Are you fed up, frustrated, bored?

Would you like to figure out the next chapter of your life? Do you want your life to have meaning and purpose? Do you feel unfulfilled and wish you had something more fulfilling to do? 

This is a week where you can take time away from it all, spend time in one of the most beautiful places on earth, (without spending a fortune) really focus in on yourself and what is important to you, and figure out where you want your life to go next…

This is not just a retreat – Gain an Accredited Qualificaiton too

NLP has revolutionized the life of hundreds of thousands of people for the past 30 years. During this training you will learn the most powerful tools and techniques that NLP Practitioners use with their clients, to use on yourself and with your clients too.

Becoming a sought-after and well paid Life Coach and NLP Practitioner does not take years of training. It takes the proper hands-on accredited training in both the skills and the theoretical foundation.

Become a sought-after well paid NLP Practitioner & Life Coach and work anywhere in the world

My training will allow you to work with clients anywhere in the world. You will be a qualified NLP Practitioner with a certificate that is recognised by the two most powerful boards of NLP in the world (ANLP in UK and ABNLP in US).


  • Location – The Sanctuary, Thailand – Haad Tien Beach
  • Length – 6 Days
  • Dates: 8 – 13 October 2017
  • Accreditation – Accredited by the ABNLP (US)
  • Registered with ANLP (UK)
  • Other Activities – Yoga, Detox, Swimming, Relaxing, Spa Treatments, Tarot, and more
  • Accommodation – Hill Bungalow 500 BHT –  Jungle House – 3,500 BHT (See below)
  • Training Venue – Beautiful Thai luxury villa on top of the hill
  • Transport – no cars on the bay – travel by taxi boat in and out
  • Money – No banks or ATM – bring cash or pay bills via PayPal
  • Price – £1300
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Life Coaching Certification – Thailand

Why do a Life Coaching Certificate if I already have NLP?

If you already have an NLP Practitioner Certification and / or NLP Master Practitioner, then you know that you have a huge amount of  very powerful tools and techniques and processes to help you change your own life, and that of your clients.

But you might feel a little hesitant using them all. You may feel little worried as to if it will work. How well it will work. And also when to use what.

You would have seen me demonstrate in class powerful techniques, and seen first hand the impact that these had on your fellow students. But you may feel a bit worried about your own ability to do the same.

If you are serious about your career as a Life Coach then this training is perfect for you

Every successful Life Coach has a number of qualifications under their belt. They are trained as Life Coaches, NLP Practitioners, NLP Master Practitoners and often other modalities too…

If you are serious about being an NLP Practitioner & Life Coach as a career then this training will provide you with a framework that will enable you to help the vast majority of your clients most of the time.

You may have explored the NLP for your personal growth, thinking about it as a career but not entirely committed yet. But now, as you have seen the power of NLP and how amazingly impactful it can be, you want to make this your career. Then you should consider the Life Coaching too.

Life Coaching and NLP as a Package

If you want to create a new career that is fun and meaningful and that truly helps people live happy and meaningful lives then this Life Coaching Training will give you the frame-work, the skills and skills-set, tools and techniques of a Professional Life Coach.

Life Coaching Certificate Training – Thailand

  • Location – The Sanctuary, Thailand – Haad Tien Beach – real desert island feel
  • Length – 4 Days
  • Dates: 16 – 19 October 2017
  • Qualification – Professional & Personal Life Coach
  • Other Activities – Yoga, Detox, Swimming, Relaxing, Spa Treatments, Tarot, and more
  • Accommodation – Basic Hill Bungalow 500 BHT –  Jungle House – 3,500 BHT
  • Training Venue – Beautiful Thai luxury villa on top of the hill
  • Getting there – It’s a little bit complicated but I will give you detailed instructions
  • Transport – no cars on the bay – travel by taxi boat in and out
  • Money – No banks or ATM – bring cash or pay by PayPal
  • Price – £900

If you have questions here please feel free to send me a message using the form above or give me a call and I will be happy to talk through all the details. Look forward to hearing from you.

Warmest regards,


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What Students say;

“The experience was so wonderful! I learned a ton and I got so inspired for my personal life as well as my career.

