Hi…. My name is Nina Madden

I am a Master NLP Trainer, with a global business providing internationally accredited ABNLP/ANLP) NLP & Coach Certification Training. Our training is Boutique; which means small group sizes, lots of interaction and plenty of personal attention.

The training gives you the proper hands-on, accredited and recognized training you need to apply the skills to your own life and to become a successful NLP Master Coach

I am a also in full time private practice as an NLP Therapist, Life Coach and Healer using a unique blend of therapies.

Let Go of the Past – Private Sessions

I work with trauma, anxiety, regret, painful feelings, lack of self-esteem, lack of confidence and any issue from the past. In just a few sessions you will feel more relaxed, happier, in control of your life.  Whatever the issue my method of therapy will help you let go of the past and allow you to simply move on.

Create Your Life the Way You Want it – Private Sessions

Are you feeling anxious and depressed and like life lacks in meaning? Do you feel empty inside?

In just a few sessions you will feel freer and happier than you have in a long time. You will be able to make your life the way you wan it to be. You will feel enthusiastic about your future, and you will feel like you have a plan and a way to make it happen.

I work with many people who want to escape the corporate world and shape their lives into something unique.

Faith is one if my clients, who created Spark Escapes, a global retreat company and she now works between Thailand, and India and London. She’s a true digital nomad and loving every moment of her life.

Another clients is Yasmin Khan, who traveled to Iran collecting stories and recipes and got a best selling book contract with Bloomsbury – The Saffron Tales – Recipes from the Persian Kitchen. Check her out on Amazon.

Or Vanessa Ringel who escaped a dull relationship to follow her dream, move to LA, and become a match maker. Everyone thought she was mad! She started an elite dating agency, scaled it, went on Shark-tank (American version of Dragon’s Den) and was bought up by Match.com!

She has recently got married to the love of your life and her photos are all over instagram. Check her out – beautiful!

You may think these people are different from you, but they are no different. Before they made the changes, they also felt like you do. Bored, anxious, empty… feeling like they had a meaningless job, that they couldn’t make it and that all their friends were happy.

The Method of Therapy and Coaching

Over a decade in practice I have developed a powerful and unique style that draws from NLP, Life Coaching, Clean Language, Archetypes, Hero’s Journey, Havening, IEMT, Time-Line Therapy and Hypnotherapy.

This is a powerful unique method that will be unlike anything you have experienced in the past. It is very different from counselling and psychotherapy. This opens up new opportunities and vistas in your life by accessing the power of your unconscious mind so you can make the changes you want to make.

“I have spent years in traditional therapy and counselling situations often in my life. I really found no more value in going over the past, it just made me angrier and more unhappy.

Nina is a brilliant therapist as she makes you realize what power you have inside you to make your life as you desire to be and tap into that power. Even though we did revisit the past, it helped me see my own power – instead of ascribing blame etc.

This is a radical break from previous therapies and has enabled me to simply move on.” Juliette Botticelli

When you access your unconscious, discover your self-esteem and confidence, and connect with your true power everything changes. Once you step into your own power, you gain the courage to pursue your dreams, and the clarity to make those dreams come true.

These sessions will help you create a completely different future. And I support you all the way.

Internationally Accredited NLP Master Coach Certification

Become a masterful NLP Therapist, NLP Coach and Life Coach in just a few short months. Internationally accredited and recognized certification (ABNLP/ ANLP/ NLPTCA)

It does not take years of studying to become an amazing therapist. It takes the right, hands on, practical training that you will receive with us. This is a comprehensive and thorough programme that provides you with all the skills, understanding, knowledge and tools to be able to work with all sorts of clients and help them radically change their lives.

After a decade in private practice, and years of teaching, I have distilled the most powerful techniques and tools for radical, immediate and permanent change. My training is accredited and I now teach this powerful, radical version of NLP to people who want to have meaningful career where they are instrumental in helping people become happy, authentic, fulfilled, successful and free..

Imagine receiving email after email from clients thanking you for how you changed their lives. Often years after the treatment itself.

This training is perfect for you if you are new to NLP and Life Coaching and want to explore more. It is perfect if you want to become a fully accredited Life Coach and NLP Master Coach and Practitioner. It is also perfect for therapists, coaches, social workers, psychologists and other in the mental health profession who are fed up with average progress, and really want to revolutionize their results with clients.

Boutique NLP & Life Coach Training

I only run a small number of trainings per year, and each group is limited to 12 participants. If you are interested or would like to know more, please schedule a free consultation call, and we can talk you through the process.

Many people study NLP with me to change their personal lives. No matter how bored and fed up you are, and how many times you have tried, the NLP Practitioner  is completely different, and will revolutionize your personal life.

Others are already working with people in supporting roles, such as Mental Health Workers, Social Workers, Psychologists and Psychotherapists. This training helps them radically improve their results with their clients.

Accredited NLP

  • NLP Practitioner Certification (ABNLP/ANLP/NLPTCA)
  • NLP Coach Certification (ABNLP/ANLP/ NLPTCA)
  • NLP Master Practitioner Certification (ABNLP/ANLP/ NLPTCA) including;
    • Introduction to Metaphors & Hero’s Journey
    • Identity Metaphors & Archetypes
    • Healing Stories – Transformational Storytelling
    • Healing Journeys / Journey Through Time Certificate
    • License to perform an NLP Breakthrough Session

Total; £5060 (3 times per year)

*INVITE NLP Therapeutic Mastery £2997 (twice a year)

*INVITE NLP Trauma Treatment £1997 (twice a year)

Metaphors, Identity and Your Place in the World (personal journey twice a year) £1,997

Here are some of my qualifications;

