly visible. This is a fools quest. It comes from being clear in your communication and offering and being available to those who need you. It comes from knowing what your KPI’s are, what actions are most profit generating, how to prioritise and having methods to grow your turnover week by week.

That is why this programme focuses on creating an authentic and aligned business model for you that provides you with the financial income you desire. You will be shown a structure for how to organise your day so that it generates the profit you want. You will be shown how to write crystal clear copy, be taught how to grow financially maintaining integrity, and how to reach the financial targets you desire.

It consists of six modules plus a business module. Each one is short, clear, to the point and clearly lays out exactly what you need to do.

You can action it all from the modules provided, however, you also have the option of affordable 1:1 strategy sessions with me personally should you get stuck, or want to bounce any ideas around.

The modules cover

  1. Designing your business model.
  2. The Practicalities of Getting Going – Logistics.
  3. Your Path to Excellence.
  4. Marketing and Messaging – including packaging your offer.
  5. Creating Focus Time – Making Success Your Priority.
  6. Financial Structures and Financial Planning for Growth.
  7. Sales without selling.

Money back guarantee.

This will take the guess work out of business. It will remove time wasting activities and provide a clear path for you to make money. It will get rid of the overwhelm and explain how to make your business succeed.

When you are your authentic self and you own and run a business which is aligned to your values, you feel at ease, and in flow when talking about your business, selling your services and promoting yourself.

You connect with the enthusiasm you feel helping people to make radical changes and that magnetism will shine through. That is attractive and energising and will make you feel good about yourself and your path. By doing that, you will have more energy, be able to help more people and make a bigger impact in the world – which in turn will make the world a happier and better place.

You will be happy, I will be happy and your clients will be happy too.

I think they call that win-win! ?


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