One of the most valuable things Nina does is speak in quotes – it makes it relatable and invites us to think about the topic in our own terms, in our own mind. Nina really helped me form my own thought process instead of telling me how things are, which is so much more powerful.

I especially liked that we got to experience NLP as well as learn the theory. 

The house was a beautiful environment, definitely. It was an inspiring place to learn and practice NLP. I felt very safe with my belongings and on the island in general and the staff were very friendly.”

Adriana Delor, Los Angeles  – NLP Practitioner Certification – Thailand October 2016

 “From day one I felt so at home and at ease with Nina. She has a beautiful energy about her and I loved her style of teaching NLP. The course material was so engaging and I was always curious about what was coming next. The group of people that attended were awesome and they really helped to make the learning more profound and thoroughly interesting.

I know this course and Nina teaching it was the right choice for me and I have learned so many techniques that have made a huge difference to my life. I learned so much about myself that was hidden under layers of self-doubt and fear. Nina’s NLP course certainly lifted the layers and helped me to start moving forward. Nina is a fantastic, gifted, intelligent, knowledgeable and compassionate teacher.”

About me, Nina Madden – Healer, Therapist, Master Trainer and Facilitator

Over ten years ago I was totally stuck. I was stuck in a job in the city that I hated, I felt lost, confused, and utterly fed up. My boyfriend and I had split up and even though I always knew he was not for me, the rejection added insult to injury. I was sharing a flat and I was utterly fed up.

It was by accident that I discovered NLP. I was on the tube going to work on a miserable February morning, when I saw an ad in the Metro that said “Be Who You Want to Be”.

That title really grabbed me. I went along to the seminar and although it wasn’t really for me, at that seminar I met an NLP Trainer, who said “come train with me”. I just had a hunch and an intuition, and followed it – despite it being a huge amount of money for me at the time. I was earning around £300 per week, and this training was the equivalent of a months salary!

And I am glad that I went. I cannot thank that man enough. During that week there was a “revolution” inside my head. I had no idea how much old stuff, how limited I was, how I was hurting myself with my own beliefs, how much nonsense was going on inside my head. During that week I changed so much.

The results were mind-blowing. When I came back my flatmates didn’t recognize me. They thought I had been to a Spa holiday – people commented on how I was “glowing”, how “beautiful” I looked, and how my “energy” had completely changed.

It just snowballed from there. I never thought that ten yeas on, I would be a Master Trainer of NLP and Life Coaching with a thriving international business, having helped thousands of women around the world to live meaningful, empowered and happy lives.

Nor did I think I would have worked with women suffering horrible domestic violence, helping them break the cycle and rebuild their lives, nor that I would have travelled to Tanzania to train lawyers in how to deal with domestic violence sufferers.

I never imagined I would be living in a large house in Putney, or that I would be going on an annual “pilgrimage”, riding a motorcycle through some of the remotest places in the world like Northern Kenya, Kazakhstan, Pamir Mountains, or the remote Himalayas. Nor that I would have a home away from home, a leafy large apartment with a huge terrace in Mumbai. If you would have told me I would be running retreats world-wide, helping people to find happiness and meaning I would have thought you were mad!

Jennifer Jai, London – NLP Practitioner Certification – London, April 2015

 “I think NLP worked so well because, with guidance, you finally realise that you have the power within yourself to affect your situation. It is not a magical drug that is prescribed but you face your fears and deal with things in your past that have been holding you back. You understand the cause and effect of how you ended up where you are today. It is this empowering wisdom that enables you to keep progressing after the sessions have ended and you are again faced with the real world.

Through Nina’s excellent guidance I had found my inner strength and things that before seemed impossible now are achievable. You are no longer a victim of things that have happened in the past but in control and in charge of your own life and how you choose to live it.”

Marianne Bengtson, London, 2014

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October 2017:
8 - 13 Time For You - NLP Practitioner

October 2017 :
16 - 19 Life Coaching Certificate

Price NLP Practitioner:
£1,300/ person

Price Life Coaching Certificate :
£ 900/ person


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