  • Qualifed Licensed Trainer of IEMT trained by Founder Andrew T Austen, creator of IEMT & Metaphors of Movement and author of the “Rainbow Machine”
  • Qualifed Licensed Trainer of NLP, Hypnotherapy & Life Coaching – trained by Master INPLTA trainer Terri Ann Laws – author of “Help I am Going Crazy”
  • Qualified Licensed Trainer of NLP, Sue Kight 
  • Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy® – a powerful method for therapeutic change. Trained in Time Line Therapy®, created by Tad James, M.S., PhD., and Dr. Wyatt Woodsmall, Master INLPTA trainer of NLP, by David Shephard, Master Trainer of Time-line Therapy® in the UK, The Performance Partnership.
  • Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy, also trained by David Shephard, Master Trainer of Time-line Therapy® in the UK, The Performance Partnership.
  • Diploma in Real Skills Hypnosis, a practical, skills-based Hypnotherapy programme. Trained by Terri Ann Laws at Mental Combat, Cape Town, South Africa.
  • Master Practitioner of NLP. Trained by several Master Trainers including David Shephard, of the Performance Partnership, Sue Knight, and Terri Ann Laws (INLPTA)
  • Licensed to perform the Personal Breakthrough Session, a unique full day transformational therapy session.
  • Qualified Personal Life Coach by the Coaching Academy, the original training body for Life Coaches in the UK. Qualified with a Distinction.
  • Reiki Practitioner – Level 1 Usui Shiki Ryoho
  • Qualified Domestic Violence Training, Refuge, the National Charity for Domestic Violence, UK
  • Qualified in Domestic Violence, Homelessness & The Law – Refuge, the National Charity for Domestic Violence, UK
  • HIV/AIDS Awareness, Cara Life – Cara Trust, UK
  • Masters of Art, in Contemporary and Post War Art, from Sotheby’s Institute of Art
  • Masters of Art, in Arts Criticism, from City University. My thesis explored trauma and memory in the poetry of Paul Celan and sculptures of Doris Salcedo.

Clients include Facebook, Sega Games, Walt Disney, PWC, Goldman Sacks, KPMG, BBC, NHS.


About me; NLP Master Trainer, NLP Tehrapist, Life Coach, Healer & Facilitator

I wanted to share my story with you.. taking a leap of faith here… The photo below is of me, in the state of Uttarakhand, India in the Himalyas.

But ten-twelve years ago my life was very different from the way it is now.

In my 20s I had been married to a successful young man, owned my own business (art gallery), been financially well off, living in a large house with a swimming pool.

However, something inside of me longed for more. Despite ticking all the boxes, I felt empty inside.

I longed for adventure, for freedom… but most I longed to be true to myself….

So I left. I left South East Asia and moved to London.

I never imagined leaving would be so disastrous….

I had grew up in chaos and married young. My husband was my rock and my best friend. He supported me and provided structure. Without him, life spiralled into chaos.

I was completely alone in a huge city with no family, no means to support myself, no security.

Everywhere I turned doors slammed in my face. Having been my own boss and with two prestigious art MA’s under my belt, now my life was chaos. I finally ended up getting a job as a PA in the City working for investment banks.

I cried at night wishing I had never left my husband, who was I to think I could make it alone…

I felt empty inside. I felt old at 30. My confidence shattered. I was sharing a flat with two heroin addicts… I couldn’t understand what had happened.

One evening I walked across Westminster Bridge … the water looked black, inviting, a promise of oblivion… I remember the frightening voice in my head saying “if leave now nobody would care….”

But I carried on walking, somehow I thought maybe… something could happen…

The next morning I saw an ad in the Metro, it said “Be Who You Want To Be“.

I pulled out the ad, and went along. It was a Life Coaching seminar. Back then very few people knew what Life Coaching was. I had never heard of it. But when I watched the woman read out a testimonial she had received from a client, on how much she had changed her life, and how confident and happy she was now, I suddenly realized that there was a totally different way of thinking, and totally different type of “therapy”….

I had been in painful counselling and therapy many times in my life, without feeling any better and here was a woman who was not only smiling, she was fun, dynamic…! And she asked me questions that nobody had ever asked me before… like what do you-Nina want…? She had a voice that made me feel like she really cared…

In that moment I knew what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.

It didn’t matter that I didn’t have any money. I took out credit cards. I thank Richard Branson every day! I managed credit cards, transferring 0% balance rates, I convinced trainers to give me payment plans… nothing was going to stop me.

My house-mates started to see the change. They commented on how I was “glowing”, how “beautiful” I looked, and how my energy had changed.

I worked so hard, I set goals, I borrowed money, I managed the credit cards, I fought tooth and nail to afford the training. I worked two jobs, I hustled to get the money anyway I could. At that time I was earning £280 per week, barely scraping by, and the training was thousands of pounds.. I didn’t care…

And when I got my first clients I knew I had “come home”.

I never imagined that ten yeas on, I would be a Master Trainer of NLP and Life Coaching with a thriving international business, having helped thousands of women and men around the world to live meaningful, empowered and happy lives.

I never imagined I would have helped women suffering horrible domestic violence, to break the cycle of violence and rebuild their lives, nor that I would have traveled to Tanzania to train lawyers in how to work with domestic violence! (Me?)

I never imagined I would be living in a large house in London – a far cry from the squat, with damp running down the walls… nor that I would be going on an annual “pilgrimage” to the mountains, or that I would be riding a motorcycle through some of the remotest and wild places of our planet. Like Northern Kenya, Kazakhistan, Pamir Mountains, or the Himalayas. Nor that I would have a home away from home in the heart of Mumbai.

Back then it was a dream.

Today I am that person who makes a difference to peoples lives.

With Love


[email protected]

07906 255 529.


Big or small, we’ve got the solution you need. Bespoke private sessions and training designed around your needs.