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February 5, 2021
February 5, 2021 nina

I miss you! ?

One day I will be standing in front of the class again and walk between you and help you facilitate deep conversations that make us all reflect and discover new things about ourselves and our potential and possibilities in the world.

But until then, we are doing the same in Zoom, and surprisingly it has been, and continues to be, a wonderful experience both for me and for my students.

The feedback from the Zoom classes continues to be wonderful and so positive; and had it not been I probably would have taken a break from teaching for a while.

Facilitation is about setting up a situation in which you, as the delegate, discover your own insights and make your own realisations about the things that will empower you and transform you.

The content of this course, The Professional Coaching With NLP Programme is absolutely amazing. Not only do I teach you how to use the powerful tools of NLP to help you transform your life; I also teach metaphors, archetypes, story telling as a tool for transformation, and Hero’s Journey too.

The material continues to inspire me and my students across the globe. It is rich and  meaningful and the more I share about it, the more meaning it takes on for me personally, in helping me live my best life – in and among the restrictions we live in.

Personally I haven’t suffered at all from lock-down. These tools have been rich and wonderful in supporting me through this difficult time; and to be perfectly honest has helped me actually love lock-down; as weird as that might sound. The gift is being able to share these tools with you.

I don’t feel limited. Just because I can’t spend my money on fast fashion, or waste it on pub food that makes me fat anyway ?  I don’t feel imprisoned. Each day I take my puppy for walks in the park, and he plays with other dogs, and I have socially distanced chats with the owners. In the evening I eat healthy food; I’ve lost over a stone in weight (!) and as it is no fun getting drunk alone, am slimmer and sexier than I have been in a long time.

So within – so without. My inner world is rich and full of appreciation and love. I have a puppy to pour this love into, but also the changing scenery of the seasons. Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park, the streets around my place on Marloes Road, has been my adventure for almost a year, and every day is different. The differences aren’t huge, but because I slowed down I can appreciate the subtle changes in the colours of the leaves, the nuances of the evening sky and the changing length of the day.

I’m sharing this with you for a reason. I wasn’t born like this; feeling good for no good reason. I learnt to chose how I felt and how I saw the world. I learnt to find the gifts within the darkness, the treasure hidden in the darkest situations. This isn’t positive thinking. This is understanding that the treasure is always buried in the darkest most inhospitable places.

I’ve had many tragedies in my life, many difficulties; it has not been easy. But maybe that is why I can see beauty in the everyday, in the simplest of things and really enjoy that experience.

When you accept, you relax and things begin to transform in front of your very eyes. What if this time was the best time that ever happened to you? For me, I am sure I will be able to say it was. What would have to occur for you for that to be true though? How would you have to use this time; what would you have to learn or discover about yourself or the world? What would  you truly have to come to know?

For me it is that our inner world is the only world we live in. With love and appreciation and acceptance in our hearts our world is a beautiful place. It’s full of richness and colour and wonderful gifts. We are the light as the poem says.

The material I share with you in this programme will help you transform. You already know that it can give you a new career living on purpose and helping people; but what you don’t know

are the wonderful undiscovered treasures within  you – that powerful sense of standing in your power, that sense of owning who you are, of living on purpose that I hope I can help you discover, like we have helped many others throughout this course.

Whereas teaching can be said to be sharing information and knowledge from the front of the room, great facilitation guides you to that place within where you are standing in your own power, owning who you are and discovering the powerful gifts you have within you.

I hope you consider joining in March 2021 as I still have spaces left and would love to share this adventure with you.


Read up about the programme first

How do you know the programme is the right one for you? 

Here are some points that can help you decide if this program is a perfect fit for you;

  • Do you want an approved training to become a Life Coach?
  • Do you want to become AMAZING at helping people?
  • Do you want to also learn NLP so you can join the ANLP and ABNLP?
  • Do you want to learn with someone who has fifteen years experience working in private practice working therapeutically as well and not just someone who delivers training but has no real-life experience?
  • Do you want a safe and wonderful learning environment where you can be yourself and connect with your trainer and the other people in the group?
  • Would you like a dynamic, fun and hands-on program?
  • Do you want to qualify soon, and be ready to start working with your own clients by spring 2021?
  • Would you like the chance to revisit the training in later years, at no extra cost?
  • Do you like the idea of ongoing support and mentoring after you finish the course?

Answered yes to any of the above? What are you waiting for? ?


The Professional Coaching With NLP Programme qualifies you as an NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner and Personal Life Coach in just five weeks. You’ll also learn about Metaphors, Archetypes and Hero’s Journey.

This programme helps you help your clients become empowered, to use the resources they have within to make their lives a magnificent creation.

I’ve run this program on Zoom four times since lockdown and the response has been fantastic. “Time passes fast, this is so interesting, this is so fun. I love the new format, and, you create such a beautiful experience and we have this connection it’s a beautiful thing” our students are saying.

When you are ready to change your life and become empowered and start your new career helping others, this is the training for you.

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